Used car Shu Qizhe again after Qizhe, used Jaguar worth one million buy it?

Text: Original understand the car Emperor Zhu Weifeng


[Understand the car Emperor original products] mentioned a luxury executive saloon, most of my friends first reaction is: Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Audi A8, BMW 7 Series, Jaguar XJL often overlooked. To know the age of the vehicle just four years one million 3.0 l V6 supercharged four-wheel drive executive car now if the current price of the underlying price of buying a new car is the Mercedes-Benz E-Class 2.0T high power two entry-drive version, the Audi A6L 2.0T high power top with the BMW 5 Series Starter Edition 2.0T high power, I have to say is dimensionality reduction blow.

Just this year, Jaguar XJ official announced the shutdown, the legendary British D-Class so far this came to an end, then what is what causes XJ come to such a situation? We have to analyze today, discussing the way this car really is not worth buying.

Today, this car is to understand the car business cooperation Emperor a June 2017 on the licensing of 2016 models XJL 3.0 SC-wheel-drive flagship Business Edition, then guide price of 988,000 yuan, the body close to the 5.3 m, wheelbase 3157mm, thoroughly the large car size. Thanks XJ aluminum body and a front double wishbone independent suspension and rear double wishbone independent suspension and under the arm of aluminum alloy effectively reduces the unsprung mass, together with timely four-wheel drive system, the front and rear shaft power distribution ratio can vary between 30:70 and 50:50, driving up and no bulky feel, at this level of car justifiably claim dexterity. But the price is all-aluminum body repair cost is very high, aluminum body deformation can not use the traditional sheet metal repair, most of them can only be replaced, Jaguar parts cost goes without saying.

Although the chassis is good sense of control, but as an executive saloon chassis comfort should be the most valued part of consumers, XJ’s suspension tuning some excellent feel, this chassis but with a bit larger virtual steering system this adjustment is like extremely hot summer go to a restaurant waiter to put a pot of boiling water as confusing.

This 3.0-liter supercharged V-type six-cylinder all-aluminum engine, can be a burst of 340 horsepower and maximum torque of 450 Nm, with ZF 8AT gearbox, although not as good as the BMW excellent match, but dynamic experience compared to BBA the top three is definitely not lost. Due to problems in its cooling system design, the interface next to the oil radiator pipes, leaking water pipes easily aging, leak repair, although this is not too expensive, but really wasted time.


Encircled in the control design, while quick to sense and now triple screen double screen technology can not be compared, but interwoven leather with piano paint the full sense of luxury, with British treasure delicate sonic clarity, every minute crossing to the Royal National Theater feel, but this feeling will over time be a key moment aging sticky coating pulled back to reality, due to the coating material lot Land Rover, Jaguar owners will be plagued by this annoying phenomenon, some good news many cleaners on the treasure is not expensive, is the need to own a little processing. Start a black screen in the control often it is a lot of Jaguar will arise.


Information full LCD instrument display many features, but the most important issue is water temperature, water temperature if it is found is not normal, pull over immediately called a trailer, eight pipe and leak, or to spare after buying XJL check, I think it might be in on the first instrument to be displayed every time you start Tip: check the plumbing for leaks and then travel.


Really, the rear space compared with competitors may fall behind too much, in terms of contrast A8 is simply visible gap, especially in the head space and even with some mid-size car can not be compared, it appears that the designers boss may body is not very large, it could have expected Jaguar XJ future competitors could be the next Dan’s C-class cars.

But the appearance of the gas field have to say this car is really top-exist, from the rear side look I can only think a name: Kardashian. XJ’s beauty is both domineering gas field, mature and sexy with an elegant feel.

Since 1970, XJ Jaguar just as the flagship sedan convey pure British Lunfan to global fans, came to an end in the ninth. You can say more than her small problems, not enough can be said of her business, she can say that the hedge ratio is very low, but did you know that Jaguar has insisted in sports than the BMW worse, from the point of view even a little too XJ paranoid, you can not deny that she will always be the same level of the most elegant one. Today, Jaguar announced the adjustment of positioning, to participate in the ultra-luxury brand competition, and Bentley, Porsche athletics. I really recommend considering C-level BBA friends can consider the Jaguar XJ, more power, more powerful gas field, but be aware supercharged version 3.0 after the election of 16 models, 16 models compared to the past or will not worry Less.

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