Hair crisp – chasing snacks # #

The winter is getting cold, the rest of the native is the most cool in the quilt ~ how can you raise a snack? A few sluggish snacks can be made! Yi Xue! Can learn to have a hand! Haha ~

BY 时光


1 copper


3 teaspoon of edible oil


Soy sauce

White sugar



Practice steps

1, buy a seaweed one (round or rectangular)

2. Tear all seaweed into a thin small fragment.

3, in the pot, put a small amount of edible oil (oil for the oil), heat it heat. Pour it into the seaweed, stir fry for 1 minute. According to the size adjustment time of your own gas fire, don’t fly.

4, spray soy sauce (loaded into a small spray bottle), add fine sugar in the pot, and continue to stir fry for a while. I saw a slight discoloration of the seaweed and started to shrink.


5, turn off, sprinkle with white sesame before the pan (I have no home for the time being, first with black sesame), stir fry, mix well. Make a pan

6, delicious sea moss is complete ~



The fire should not be too big, otherwise it will paste. No need to add salt! Fire can be closed early, because there is still heat in the pot.

It has a skill. I have a small trick to each dish. You can search for “Bean Fruit” can directly view my recipes!


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