What is S925 silver and how to identify the authenticity of silver jewelry? Did you know everything?

What is S925 silver and how to identify the authenticity of silver jewelry? Did you know everything?

There is no gold luxury, but it is more stable and elegant. The texture of the sterling silver is more elegant. It is more popular as a ring, bracelet, and necklace. And the price of silver jewelry is relatively close to the people, and it is a kind of accessories for everyone. The girl who loves beauty will prepare a few beautiful silver jewelry.

When choosing silver jewelry, we often see the words of S925 silver. So what is the material of S925 silver? S925 silver refers to the silver jewelry with a silver content of 92.5%, that is, the raw material with a silver content of 92.5%. 7.5%of the raw materials use the material of the alloy, which is not so easy to deform. The gloss of silver jewelry is similar to platinum, and the hardness is higher than the sterling silver, so it is more extensive in the choice of accessories.

The reason why the silver jewelry has S’s mark is because this is an English abbreviation, so the generally marked the word S or Stesling, the most standard mark is S925, or 9.25 or 925, which means that the silver content is 100 points. 92.5. Of course, there are also some silver jewelry with a silver content of 9 %. Among them, the mark is S990. Relatively speaking, the purity of the silver is also higher and the texture is softer.

So how should you judge the authenticity of silver jewelry when choosing silver jewelry? Among them, silver jewelry is also divided into high silver and low silver. Gaoyin refers to the larger silver component, so the relatively soft texture is softer. In the case of low silver, there are more synthetic elements, and the hardness will be higher than the sterling silver, and it is more likely to be plastic. However, although the price of silver jewelry is relatively low, it is also easy to have fake products, especially to add cheap metals such as cadmium, iron, and copper to the silver jewelry, which can easily cause damage to the human body. So how can we distinguish the authenticity of silver jewelry?

01. Look at the color, in the choice of silver jewelry. It is called “Seven Green, Eight Blacks, Five White”, that is, the higher the purity, the whitening the color of the silver. High -purity silver jewelry has a uniform surface on the surface and has a certain sense of luster. But if it is added with other alloys, it will show a different degree of blue and gray, and it has a rough feeling. Therefore, it is easy to distinguish the purity of silver decorations through color identification.

02. Weighing weight, because the density of silver is relatively high, but silver will be smaller than the density of platinum and gold, but if you use your hand weight, you can follow the “aluminum light, silver weight, copper is not light or heavy or heavy or heavy. We can have a certain weight distinction between the accessories. If the size of the jewelry is large but the weight is very light, it can be judged that it is not a silver accessories.

03. Test hardness, the hardness of silver is low, and is softer than copper. We can test its hardness on the surface of the silver jewelry. Take a big needle and slide in an inconspicuous position. If the needle is slippery and it is not easy to leave traces, you can judge as copper jewelry. If the big needle can leave traces, but it is not very obvious, it is silver accessories.

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