Why do people want it in the underwear in the cotton era?

Recently, jointly issued the “2021 autumn and winter thermal underwear trend” by China Textile Information Center, National Textile Product Development Center, China Textile Fabric Trend Research. The report gave the four popular trends of underwear, including the design of thermal underwear design trend; the trend of thermal underwear with antibacterial health function.


It is not difficult to find that the current thermal underwear is no longer a “earth” symbol, more like a hipster single product. At the same time, on the social platform such as Xiaohong Book, Weibo, there have also been a lot of evaluation and sharing of thermal underwear. It can be seen that the thermal underwear is slowly becoming hot and fashionable.


Recently, the cotton concept, pursuing “comfort, health and environmental protection” total cotton era gives an answer. It launched two new product underwear, and the underwear and herbal cotton underwear were launched. Both have high cotton volume, with good softness and skin-friendly, able to bring a comfortable dress to users. At the same time, taken from the materials of nature, self-contained environmental concept, and also meet the comfort and environmental philosophy pursued by the brand.

Different places in that there is 100 high-pentapal velvet cotton and have a light feature. Because of this, there is no smaste cotton in the underwear, it feels very close to the body, and it is like the second skin of the body, and there will be no binding feelings and thickness.

In the process, there is a technology that has time-consuming long-lasting technology, and the free tailing process is achieved on the high cotton fabric. Its neckline, cuffs, and lower pendants have done the processing directly, without sewing, there will be no excess lines. Coupled with the design of the trousers, the entire seamless cotton undergarment combines comfort and fashion, not only highlighting the uniqueness of the brand, but also conforms to the fashion trend of underwear.


The underwear underwear has natural plant antibacterial effects, just like the health concept pursued by the cotton era. In addition, for the persistence of the antibacterial efficacy of the herme, the cotton era has already been tested. As a result, after 100 washing, the underwear still has a 5A-level antibacterial effect, which can have long-lasting health.

In terms of apparel design, this straw cotton under underwear is a round neck, 9-point sleeve, no external sewing, and the design of the trousers, effectively avoid the embarrassment of underwear, and improve the comfort of the underwear, it can be described as two .

From the two new products of the cotton era, it can be seen that the cotton era seizes the most basic comfort of the underwear, and it has increased health, fashion and environmental philosophy, and created according to their own brands. Various underwear in the property. Undoubtedly, the answer from the cotton era is excellent.

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