Give your children a learning environment of spine and eye protection, assignment to help AI learn desks, AI accompaniment is more intelligent

Give your children a learning environment of spine and eye protection, assignment to help AI learn desks, AI accompaniment is more intelligent

Recently, I saw a furniture that was specially used for children. Children learned the table. After seeing it, I was a little planted. However, I think that although the learning table cannot be charged at any time as the classmate designed, reminding drinking water, etc., it should not only have a lifting function. After many search and inspection, I discovered it: the homework helps AI AI AI Learn the table.

From the appearance, you can see that the work helps the AI ​​learning table and the traditional learning table, that is, this AI learning table has a pair of eyes on the top, which looks very cute. In fact, this is the operational help AI learning table The intelligent module has built -in smart learning and intelligent system, which can not only customize learning time planning and learning habits; but also call “small gangs” through voice, let it answer the children’s various wonderful thoughts; and You can turn your fingers into a point -reading pen through a camera with a camera at the bottom, and read it through your fingertips.

Many parents are choosing a learning table for their children to develop a good sitting habit. The job helps the AI ​​learning table can be detected by the camera to help remind the child not to bow their heads and maintain a good sitting position; this is not yet After calculating, the same supporting back positive chair is also very powerful. It supports gravity sensing, can dynamically chase the back, so that the spine pressure can be soothing. With the linkage technology of the linkage, it can be comfortable after learning. “”.

Below the desktop intelligent module, the manufacturer is very intimately placed with a 600mm rectangular light head belt, with a maximum illumination range of about 120cm*60cm, with 5 eye protection modes, and the lighting can meet the AA -level eye protection standards. Adjust the external environmental science adjustment The brightness of the light plus the color temperature adjustment, plus the designs of slowly opening, so that the eyes can be comfortable and protect the children’s vision.

The table board uses the painting board with the advantages of high temperature resistance and resistance. It will not leave traces in one second. At the same time, it has been tested by the authoritative institution of the Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences. Strict ENF standards to give children a healthier learning environment, and the desktop uses a long reflection desktop, which has the effect of not being afraid of strong light, gentle eye protection.

The entire desktop uses a large space design. It has different storage modes that can meet the needs of children’s different growth stages of items. At the same time, it also creates a 150 ° focusing on learning area to make children in the study more focused on the front of you. Learn instead of being disturbed by both sides.

After all, it is a learning table, so the height and inclined angle of this AI learning table can be adjusted. The table legs are made of medium-carbon steel to ensure that the table legs are strong and stable, and the high level of adjustment is 52- 78cm, basically can meet children in kindergarten and more than above, and the tableboard tilt angle also has a adjustable range of 0-50 degrees. It can also achieve multiple scenes of writing, online lessons, reading, painting, etc.

The homework helping this AI learning table is a learning table product that allows parents to be more assured. It can answer the strange children’s strangeness, but also customize learning time planning, learning habits reminders, etc. At the same time, during the use process, it can also protect in the process of protecting. Children’s vision and positive posture, which parents who do n’t like such a study table similar to family teachers?

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