Which type of vest is most comfortable to play basketball? 10 yuan can help you solve the problem

I believe that the basketball fans who often look at NBA can find that the players take off the jersey after the game, there will be a tight sports vest, and these athletes wear sports vests are basically a few hundred yuan thousand yuan. Price, the average basketball enthusiast is unable to accept it. After all, a vest is expensive than basketball, and we are not very strong to wear the experience of hundreds of thousands of sports vests, and many of the functionality we have used So I can see someone else in the court will not wear sports vests, I will go to play a short sleeve, then do we want to wear sports vests, which type of vest?

First of all, playing basketball is sure to wear a dress inside the jersey, mainly sweating, 10 dollary vests! If you choose between sports vests and short sleeves, I recommend nothing to wear a short sleeve, because this will affect the play, the ball in the football field is short-sleeved, because most of them are using the foot, so short sleeves There will not be too many bondles for their upper body, but play basketball is different.


When we play basketball, we have a lot of body parts used throughout the upper body, drill the ball, shooting, including the arm and shoulders, including the synergy of the waist and the lower extremity, so the short sleeve will have a binding sense, but the sports vest is not meeting.

And in the ornamentality of the basketball game, if short-sleeved words, pulling will happen more, while the short-sleeve is very likely to affect the judgment of the referee when it is punched by the short sleeve. Jersey, sports vests do not have an objective factor for any interference with the referee.

Like this polyester


Sports vests, sweat and breathable effects are very good, and the price is very affordable. Will not start, dehydration, fading, using three-needle five-wire process, slit in the cloth interface, from my personal experience, more comfortable, key is easy to dry, like a general cotton motion Vest, long-lasting deformation.


On the choice of sports vests, the NBA athlete chooses the important reason for the professional sleeveless tights. It is to reduce the energy of muscle trembling losses in sports, because the energy to be consumed by a NBA competition is huge, but for our ordinary people, Sleener and breathable are the main two choices, because our exercise is not particularly large, most people are dominated by the sweating bureau, and the jersey is very likely to stick to the body, especially It is summer, sweating is particularly much.

It is worth mentioning that in the back of this sports vest, there is a cooling design with heat dissipation, the origin mesh has a good breathable function, let us feel comfortable when playing. The most important thing is its price, less than 10 yuan, wearing 500 yuan of sports vests are wearing, wearing 10 yuan of sports vests, may be the difference between big brands and small brands, compared to loss energy I think that ordinary people should pay more attention to practicality and applicability. After all, we are not professional athletes, don’t rely on playing, and like this kind of sports, in the usual weather, you can do it at home, like That kind of very tight, it is not particularly applicable to the professional sports vest for basketball players.

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Men’s breathable speed basketball vest

¥ 9.9


In general, playing basketball still needs a vest to make a bottoming, which plays sweat-absorbent, and is like this type of vest, the change is relatively simple, easy to dry, the day is Wash the day, love basketball We can’t do it like NBA athletes, but we can become our own equipment management.



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