Spring pants don’t always choose black, the Japanese blogger is wearing these colors, elegant can’t

Pants, there may be many people to think of low-key small black trousers, black trousers or black harsh pants, although this kind of black trousers are practical, but wear a black single product in the whole winter, spring is time Add a point to the closet.

This spring pants don’t choose black, and the rock owners are wearing these colors. It is elegant. The sense of age is also handed. Let us take a look at the trousers and match suitable for spring!

The yellow line is one of the most popular colors in the spring. As a warm-colored one, the yellow is clear and not a bitter, as if the sun is bright and gentle. A warm yellow or card pants, in addition to being able to lighten the shape and add more vitality, it can also have a comfortable mood.

Yellow smart trousers drape, pants loose and modified leg type, simple and black V-neckweed sweater to make a match, easy to break the dullness of the black, the same yellow pleated casual trousers, combined with caramelous shirts, show White and advanced.


In the spring, I want to wear an eye-catching effect, I can draw the dragon on the accessibility, and you can add a bright spot with color, and the light pink is the first choice for elegant women.

Low pink saturation, visually clear, clear and not giving people a sense, no matter how dark clothes, white blouse or khaki windbreaker can create a romantic breath that belongs to spring.

Many people are worried that the pink trouse pants is old or easy to wear “cheap sense”, in fact, as long as the material is selected, the trousers and the matching are still.


In general, the stronger shallow pant pants is stronger, the more temperament; the trousers need to be as loose, avoiding tights.

The light pants is overcharged from aged and enhanced freshness, and the blue trousers are refreshed and have a very advantage of highlighting mature women. Especially light blue, ice lake blue, blue gray or smog Blue.

Gray cotton and linen suit is lightweight, superimposed on white and semi-high-tech shirt, the lower body blue high waist long pants loose dremation, with the inner makeup blue white color, refreshing and clean.

The lower the blue-grade purity, the better the better, and use the same color tips to further streamline color, and improve the integral match.


Blue gray cotton linen shirt is loose and light, take a colored high waist loose trousers, the upper and lower color is more similar to the atmosphere; in front of the shirt, in front of the trousers, create a long-term low-rise clothes.

The higher the blue system, the higher the purity, the more eye-catching, but it is necessary to use white, black, beige or khaki, avoiding aesthetic fatigue.

Shallow card, the long windbreaker, white T-shirt, bright blue high waist casual trousers checked high waist line, under the balance of khaki, the whole, weaites, will not cause sudden sense.

Refer to the color line suitable for spring, how can I lack a green system full of vitality and thriving? Such as light green, broth tea, light gray green, green green or served green, and the spring is very fit.

I want to put the green trouse pants, except for the high waist cone type, the wide legs or radish pants, the color is also very important, such as ink green, the military green is suitable for camel, khaki Other green lines with white born pair.

White gentle windbracket cuts, laid, laminated in white, constitutes the same color, green high waist nine pants to raise the waist line, green + white color fresh age.

In addition to the color pants, gentle gentle pants are also aged, like beige, rice white, white, shallow khaki or milk tea, is not wrong, perfect explanation, called gentle attack power.


Black semi-transparent shirt rides the shallow card, high waist wide leg pleated trousers, red bag is a pen, elegant and intellective; white round neck pleat shirt and rice high waist trousers simple to match, flat shoes and trousers It makes up the color, the whole body color is simple and soft, highlights the elegant temperament of the mood woman.


The stronger “neutralization ability” of the trousers is also stronger, in addition to the colored tops, in addition to the colors, the jumper of the color-tight jacket.

The above is this spring trousers that share the spring trousers. If you don’t know what color pants, you may choose, elegant age and fashion!

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