Homemade beer malt glucitation and heating method

Homemade beer malt glucitation and heating method

Suguring refers to the process of mixing the crushed malt with the hot water, and using the enzyme inside the malt to decompose the starch in the malt into a short -chain structure.

The temperature may be increased at any time during the sugarization process, so how to rise is also a subject that must be considered.

Modeling method:

1. Soak the sugar method in one step

This glycation method is widely used during brewing beer. Basically, after mixing the crushed malt with water, the temperature is kept between 62 ° C-70 ° C, and wheat juice is filtered after a period of time. Just keep the temperature of malt and water at the target temperature, and the operation is simple

2. Multi -step soaking the sugar method

In addition to a single -step sugar method, you can also choose different sections of different temperature methods to sugar to achieve special effects.

3. Boil the sugar method

After mixing the crushed malt water, take out a part of the malt and boil it back into the glycated cooker. Repeat several times to get the best results. There are two advantages of boiling sugarization method

1. You can get better starch conversion rates

2. Can increase the aroma of malt.

4. Segmental glycation method

The segmented glycation method belongs to a relatively special glycation method, which is specially reflected in two, or even more gravity of wheat juice. When using the segmented glycation method, there is no difference between the temperature control of the temperature and the aforementioned glycation method. The difference points out that the amount of total wheat juice must be increased when using this method. Juice, the second wheat juice and the third wheat juice need to be treated separately.

The first wheat juice was collected in the first boiling pot, and it stopped when it was collected when it was collected.

heating method:

1. Direct heating method

It is not recommended to use an induction cooker, because the total amount of malt and water in the glycated cooker exceeds 20 kg, and the heating speed of the induction cooker is relatively slow. It is recommended to use a gas stove. Stir the malt to avoid burning the pot.

2. Heating method of water separation

If you are worried that the glycated cooker is too low -fever, you may wish to take the heating method.

Inject water in a large pot, and then put the sugar cooker into the large pot injected with water. The disadvantage is that the heating speed is slow, and the use of the pot will be limited.

3. Insulation barrel heat storage method

Use the plastic -rendering bucket for fishing to keep the insulation when glycating. As long as you decide the temperature of the glycated temperature, the amount of thermal water required for the weight of malt is mixed with the lid after mixing the malt and hot water in the thermal insulation barrel, and you can do other things with peace of mind. Wheat juice. The disadvantages are also obvious. When different stages of different glycated temperatures need to be needed, a large amount of hot water is needed to increase the sugarized temperature. If the capacity of the insulation barrel is not enough, it will be troublesome.

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