Story: Go to Guzhen Tour, the boss hardly plunge her silver bracelet, go home night night dream tour to know the accounting account

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I have seen it, and I am with my girlfriend.

At that time, in love, we went out to play a holiday.

Young people are greedy, see small advertisements in some scenic spots, feel fresh, I want to try it.

That will not be particularly prevalent, not like now, and you will be a hit of the home and bourme.

That will, the house owner usually lives normally, then take the room to rent the tourist.

It seems to see, we finally picked a new antique home called “One Sichuan Zhai”, and there was some culture when I thought about taking pictures. It’s really no culture.

But I have never thought of that the oldest things, the more the ancient strange things, especially those who are remote, Yin Shengyuan.

All the way bumps, when I arrived at Sichuan, it was already six o’clock in the afternoon.

At that time, it was a deep autumn, cloudy, and the sky was fast. When we saw the boss, it was already a quarter, and there was an occasional giant bird or a beast, so that Zhou was a little desolate.

The road leading to Yi Sichuan is still a mud road, and some blue stone bricks have been stored.

Because it is a home, the house will be surrounded by a wall. However, the wall of the Sichuanzhai is a bit too much, close to three meters high, the wall is brushed, the twilight is like some of the Baisen’s teeth.

Although I like unique things, this weird design is still a little uncomfortable.

It is also learned that the whole one will live with the boss.

She went out of forty, long and thin, short five senses, especially the nose, and the longer and thin.

I don’t know if she is packaged in combination, she is usually used to dress up, and the boss is wearing the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of the Republic of China.

The boss is very small. When I meet, I just said three sentences, then put the key to us, and I went back to the room. I didn’t come out: “This is your key. Don’t go everywhere. Room Don’t go later. “

We can’t touch the mind, but the boat is Larand, and the girlfriend urges me to stay at rest.

I slept, I am awake in the morning, look back, watch my girlfriend is still sleeping.

I am lying on the bed, I want to brush my mobile phone, and I find that the signal is particularly poor. I am a person that is hard to calm down. It’s hard to fall asleep, and I want to go out to go out.

Introduction to the advertisement before, a Sichuan Zhai is a decades of rains. After getting up, it is some disappointed. The places we live are obviously two-storey modern architecture. The zen-style style imitation watt roof, landing stone column hollow door and window, people live a little in the feeling of the small temple. There is a headlight on the high wall, I don’t know if it is broken or saving money, no open.

I want to see a word in the room, live a few guests, the moonlight can only illuminate the empty space in front of the ram, other black lacquer, what else can not see. It was also later, I lived in two guests with my girlfriend.

When I walked around, I have been thinking about the boss, don’t go around, don’t go back behind the house.

I didn’t understand why she would not go everywhere, I just felt that I had a risk of snake aphid mouse ants or lost. What is even more intake is why not go back to the house.

From the pattern of Sichuanzhai, it is already a list, there is no one in the air, what else is there behind the house? As soon as I rebellious, I have to go see it tomorrow, and later play for forgotten, and then, when it is so horrible, I know what is there.

The boss lives across our room, separated by a piece of air, I saw that the room was bright, and I wanted to take a look.

Let’s understand the environment, a major feature of the two towns is an antique and gambling culture, and this place is not easy to be puddled.


But when I laughed, I didn’t want to gently sway the door, and there was a sound of metal landing.

That sound continued for a while, the sound size was different, and some crisp and dull, and the metal rolled and rolled down after a distance.

With experience, it should be touched a bunch of silver jade. Later, it was a rush of rush, I would like to be a boss’s packed.

“Boss Mother?” I asked again.

Suddenly, the lights in the room were off. I can scare me.

The light is off, and the eyes are black, the ear is awkward. After a few seconds, you can see something, you can see the floating corpse wall, the dark corridor, let people feel cold in the back of the ridge.

I don’t know why, I feel that I am afraid of it in an instant, and my eyes have eyes in the dark, and my heart can’t help but go.

Seeing the boss’s mother is not moving, I have also rushed back to the house. Implementation is frightened, I will fall into the house.

Later, I saw it again, but I couldn’t clear it now, it is a reality or dream. Through the windows, I saw the boss’s room again.

She moved a table and put a lot of silver first in the desktop, the earrings bracelet necklace, one piece, it was uniform, as if there is life, she is letting them come out to sunburn the light.

The boss ignited a fragrant incense at the table, and the faint smoke did not rise, lingering around the silverware, so the moonlight was so hot, like the coldness of the silverware, let people go.

Then, the boss slammed the head. The last picture in the impression is her backbidden buttocks.


I woke up the next day, I was close to noon, and I found out that the boss was unknown after pushing out.

If you sleep, I am refreshing, we are ready to eat and drink in the town.

Amoye play is the primary purpose of our choice to travel to this town. It doesn’t have great wisdom like me. I think that there is a little smart person, and this kind of thing is the favorite.

My girlfriend is even more than a small and cheap, it is a virtue who flows in the blood.

The two people went to go to a long time, and they did not find a full chance of being full of confidence. Finally, we stopped in an ancient, forty middle-aged middle-aged, because he took a old flower glasses, we want to take pictures of him.

After exchange, there is no profit map, when you are ready to leave, the old boss retains us.

“The two is traveling?”

“Yeah, how? Although it is a foreigner, we are also inner pedestrians.” The small abacus is much more, worried that the ancient boss is bad, you have to prevent him first.

“Oh, Mr. is more concerned. Two in Sichuanzhai?”

“Yeah, how do you know?” I am surprised.

“I saw the girle on the two keys. I live in these two days … habit?” The ancient boss seems to change the expression.

“Not bad.” At that time, I only felt that the ancient board did not present, and I would like to sell anything to sell. Unexpectedly, the true meaning in the ancient boss.

“That’s good, just. There are many fun places in the town. I believe that two will have a very happy. As long as … as long as you don’t want to be small and cheap.” There is something in the ancient boss, but I can’t hear it, just think, Don’t be greedy? In this way, go to the town to play a gambling stone, which is not going to be small and cheap.

When you are, the ancient board is also very polite to give us contact information, saying that there is something to contact him.

I didn’t think too much at the time, and the right to be the way of the way he did business, I almost threw my business card.

After leaving this booth, we will continue to go to a few laps, it is a small harvest, and the heart is natural and beautiful, and it will return to Yichuan, which is eight nine points in the evening.

Day Shen Yue, the moment of dreaming, this nightmare, just started.


“Slang star, come over.”

When I was prepared to go back to the room, I heard what my girlfriend found anything on the hallway and greeted me.

After the past, it was found that it was a table that paved the red tablecloth, which is full of simple silverware, ring bracelet ear ring necklace, and the style is complete.

Take a look at each silverware, there is a clear price. It seems that it should be the stall of the boss, usually get free to sell. It’s not afraid of being stealing, and the heart is really big enough.

The girlfriend picks up one of the bracelets and found that the design is very unique. It may be that Sansknapan, the whole bracelet is, anyway, I don’t understand, I feel special, and I have the kind of connotation with the connotation.

A set of girlfriends in his hand was surprised to find that it was just right, simply tailored.

Originally, I want to buy it, but the boss is not there, I have to take off back to the original place. But later, I know that this bracelet is, some terrible things are wrapped.

After returning to the room, after washing, my girlfriend suddenly shocked. I was shocked and hurriedly ran over.

The girlfriend took the arm before, I was surprised to find that the place that just took the bracelet, turned out to be fine. Seriously view, there is also something like Sanskrit that is hidden.

“I listen to people, some human body is not suitable for silverware, and the meat will be more and more black. This reaction is too fast.” Girlfriend was amazed.

“What, I think 80% is the bracelet. I will wash it. Wash it, I can’t wash it. Whether I have a lot of natural colors in a few days. I said, you are like a tattoos, it’s quite Personality is not. “I ridicule.

My girlfriend also feels reason, no more thinking. When two people slept in the middle of the night, weird things happened.

At that time, my girlfriend has been more than a year. I have been in the same year, she occasionally tells the dream, but never discovered that I will sleep. But that night, when she didn’t dream of the moonlight.

“no no no… …”

At first, my girlfriend was just a long time, I thought she said another dream. Later, I saw that she sat on the bed, the voice is getting smaller and smaller, and the tone is getting weak.

I thought she was going to go to the toilet, she was too sleepy, she didn’t pay attention until she opened the door, and when they swayed, they found that things were not right.

Joss is waiting for more than a minute, my girlfriend has not come back, I have an ominous premonition, sleeping is mostly half, hurry up and go out to find her.

Wait until I got out of the door, I found that my girlfriend had went to the other end of the corridor.

I want to call her, but this is half a night, I am afraid that the boss is sleeping. Furthermore, although the night is dim, it is still not normal when the girlfriend is at the time.

She is strange, it is a bit like I don’t want to go forward, but I have a root line to take her forward.

I guess it in the first time, she is dreaming. I have listened to the elderly, and the people who dream of moving can’t suddenly shouted, and it was easy to lose their mind. I had to carefully follow.

When the girlfriend came to the corridor, he suddenly stopped, and the hair was released there, and he was so swaying. After standing for a while, she suddenly lifted his hand, gently push it, and took a room into a room, disappearing in the night.

To be honest, I am really afraid, I have never experienced it. I don’t know what she wants to do. Two girlfriends thin body fluttering, like a savory, let me feel a little chill.

After seeing her into the room, I also hiped it up. It was found that it was not a room at all, and the door is a deepweed promenade.

That night, the moon is big and bright, and can only be taken into the corridor one or two meters. In the past, it is a thick black, it is like a black hole that is deep, there is no knowledge.

I was very surprised at the time, we have come here from the future, how do she know that there is a promenade here? Where is it in? What did she go in?

But I can’t think about anything, I am afraid that she has something, I also tied it into this darkness. After entering, I know that the boss said, don’t go back behind the house, it is there.

Behind this passage, I am afraid that it is not a glacast. Touching the black front five or six meters, I touched the wall behind a turn, and I saw the light.

Going to the light, I quickly arrived at a lighted place. That is a very well, the world around the patio, and finally I can know one or two.

That is ancient house, true ancient house, for decades, no, from the three rows of five into the brick wood structure hard mountain top, the exquisite animal relief on the eaves, the naked bricks on the wall, this ancient House has been a hundred years of history.

The reason why I can only know one or two is because of the circumference of the patio, there are seven or eight promo’s promenade.

In this way, the place I came in is just a small channel. Where is the gate of ancient house, this is a miscellaneous maze a general old house, how big is it, and it is a mystery.

Take a look at my girlfriend, I am going to lead to one corridor.

Look at the surrounding environment, I am afraid that the two will be lost in this ancient house. In anx, I hugged her, let her head on my shoulder, then hold her ass, hug it out.

What makes me surprised is that my girlfriend is a moment I picked up. This is also good, I have rushed the way forward, and I will leave this ghost.

However, when I went out, I found that I didn’t know when, who was locked the wooden door, or the kind of big iron lock.

After standing in the door, I turned back and glanced at the dark corridor, and suddenly he was flustered, and I always felt what I rushed out in ancient house.

I was scared to have a heaters, under anxious, the big door is one leg. If you don’t have the door, I don’t know if I actually have such a flood.

After coming out, I held a girlfriend to rush back to the room.

I don’t know if the ancient house is too cold, but it is still too much energy consumption. If you return to the room, I feel that my whole body is not suitable, and the whole world is rotating.

I am afraid that the girlfriend will dream, before falling asleep, I hug her with her feet, and I haven’t reluctant again, I am afraid of losing her.


Wake up the next day, it is already two o’clock in the afternoon. I climbed up and sat in the bed, I feel the head pain, then look at my girlfriend, still sleeping.

After opening the curtain, I found that my girlfriend’s face is a little pale, and there may be more TV series. My first reaction is to put my finger on her nose and find that there is a breath.

I am simple to wash, the whole person is also a lot. Going back to the room, I found that my girlfriend woke up, and I was weak and weakly sitting on the bed.

I didn’t dare to mention last night, just knocking on the side, she said that she didn’t dream last night. She already can’t remember, as long as she thinks, her headache has to crack, I don’t dare to ask again.

The two have been a few mouthfuls, and they found that they are very poor, no longer go out of the mood and energy.

Inadvertently, I found that my girlfriend’s hand is not too strong, take a look, black, black, more obvious. And don’t start the wrist, you will start with your hands back and your fingers. At that time, I didn’t think about what terrible things, I only felt allergies.

All kinds of discomfort, two people think about it, and I happen to find that there are more trains in the afternoon, I decided to go back in advance.

When I returned the room online, I was ready to leave, I just walked to the door of the people, I finally saw the boss again.

“You … two this is going?” The boss is almost rushing. I even read her complicated expression, and smashing the head in tension.

“Oh, the boss, our body is uncomfortable, ready to go back in advance.” I smiled and said.

“She … is your girlfriend going back?” When you say this, the boss’s eyes have been staring at my girlfriend, even if the object of speaking is me. In the god, I actually read the fascination and unscrupulous, and gave a girlfriend very embarrassed, and I hid behind me later.

“Isn’t this a matter of course? Let’s come again next time.” I hold the girlfriend’s hand and prepare to leave.

“No … Wait a minute, wait a minute.” Hearing us really want to go, the boss seems to be scared, and then panicked from the pocket a silver bracelet.

But I feel that she is too popular, I really want to say something, I can’t say a word, I can’t say a word, and I have a little trembling.

I saw it, isn’t that we secretly worn, do you still have allergic bracelets? I just thought she would go to us before going to us.

“This bracelet is good, just … I am a little expensive, the boss.” At that time, though this bracelet was allergic, but the style design and materials were really good, maybe it is an antique.

If the boss is willing to make the price, buy it back and sell it, or you can make a profit, it is not easy to come to this town, how can you get a good place to go back.

So when she took out the bracelet, the small abacus in my blood came again and was prepared to cut the price with her.

“Don’t use money, send you. It can live in the fate, give it to you.” The boss also heard the price, immediately grabbed.

Just, her words are said to my girlfriend, while saying that I still want to get to my girlfriend.

My girlfriend is somewhat hard, although she is like me, it is the kind of greed, no, people who have a manner, but things are expensive, still embarrassed.

I saw this situation, I grabbed my bracelet, I was afraid that the boss’s returned, if I exchange, I would like to say more, put the bracelet to my girlfriend, and fare to her.

I walked about two or 30 meters, I couldn’t help but looked back, I found that the boss has been standing at the gate.

She still wearing the short dress, the foundation is a bit more, so that her face is as white as the wall, standing in ancient times, like a portrait of the Republic of China.

At that time, her expression, I can’t see it, just the blurry feels, it seems to be serious, it seems to be anger.


After returning, the first thing I originally planned is to help my girlfriend to solve the dream of sleepwalking. It is too scary.

When a girlfriend, I turned it back, I have been high fever.

After a few days, I burned her, I didn’t stand my dreams at night, I also started to say during the day.

I am very trying to listen, I can’t hear what she said. Try to recall some things, but as long as you think, she is hunning.

There is still her hand, except for the wrist hand, some blood vessels have also begun to be dark, like a poison, scare me cold sweat.

The most terrible or her dreams, after returning, she will sleep.

Go to the ancient town tour, the boss brightened her silver bracelet, and the night and night dream tour is only known.

In order not to let her have anything, I have to use the most stupid and the most practical approach, hands and feet and hug all night.

Of course, I have to take her to see a doctor, from the local to the field, from the famous doctor to Jianghu Lang, what is the way, it is useless, but the burning is not refunded.

Fortunately, we can’t live, the most difficult time, encounter an old Chinese medicine, and give us a bright road.

“You don’t try to ask Xianpo. Some things, I really don’t say it. I have seen a lot of quish disease, I have seen a lot of quarry, I have seen something that I can’t explain. A child is a child every night. I will cry, all kinds of inspections are no problem, just cry, how to be useless. Later, I went to Xianpu to ask, saying that I didn’t give him a dead grandfather enough money, come back to trouble. The next day paper money, one fever, Hey, the child really didn’t cry. Not good, let’s try it. “

I can’t stand the idopian. I have a little letter from the small family. So the doctor, let me fill the top, pat my head, I didn’t expect this.

The doctor is called so, coupled with the weird experience of this time, and in the forefront, many things explained.

After returning, I quickly found a local comparison Xianpo. Xian Po is also directly, and immediately said that we are in an innocent.

But what is troublesome, she can only ask this, what is the unclean thing, the other party wants to do, how to solve it, will be outside the business level.

I reached out to the smoke in the pants pocket, a piece of paper came out. That is a business card, although it is washed with the pants, but the above text is clearly visible.

It is the business card of the ancient play shop owner that day.

I looked at the business card, I recalled the little bit of the day and his conversation, I have a very strong feeling, this matter is related to this old man, and can help us resolve, so rushed a phone call.

It turns out that my pre-judgment is precise, with his help, the truth finally floats the surface, and everything is also solved.


Go back to that town again, it has been separated for half a month. We didn’t return directly to the ancient budget, but listened to the ancient board arrangement, first go to his family to discuss solutions.

“Oh … I will know, I know what she wants to do.” Take things through the ancient boss, this is the first sentence he said.

And my heart is not swearing, I know that I don’t tell us early, and you are.

An old board here, naturally refers to the old boss of the ancient home.

“I will tell you the original committee, but the young man, you must control yourself and calm can solve the problem.”

I didn’t talk, so I nodded as the town, but the inner anger had already begun to faint action. Harm my girlfriend is almost gone, I am calm your grandmother leg.

“One Sichuan’s boss, surname Luo, is my watch. Hey … She is a poor person. I have a happy family, the family of three Xiaoyang, which is happy. Unfortunately, I have a brother, very young In the year, the son is only five years old. From then on, the mother and child are still a life. I have a bitterness, it is hard to pull the son. When I am willing to enjoy, I can’t open it again. Just, my son It’s hard to get a uncle, I didn’t expect a car accident on the way home. I didn’t. The expression can be said to have a tear, the liver is filial. The son is filial, she will not leave her mother, the soul is back, and she is in the old house in the back. I will not be willing to leave for a long time. You go, happen … “

After introducing the tragic encounter of the boss, the ancient board also puts the yin and Yangmens of their maiden, and she gave a clear two. After listening to it, I was just a three feet. I gave the ancient plate on the spot.

It’s really in June, and it is a fire outside.

Moreover, the kind of thing they want to do is simply a shame for us, but it is better to have our life to die.

Fortunately, I don’t know where the old boss kitchen is, or you will take a knife.

The ancient board is a few hours, and all kinds of truths, all kinds of ways, and let me calm down, reason to control themselves, listen to his suggestions, and solve this problem with the most practical way.

Then, in addition to solving the problem of girlfriends, I didn’t expect it, another surprise about their mother and child.


Let the bell, we have to go back to the ancient people.

According to the description of the ancient board, the reason why the girlfriend is, it is curse by the boss. Before you go, the ancient board has been a boss and her son, and negotiate together.

On the one hand, I am afraid that I urge bad things. On the other hand, I am too hard. When I am not suitable for the practice, I can only wait in Kuanzhai.

That is really difficult, I want to rush in several times, I am afraid that I will help you, I have to hold back.

In order to vent my anger, I put the stone in the Sichuan zhai plate, and the scene is also transferred to some emotions.

Fortunately, after about two hours, my girlfriend finally came out.

She is alone, I saw my first eyes and hugged me, crying. This is also inevitable, after all, it’s seen.

Although it is still very weak, from the perspective of eyes and faces, she is a lot of spirit, there is a feeling of wake up. When I saw her state, my heart was finally put down.

Sapled for a long time, on the way to go back to the train, my girlfriend slowly told me the experience in the ancient house.

After girlfriends and ancient boards went in, they came into a dim room.

Because of the fever, the whole person is fascinating, can’t remember, can’t see the room, just remember that there is very short, the window is small, the wall and the window have a lot of characters, very depressed.

This is also no wonder that according to the ancient sheet description, in fact, the girlfriend wear a bracelet for the first time, and dreams to visit the ancient house, the three souls are no longer.

This is also why my girlfriend always dreams of a dream, but also a lot of dreams during the day, she does not want to go back to find her soul.

I can remember and some sporadic dialogue.

Probably, the boss loves his son, his son is early, the wedding is not coming, no enjoyment, I feel sorry to be the husband, I can’t make my son into a family.

I heard this, I almost didn’t take a knife to the train cockpit, hijack the train and turned back to revenge.

It’s a pity that there is no knife, the train can’t take the head, and add my girlfriend to three, I am calm down.

“Later? How do you promise you? You don’t have a loss!”

“I want to think, of course, there is no. The boss is not promised, and the ancient boss will not agree. It is her son promised.”

“Her son?”

“Well. In fact, these conspiracy is the idea of ​​a boss. In addition, the whole thing is not the ancient board, not to leave, so stay in ancient house. In fact, ancient board and boss don’t know, she The son is committed to death, and she deliberately hits the big truck. Later, she did not reluctantly leaving her mother, but the boss is called the man, but she is printed in the ancient house. Her son has long wanted to go back. “

“Wow, so big surprise? Boss knew that his son was originally committed, not to be mad?”

“It should be, after listening to my son, she is going to be fainted. Her son is committed, because the boss’s possession and control is too strong, causing her son to suffer from depression. Unfortunately, the boss mother does not know, still I think everything is for my son. Oh, I think they are very poor. “

“Poor? Poor fart, you have to be gone. If I let me meet the boss, I have to give her a few fists, I still want to grab my wife, uncle.”

My girlfriend smiled and didn’t talk, I have been comforting me to eliminate gas, I have passed it. (Original title: “Ancient B & B”)

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