Some words “I am very beautiful”, send you

After the “Night Reading”, after the two sects of the “Book of the Book of Books”, the reader’s message was impressive, she said:

The beauty of Chinese, not only can be seen, cquisy, also listening, readable, there are some words, and sincere, I feel particularly beautiful, I have a picture.

Ready? A big wave of pictures is full of “beautiful words” is approaching …



Pillow flowing, rubbing

Refers to hidden life.

This word looks at some of them, Liu Yiqing records this in “World Sorry”:

When the grandson is young, I want to be a hermit.

He was originally to say “pillow stone” for Wang Wuzi, but because his mouth was mistaken, he said.

Wang Wuzi said: “Can the water can be pillow, can the stone can mouth?” Sun Zi Jing said: “Pillow, is to wash the ear; the stone, it is to sharpen the teeth.”




Evening Yunxia and spring tree

It is often used to express my thoughts.

“北 春 树, 江东 日 暮 云. When is a wine, heavy and fine theory.”

This is the sentence in Du Fu’s “Spring Memory,”, and most is said:

Now I am in Chang’an, the tree next to the Weihe River is green. You are looking at Yunxia, ​​which is in Jiangdong, and we think each other.

When can you drink together, the common article of common?




The moon is falling, and it is clear, it seems to see your face.

It is also used to express my memorial to friends.

It is also a poem that Du Fu miss Li Bai:

“The moon is full of housing beams, which is touched.”

(“Dream Li Bai 2 · Second,”)

Du Fu and Li Baizin intersects, the feelings are deep.


Snow mud

The geese has leaving the clawprints left on the snow.

, More traces that are left behind.

Su Shi wrote in “Hezi Bi Poing Nostalgic”:

“What is good in life, it should like to fly into the snow. The mud is accidentally reflected in the claws, Hongfei resembles.”

Life is coming to untrue and love for the past, all in these four sentences.


Fall into the rabbit

The moon will return the light, and the moon falls.

Ming · Li Changqi “scissors”: “逡 逡 逡, fall in the rabbit, the far chicken is king.”


The word is very wonderful.


Morning month

In the morning with flowers, there is a bright moon night

, Metaphorical time and scenery.

“Flower Morning Moon, if the clouds fall,”

This elegant scenery is the Qing Dynasty, Wang Yuqian recorded in “Drawing”.


Dark shadow

Quarter, sparse branch

, Describe the fragrance and gesture of plum, and also refer to plum blossom.

“The obsolete is smooth, and the dark fragrance floats the moon.”

Lin Wei’s poem, the artistic conception is really absolute.


Morning bell

In the morning, the clock, drums in the evening

The metaphor can make people alert.


Whether it is Li Xian

“The front of the bell is not happy, the moon is lonely”

Or landing

“The born is born with a blessing, the morning clock is in the morning,”





Wine spring

Wine is alcohol, spring is full

Describe a good time.

“Wine Spring Sheng Qiongqiqi, real public drink is drunk.”

This poem, the poet of the Tang Dynasty, wrote the meaning of the literati’s wind.



Winter summer cloud

Winter sun, summer clouds

, A metaphorical attitude is gentle, and people are willing to close.

Song Chen Chen “Cheng Bozhen”: “This is in the height, but the virtue temperature,

Such as the day of the winter, such as the cloud cloud.


Curling autumn month

The heart is like a ice, and it is as clean with the fall of the fall.

, Metaphorical character.

Su Shi “Give Pan Gu”

“Bucter’s paint black hand like turtle, unreasonable ice cafe storage”

One sentence, that is, I am afraid of a cloth, and it doesn’t affect the quality of the character.


Red furnace

The red furnace is a little snow, and immediately melt.

, Metaphor once, immediately enlighten it.

Yuan Mei used to use the poems “

“The poem is a teacher, such as the snow, you can’t say”

In one sentence, I wrote this.


Cloud lying stone

When you are hungry, you will be a cloud, sleep, sleep, sleep.

Index to ultra-dusting world.

The poet in the Ming Dynasty, Yuan Hongdao, “Longzhong Interchange”:

“Zhi Lu Xiao Cao, no time to eat the clouds.”



This is a word that feels the breeze.

The woman is elegant, and the manner is generous.

There is a very beautiful description in the “Tian Yuhua” in the early Qing dynasty.

“In the woman, if you have some cultivation, it is not beautiful, it is not beautiful, there is a kind of elegant and easy …


Look at interest

Looking at the distant mountains, the dust remained

, More refers to the embarrassment, and it is difficult to stop.

When you are afraid, look at the far away, maybe people will be a lot of peace.



Huang Wei is full of sky, and the grass is growing,

Describe the bright spring scenery, full of vitality and hope.

Southern Liang Lang Lang Lang Siu “and Chen Book”

“In March, the Jiangnan grass grows, but the peanut tree, the monk fly”

This sentence, write spring and onion.



The umbrella covers the umbrella cover


Refers to the new friend who meets the friendship like a friendship.

“Bai Hexin”

(Some people are afraid to get along with the old or strange)


Often and “losing”, it is more than a comparison, the latter is more increasingly

Beautiful and lucky


Candle night tour

Handheld candles, play at night

, Metaphor to enjoy happiness in time, also refers to cherishing time.

“The length of the day is long, why not work.”

This sentence in the “Nineteen of Ancient Poems” always thinks there is a kind of saying that it can’t say it.

Sprinkle and romance


Pearl zero

Such as the 铿 铿 玉 玉, the brilliant splendid

, Metaphorical words gorgeous.

“Wei Shu”


“Yunqiong, hand is moving

(Referring to a brush)

, Change in zero, dropping

The sentence, the word is very gorgeous.


Paper carrier

The pen ink is like a cloud smoke as a cloud smoke.

, Describe calligraphy or poetry high supermixed and varied.

Jin Dynasty Pan Yue’s “Yang Jingzhou



“Dragon is good, the feet must be treasure. It is no vaccinations, no hand in hand. Johns will fly, paper falls as clouds”


I can only say that I can say that I have learned a bit of play!

twenty one


Green, Zhu Hong’s color is flowing and emerged

, Describe color and bright.

The first reaction to see this word is:

Used to describe the Forbidden City, it seems to be very suitable!

twenty two

Fog lock fan

If the literal expression, it means

Shaded by clouds

But this




It is really easy to use.

twenty three

Yuan Qing Yuzhen

Such as the deep pool is as clear, like jade is as high as jade

The metaphor is noble.

“Three Kingdoms” is speaking: “Yuan Qing Yuzhen

(With “clean”)


, Courtesy, I respectible of China. “

twenty four



Rain is sunny, all things clear

, A metaphor of broad chest and heart, also metaphor time.

Huang Tingjian’s “Shu Ma Mao,”

The character is very high, the chest falls, such as the light wind

“, It’s really a magnificent golden sentence, you can do it directly to you.


He Qinghai


The Yellow River is clear, the big sea is calm, and the world is peaceful.

I really like this word, more listed several:

Tang Zheng Xi “There is a prince in the day”:

“He Qinghai Wei, when he is a year-old.”

Tang and Guoda “August 5th Song”:

“The RHP is unmolicable, the river is clear.”

Ming · Wu Chengne “Journey to the West”:


“The courtesy is solemn scenery, the river is clear.”


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These things feel beautiful,

Margest is exquisite, the wind is boundless,

If you leave this layer to say the best words,

Maybe you can also add these three:

Lost, amburo, a long time.

How is much?

It seems just to think about them,

I will have a happiness in my heart.


I sent you, I sincerely wish you.

What particular is your particularly beautiful?

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