The popular “prosperous” cartoon puppy pendant before the year of the Dog of Golden Jewelry

The popular “prosperous” cartoon puppy pendant before the year of the Dog of Golden Jewelry

Original title: Popularity of the Year of the Dog Gold Jewelry Festival is “prosperous”

Recently, when the reporter visited the market, it was found that although there was still some time before the Lunar Year of the Dog, many zodiac jewelry with dogs in our city had begun to sell.

Yesterday morning, the reporter saw on multiple gold jewelry counters on the first floor of a shopping mall that the zodiac jewelry of the dog had been placed at the striking position of the counter, with diverse shapes and novel styles.

“The Zodiac Gold of the Year of the Dog has recently been sold on the shelves. December is the hot sales period of the zodiac gold decoration every year. The zodiac gold jewelry is loved by consumers as soon as it is put on the shelves.” This year’s particularly popular is a cartoon puppy pendant. The pendant is more than 1,200 yuan smaller, more than 1,800 yuan larger, and the gold jewelry bracelets sold with various decorative beads are very popular.

When the reporter interviewed Ms. Li, who was choosing the citizen who was choosing the gold jewelry in the counter, she told the reporter: “My daughter -in -law has been pregnant for more than 7 months. When the child is born, it should not be out of the first month. Buying a small pendant of a dog will be given to the child’s New Year gift. “The sales staff of the gold counter told reporters that because most of the zodiac gold jewelry series products have auspicious meanings or auspicious names, they are every year in Among the purchases of gold jewelry, middle -aged and elderly people have a large proportion. Most of them are purchased for their children and grandchildren, expressing their desires for the elderly to hope for the new year.

During the interview, the reporter learned that in order to seize the gold jewelry jewelry market, when the year of the dog is coming, the major gold trim counter in our city has launched dog annuity jewelry. Due to the diverse dog’s image, the style of dog annuity jewelry is also the style. Get up. Unlike the main pendants of the zodiac gold jewelry in previous years, in addition to the pendant of the zodiac jewelry of the dog year, the bracelets, rings, earrings, bracelets and other gold jewelry of some brands have also been added to the zodiac series gold jewelry.

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