God medicine Shujin Xiangmai pill tampering approval documents, saying 3 weeks to cure old rheumatism, selling 1 billion in one year

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The long-awaited aged advertisement on TV is about to usher in the great hammer of the law.

Recently, the first work meeting in 2018 was held in 2018, the first work meeting in 2018 was held in the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

In the same period, international media delivery monitoring company AC Nelson data showed that in 2017, the top ten companies were from drugs and health products industry and the fast-selling industry, including Shujin Waist-produced manufacturers – Guangzhou Chen Liji The pharmaceutical factory ranked fourth.

Guangzhou Chen Liji Medicine Factory is the old-fashioned Chinese medicine enterprise under the Baiyun Mountain. It was established in 1600, Shu Jinjian Wilong Pill, and the active pain pill was once the company’s main product. Its parent company Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. Annual Report, 2015 advertising costs reached 1.095 billion yuan, fell to 732 million yuan in 2016. Ai Finance Society comb found that the two star products of Chen Liji medicine factory have been inflated by the province and city food and drug supervision bureaus for illegal publicity.

Shujin Hui Waist Function Indicates to make up the liver and kidney, strong muscle bones, drive dehumidification and active pain relief. Previously, the product claimed that “the waist is highlighted for special drugs, and the waist is unpredictable; 3 days fast pain relief, 3 stages comprehensive rehabilitation.”

According to the public information, in 2009, Shu Jinjian waist pill was exposed for a warning due to serious advertising, but it still taught it. In August 2011, due to 8 illegal plays advertisements, it was investigated and punished by the Guangdong Provincial Food and Food and Drug Administration; in 2011, advertisements were issued, and they were investigated by Xinjiang Food and Drug Administration. Since then, I will not be reported by the Food and Drug Administration, such as Hubei, Hainan.

But under the brain-made TV advertisement, it still attracted many consumers to buy. Guangyao Baiyun Mountain Annual Report showed that in 2016, Shu Jinhao’s sales volume increased by more than 70%, and sales revenue increased by over 90%, as high as 142 million yuan. However, its efficacy has no legendary magic. Some netizens have no one to eat twelve boxes.


In November 2016, the Shandong Provincial Food and Food and Drug Administration pointed out that Shujin Huai Wadom was tampered with the content approved by the food and drug supervision and management department. Using the name of the patient’s name and image as the product efficacy, serious deception and misleading consumers, suspected of advertising Illegal. The Ai Finance and Economic Agency has found that in its official website of the Tmall, the current Shujin Waist is still claiming the back pain caused by the waist.

However, compared to the previous exaggerated advertisement, now Shujin Jiano will have a lot of convergence, no longer emphasize the effect of immediate results. Its Tmall official flagship store shows that three boxes of a course of treatment, with Shujin Jian, electric massage shawl and calcium tablets, etc., priced at 2,670 yuan. The promotion page also attached to an expert reminder: “The so-called ‘injury is 100 days’, the bones are injured, generally take the time to recover for about 3 months.”


And another drug active pain, used for rheumatism, hands and foot numbness, its function is “living blood circulation, dust removing. Advertising”, 3 days of cervical vertebra, no pain; 3 weeks 10 years The old rheumatism is completely complete; the joints of 90 days of hard deformation are normal, and the bone disease recovery is free.

In June 2011, due to false propaganda, severe deception and misleading consumers, the active pain pill was notified by the Guangdong Administration of Industry and Commerce; in May 2014, the active pain pill was notified by the Shandong Food and Training and Food and Drug Administration by many times. The luggage, the luggage is also disclosed; in July 2014, the active pain pill was notified by the Qingdao Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce because of the serious illegal advertisement; September 2014, the Anhui Food and Training and Food and Drug Administration informed illegal advertisements, which was seriously affected by the advertising violations and released The frequency is higher, and the active pain relief pill will be raised.

The Ai Finance Society finds that the official flagship store of Guangzhou Chen Liji medicine factory has not been able to buy the active pain, the product is replaced by “big live pill”.

Among the previous China Medical Markets, like Shujin Waistball Pill, Cao Qinghua Capsule, Shaop love eye medicine, etc., often with an exaggerated propaganda, this year, with the decision of the Industry and Commerce, such chaos It may be greatly remedial.

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