How much is the construction square timber of Wuhan white pine?

Let me answer these questions for you. What do you want to know is the price of one piece or one piece? In fact, it doesn’t matter which question, because knowing the price of one side will also know the price of one root. White pine belongs to foreign secondary logs, so the price may be a little expensive compared with domestic ones. Let me give you a detailed introduction below!

We should know that there are many specifications of timber, and the prices of different specifications are different. The price of white pine construction timber is slightly higher, but it is cost-effective and durable. At present, the white pine square timber on the market is basically 1500-1650 yuan. The price of high-quality white pine should be slightly higher, and the price may vary in different places.

In the market, these prices are basically transparent, so you can compare several companies to see if the prices will not vary too much. The main thing is to see the quality of Baisong, and then choose the manufacturer with the appropriate price when the quality is qualified.

The above is the relevant introduction of “How much is the price of Wuhan white pine construction square timber”. From the above article, we can see that the price of white pine construction square timber is basically transparent in the market, and the price difference between each manufacturer will not be too much. Of course, if the quality is particularly good, the price should be a little higher. After all, the price is a little higher, right, but it will not be too high, Then we should pay more attention to the quality when selecting white pine.

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