In addition to paying attention to Xue Zhiqian, Gao Lei Xin composite, these explosions have also been dug

Xue Zhiqian said: “I remember, when you follow me, I don’t have anything, I don’t want to find it again, please give you all, anyway, we are no longer young, then love it again …”

Gao Lei Xin said: “How much is light and faint, it is a love deep, then, then, please, please, please, please.”


At 4:13 in the morning, I didn’t know how much to eat melonia was also exploded by such a “Xue Zhiqian and the ex-wife”. I can’t believe my ear. Xiaobian only wants to say “old Xue, you are all in the evening.” Do not sleep,? “

However, in addition to Xue Zhiqian and Gao Lei Xin in the middle of the night, there are also these brands …

Brand business brush screen: “For the rest, please have a little more”


On the occasion of this “Millennium”, Xiaobian also had to take these big brands to brush the screen with Thunder!


, Handu clothing

“People are not as good as, the clothes are not as good as new.”


Saint Roland Red

“For the rest, you still have a little every day.”



Shop number 1

“From 1 and final!”

The most exciting, how can you have less?



“Shallow … turn, please have a little longer!”

What can I still say? Then brave blessings!

The explosion is coming one after another, and the glasses are still fired.

Time to take back N years ago, Wuli paragraph Hand Xue Qian is still a boy in the stage of “My Type Show”, and the oversized frame glasses he wear at the time is more than a few netizens. Have a call “What brand is this glasses?”


This is from the CHROME Hearts Gittin Any 52-19-145 spectacle price is 114,900 yuan, and Chrome Heart is a brand of silver products. Even the glasses of the production are worthy of money. awesome!

(Source: Amazon)

So, this is not surprisingly why many domestic and foreign stars have a unique momentum ~



“This teamwork you perform, I don’t see, in force of a person who loves you, the most popular …” It is sufficient to capture the hearts of many thousands of girls.


This source of Nock UGG Xue Zhiqian with the British Australian direct mail men’s leather hint boots NK3003, the price is 1089 yuan, it is not exaggerated, it is simply a single product, the soles, at least 3-4 cm It uses the surface of Australia’s native pure calf skin, laser engraving the Baroque style, super cool!

(Source: Ocean Terminal)

Not much to say, then come to a wave of shower as fast!



Of course, there is also this SLP Santa Rolland, the same blood tooth short-sleeved T-shirt, priced is 1,500 yuan, and there is a different color Ren Jun pick.


Have to say, the T-shirt is really Xue Zhiqian’s favorite, a word “tide”!

Change the channel to see, Xue Zhimuo, which walks, the wind, is simply charm.

This self-m2Monline Xue Zhiqian with a suite slim suit set 419-A1723 gray L, priced is 566 yuan, a total of two colors: gray and the blue sky, show extraordinary temperament!

(Source: No. 1 shop)

In the face of the dog food that is unparalleled, I finally said that even if I turn for more years, people who really love each other will be reunited. “I have gave the same Ta!”

(Source: Ocean Terminal)

(Source: Ocean Terminal)

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