The smart door lock with visual intercom — VOCT11C

The smart door lock with visual intercom — VOCT11C

There are three door locks of the VOC T11 series, which are the basic T11, which are the main T11C, and T11Face, which can open the door with a face

Today I shared this door lock is T11C, which focuses on visual intercom. I think C may be the homophonic of SEE.

Table of contents

First, analyze the quality of the lock from the unpacking

Second, distribution network settings

3. Use experience

Four, summarize

VOC is a big brand in the door lock. There are quite a few patents. The products have won the Red Dot Award. Even if you have money to ask Gu Tianle to be a spokesperson, it is also a highlight of the company.

This T11C belongs to the T11 series, and the T series is the push -pull series.

Let’s see the parts other than the inside and outside door handles

From the left, the handle block, the guidance sheet widening accessories, the door frame edge, the lock body, various screw connectors, the lithium battery, two keys, two door cards, the inner hand screw holes blocked

The battery is 5000 mAh, produced by Ningde New Energy, Type-C charging port, praise.

The lock body is more important. This is a lock with a data cable.

This kind of lock can only be seen on a very high -end door lock last year. This year is already the standard of smart door locks.

Even I can say that if you choose the lock body of the door lock now, there is no data cable, and there is no upper or lower tongue. One of the lock tongue is not this symmetrical structure, you can not buy it, it is out of date.

VOC is clearly written on the lock body, which is the lock body independently developed by VOC. The lock body with a data cable can judge the door lock state. The lock tongue on this lock is symmetrical and can be suitable for the anti -theft door with different open doors. With the following small lock tongue, you can maximize the various states of the door.

I also took the connection components. The steel columns on the left and the length screws have extra configurations, which can adapt to the anti -theft door of different thickness.

Let ’s start looking at the door handle. It is used in thick non -woven fabric packaging to effectively avoid scraping.

On the left is outside the door handle below, and the right side is the inside of the door.

The outer door handle is more brushed, non -sticking fingerprints, red bronze decoration, and the shape of the inside and outside handles is not exactly the same. It is a special design style.

Look at the bottom of the handle, there are Type-C temporary charging ports, mechanical wake-up buttons, keyhole, and a C-class lock core in the display door lock according to the page display door lock.

The white protrusion is anti -pry door design. If the installation is completed, the white protrusion is in a pop -up state, and it will send a notice to the mobile phone and inform someone to pry the lock

There is also a mystery in the handle of the door. There are two LED lights above, which can play a simple lighting effect at night

I haven’t understood the box below.

The installation of VOC is free. After installing the last screw, the bottom of the hand is installed. Don’t forget that there is a rubber blocking in the small bag with the door card, which is used here.

After completing the installation, look at the final effect. The picture below is the installation effect outside the door.

The picture below shows the installation effect inside the door. The design style of VOCT11C is pretty good with my bronze door.

After the installation is just completed, you can open the door with any fingerprints.

It is to prevent you from leaving the key in the house without entering the fingerprint. At this time, if you turn off the door, you have to lock yourself outside. Very reasonable.

The first setting does not require the mobile phone to complete, but comes to the digital panel outside the door to operate. I wrote all the settings of the VOC T11C door lock on the mind map below.

1. Enter the management settings, set the door opening password and management password

Entering management settings need to enter [*+open door password+management password+#] outside the door. The first setting is*12345600#, and then you can set the [1, user management-3, password management] to set the [opening door password] and and and and and and. [Management password], 6 digits of the door password, 2 management passwords 2 digits

When you complete the modification, the number of entering the management settings will change.

2. Add fingerprint and card

Then you need to add fingerprints and cards. The fingerprint and card have three identities, namely the identity of the administrator, the identity of the host, and the identity of the guest

Translation translation, administrator is the biggest authority, you can set up management procedures, you can open the door normally and open the door in the door to open the door

The ownership of the main s Delitery is an irreplaceable procedure, and it is also possible to open the door when opening the door and the inside of the door.

The customer rights can only be unlocked.

If it is a five -mouth home, the husband must be the authority of the administrator, the wife and grandparents can be the master rights, and the ancestor is a customer right.

3, connect APP

It should be noted here that the app used by T11C is called [open the door to home] instead of VOC. Don’t download the wrong download

When you complete the registration, you need to enter the management settings outside the door to open the network, because this function is closed by default

Through [2, system settings -2, network settings -2, open network function] to open the network function

Then use [2, system settings -2, network settings -1, device networking] to make the door lock in a pairing state,

I made a configuration chart, you can definitely understand, the network is quite fast, and the camera takes a look at the QR code and it is connected.

T11C supports 8 types of door opening methods, including fingerprints, passwords, door cards, keys, temporary passwords, combination verification, remote opening, NFC opening


Fingerprint opening

It is the most important way to open the door. My experience is that the door is quickly opened, and it has been successfully identified.


It is temporarily used when the battery is out of power. It is generally rarely used. In addition, there is a temporary charging port next to the keyhole. You can also open the door when the battery is out of power.

Temporary password

Opening the door is suitable for temporary visits with relatives and friends, or nanny cleaning. It is convenient to manage and there will be mobile phone notifications.

NFC open door

You need to support the NFC, which can be entered through the door card.

Remote open door

It means literally, which can really open the door remotely. I tried the mobile phone even wifi or cellular data, which can open the door.

The most obvious and most important thing outside the door is the top camera. In the middle is a 2 -megapixel wide -angle camera.

The above is the human sensor, which is used to detect whether anyone passes. The left side is the light sensor to detect outdoor light to determine whether it is day or night.

On the right is a fill light, yes, the door lock actually brought a fill light.

The following is the radio Mike, which can talk to the coming.

T11C can view the camera at any time at any time. There are three definitions: standard clearing, high -definition, and ultra -clear.

Chaoqing is really clear. I took a look at the couplet of my neighbor across my house. The three pictures were reduced to this extent. You may not have an intuitive feeling. You can look at the effect of the word [resignation].

Opening the APP has such a function, called mobile detection settings. You can choose to detect the human body’s movement for more than 15 seconds, and you can send a reminder. You can choose a warning sound or a dog barking.

This dog’s barking is too funny. When I set the door, I heard this dog barking, and I wanted to record this function.

It’s really a dog, pause, momentum, absolutely realistic, and the sound of a big dog.

This kind of stay in front of the door is not recorded by the camera, but the human sensor sensor on the camera will only be triggered by the dog barking after more than 15 seconds.

And the camera will record the video, but this feature is a cloud service that is charged. It is free for the first three months.

If you are just a friend, and if you are not at home, if you press the doorbell, your phone will receive a phone call,

You can speak directly with your friends in front of the door, you can see him, he can’t see you.

Then if the person came at night, I found it, but I couldn’t see who he was too dark.

At this point, I have to do a lot of effort at night. For example, at night, the mobile phone received a notification of someone to stay.

At this time, watching the video, I found that someone is indeed someone, but I can’t see the face clearly. You can manually turn on the light light.

When the light is turned on, the state of the picture below will also have a deterrent effect on the sneaky people at the door.

In addition to the upper light light above, in order to illuminate each other’s face, the T11C also has a hidden lighting light to light the door lock.

If you are going to open the door at night, not just the numbers on your hand will light up, so that you can enter the password at night,

At the same time, the two LEDs on the inside of the door will light up, playing a simple tonic effect.

Really, the design of the VOC door lock is really good -looking. The number part is usually hidden, and it is invisible at all under the brushed metal panel.

There is a faint doorbell, which can be used for clicking. There will be doorbells in the door, and the sound is very loud.

There are two ways to open the door in the door

The first way is to press the button in front of the handle. It is to touch the touchpad behind the handle to press the button to open the door.

You can take a look at the moving picture below. The logic here is that if children or cats and dogs are touched by mistake, they cannot open the door.

And it can also effectively prevent the lock from the cat’s eye, so that even if someone cat’s eye pry lock will not succeed.

The second form is the opening of the mechanical knob. This door opening method is generally used when the door lock is out of power.

Will it be particularly consuming?

First of all, the police will call the police and video only for more than 15 seconds in front of the door, which means that if someone pass by, it will not trigger any reaction.

If it is a long period of time at night, the door lock will also enter the dormant state.

Only when [someone outside the door], [Someone in the door touch the inner touch panel], or [owner open the app], the three behaviors of the door lock will be awakened again.

All the movements involved in the door lock, including the unlocking of the door, who unlocked, and what ways to unlock, there will be reminders.

If there are too many unlocked failures, the system will be locked and a notice will be issued.

Notifications will be issued by prying locks

The point is that the outdoor key is unlocked and the indoor mechanical knob opens the door. It will also remind that the door lock can be judged by these two ways.

This is the benefits of sensors. The door lock can judge various states, and you can cope with various possibilities.

VOCT11C has a solid door lock and mature functional design. A variety of sensors cooperate with each other to allow the owner to better understand the state of the door lock at the time.

Its main video function is also very complete to use. The 2 million cameras have a very high definition, and many details can be seen clearly.

The experience at night is particularly good. The number keys will turn on the light. There are hidden night lights on the back of the hand to automatically turn on according to the brightness.

Many functional points are just right, especially the detection reminder of the dog’s screaming really made me laugh. If I am a bad person, I will be scared away.

First, analyze the quality of the lock from the unpacking

Second, distribution network settings

3. Use experience

Four, summarize

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about Furniture cylinder metal cabinet door lock, hope it can help you.

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