Jewelry, the faucet can go to the toothpaste more 6 kinds

▲ Toothpaste In addition to brushing, there can be other usages. (Figure / UNSPLASH, below)


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Although the toothpaste is a use of many families, but most people only use it to brush their teeth, in fact, it’s the decrementing effect, you can live in a lot of situations, sometimes you don’t need to spend money to buy exclusive dens, first try it first Use and affordable toothpaste, it is not only convenient to save it.

Remove nail polish

Sometimes there is no need to remove the nail polish, but you can try to remove the water, you can try to remove the toothpaste, as long as the nails are smeared with toothpaste, then use toothbrush and cleaning, although it is possible to brush a while, but also Exempt to the pungent of the light water, which is very effective in the dark nail polish on the edge of the body.

▲ Use the toothpaste that can be obtained and removes nail polish.

Cleaning shoes

Sometimes the shoes are stained a small corner, don’t have all the cleansing of the week, first put this part slightly wet, then use the toothpaste to brush it in the dirty place, and finally wipe it with a paper towel, you can return to the white light.


▲ Use toothpaste to clean the dirt of a particular block without cleaning the double shoe.

Clothes descaling

Sometimes the clothes are particularly dirty, such as collars, underarm and cuffs, can also be wet first, then apply a layer evenly with toothpaste, use brush or hand to wash, will not think about the effect.

▲ For part of the special area, you can strengthen it with toothpaste.


Bright silver jewelry

After the silver jewelry wore a while, the brightness will be less than that, when it is applied to the toothpaste and gently brush it, then dry it after soaking, then it will reproduce the bright state, but this method is not applicable. Silver in the black!

▲ Clean the silverware with toothpaste is easy to use.


Cleaning faucet


If there is a piece of scale on the faucet, when it is not very serious, it is easy to use toothpaste to apply slowly, it will reply to the clean light.

▲ The plot is slightly slight, and you can restore the light with a toothpaste.

Clean tea cup


The home is often used to drink coffee or drink tea, often accumulate some coffee stains or tea stains. This brush also can’t brush the tea stains. It can be applied to a layer of toothpaste, and immediately restore the past, if There is no toothpaste, use ordinary salt, and it can be removed.

▲ Beautiful tea stains, can be easily solved with toothpaste.

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