Office furniture comfort adjustment guide

Office furniture comfort adjustment guide

Sometimes, we are used to the previous work attitude, but we don’t know that we may always be wrong. The wrong attitude here will seriously affect our health. Especially as the age increases lumbar spine, it will be more injured, and our eyes will increase. How to

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Adjust to a comfortable position?

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This is not like adjusting us

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So simple. You may need to understand a certain ergonomic knowledge in order to adjust it to the position that conforms to ergonomics. Of course, everyone here may not have time to learn such professional knowledge. Now the editor of Shenzhen Tianxiangwen Furniture focuses on some tips and techniques to help you correct the height, fitness and ergonomics of the desk and chairs:

1. The seat is too high: If your chair is not low enough, your feet cannot contact the floor, you can use your foot stool until you can upgrade.

2. The seat is too low: If your chair does not reach the height of the bottom of the knee bone, you can add a seat cushion to increase the height during this period.

3. The seat is too deep: if your seat is too deep, and the edge of your chair cuts into the rear of your knee, and your back is leaning on the waist support, try adding a thick back cushion. This brings you the back of the chair and can improve the comfort until you afford the upgrade cost.

4, handrail discomfort: If your handrail feels uncomfortable or at a wrong height, they will exacerbate problems such as the pain such as the pain of the vessel tunnel syndrome. Try to use gel pads, replace armrests, or upgrade to adjustable office chairs that meet ergonomics.

5. Uniform weight distribution: If your weight feels unevenly distributed in the seat cushion, but your seat height is correct, please try to adjust the tilt of the chair to correct this situation.

6. The height of the wrong desk: Make sure you use the height of the desk that conforms to the ergonomics to place the sitting and standing work table. A adjustable table can be converted between sitting and standing positions. At the same time, remember that the measurement value of the two you save is ideal.

7. The wrong screen height: Your computer screen should be flat with the sight, but adjusting your chair may change this. Try to use the display arm that allows you to customize the screen height.

8. Office supporting budget: If you want to update a new office, consider asking your purchasing department to ask companies with high quality of high -end office furniture. If you are still not assured, please select the company in the offline experience store to experience first and then buy. To configure your satisfactory office space.

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