Wedding congratulations, hand -to -hand gifts, and full guidelines, collecting this article can definitely be used!

Wedding congratulations, hand -to -hand gifts, and full guidelines, collecting this article can definitely be used!

Many friends know that Lina usually likes to buy gifts and gifts, and starts to ask me what to give. No, I searched a lot of things suitable for giving gifts for everyone, including gifts from marriage and newcomers to guests.

Table of contents:

Gift to the newcomer

Suggestal gift for guests

Congratulatory gift

In addition to sending blessings and money, it is also excellent to send a gift representing the heart. The purpose of Lina gifts is,

Try not to turn gifts into the burden of the gift collector

, So here are not recommended for those who may have nowhere to put it, and furniture and the like. Because everyone’s financial resources are different, here is a list of good things suitable for giving gifts at the price ~

It can also send out texture at parity

囍 囍 bowl

China’s wedding congratulations often have the custom of sending bowls, because the “bowl” sounds “stable”, and I wish the newcomer’s life and happiness. The wedding bowl of Jingde Town is very special. It is a bit less scattered to engrave the character at the bottom of the bowl, but it is more suitable for usual use.

It also has the same happy cup to choose from, and the cup is homophonic “life”, and there are also good significance to wish the newcomer’s affection for a long time and a happy life. There are also poems of “hands of stubbornness” and “old -fashioned” on the cup ~

Both cups and bowls have special gift box packaging, as well as intimate lettering services ~ You can engrave the name of the bride and grooms, and even show the gift of gifts.

Jingde Town 陶 陶 ceramic tableware

Sommelona Candle Gift Box

The fragrant candle is recommended to send this gift box directly, worry -free and beautiful! Like this group of Voluspa candle gift boxes, red velvet packaging is cheerful and not tacky. In addition to the candle, it is also equipped with scissors and candlers. You can choose candles with different aromas according to the preference of friends ~

The gift boxes sold in this store include not only Voluspa candles, but also Ohashi ’s soap and eternal flowers from Japan. They are all from well -known brands ~ The store is also good -looking, and there are more than ten combinations to choose from.

The gift box is velvet and is equipped with a ribbon, which is very textured. It also comes with gift bags, custom cards and envelopes. In short, it is a combination that is super suitable for giving gifts! Go away

S.F. Express

If you are in a hurry, choose it right ~ Just like Lina’s friends are going to get married, so I decided to choose it.

And this round box is super beautiful. It really makes people look more and more exciting. I feel that I will not be willing to give away such a gift box. I also have an urge to get married!

Chaohuo Flower House Voluspa Sommelona Candle Gift Box

Another thing I think is particularly suitable for giving gifts is the gift box from the British niche aromatherapy brand COSMIC Speculation. Its candles are very artistic and the fragrance is super good. The gift box contains two candles, one candler and a box of matches.


If you want to buy a single candle, you can pack it yourself. I will also introduce good -looking packaging paper and packaging bags to you later ~

Voluspa aromatherapy candle

Because some regions of custom wedding gifts are more mindful to send candles, babies can choose the situation ~

fruit tea

After eleven, the weather is getting colder and the warm tea is very suitable. The taste of fruit tea is rich and sweet, and it is very suitable for the newly -married little couple to drink together ~ This Bran Rabbit fruit tea is recommended to me by friends. Not only is it high, but the taste is also very good.

This gift box is equipped with four flavors: rum fruit wine, peach ice cream, rose Paris, and rose eggplant. The packaging is also very exquisite. The gift boxes have two colors: powder and blue ~

Bran Rabbit Aisen Dream Fruit Tea


The meaning of the wine is “for a long time”, and it is also very suitable for getting married and sending wine ~ Many young people now prefer such little sweet wine. The gently toasting series of Japanese century -old winery flower dancers is based on Shizuoka Real Estate rice and water as the main raw materials, and uses the innovative Japanese wine system to make a slight brewing wine.

Some people describe this wine so: “The bubbles that are constantly rising from the bottom of the cup, the sour and sweet fruit taste and rice fragrant, have magic that can bring people with smiles and happiness.” It also won 2010 -In 2015 for 6 consecutive years, I won the gold award of Monde Selection (World Quality Evaluation Conference). It is very suitable for giving gifts ~

Gui Chou’s fruit is also very good. The clear and rounded bottle and the illustration image of small animals are simply. It has six flavors, namely enthusiastic passion fruit, sweet strawberries, smart apples, sweet peaches, fresh lemon and bright raspberries.

If you are a wedding, you can buy two or six gift boxes. I believe that the person who receives it will experience your mind every time you taste it ~

You can consider small financial resources


Wang’s hand created this shop was made by a girl who traveled to most of China and persisted with Miao embroidery skills. It took five years to create it carefully. This

Dragon and Phoenix

The embroidery pendant is a gift specially prepared for the newlyweds,

The pendant is embroidered by the hand, which needs to be spent for two full days, full of heart. The red beans are also put in the pendant, and the meaning of “I wish you can pick more things, the most acacia” in the poem of Wang Wei’s “Red Bean”.

In addition to being used as decorations and cars, this pendant can also be changed to a brooch ~

This embroidered gift box contains a pair of red candles, red envelopes, and wedding books. The packaging bag also has the word “combination of heaven”, which is very Chinese style. This gift box can really be said to be full of heart!

Wang’s hand created dragon and phoenix embroidered pendant

Wedgwood champagne to cup

The reason why I recommend Wedgwood’s cup is because Lina’s two friends have recently bought it. (Sure enough, his peers are getting married …) A friend also went to the physical store to see it and sent me a picture! According to him, the real thing is more beautiful!

Real shot

Wedgwood is a British national treasure brand established in 1759, providing exquisite porcelain tableware for royal family, heads of state, and celebrities around the world. It and the famous wedding designer Vera Wang’s series of champagne cups are very popular. It is no longer appropriate for marriage congratulations.

The crystal clear glass is heavy and very textured, and the gift is very grade ~ Wedgwood has physical stores in many large cities.

Wedgwood bow tall champagne cup

Cutipol tableware

Cutipol is a kitchenware brand from Portugal. The tableware produced by it is made of handmade. The lines are particularly beautiful and the texture is superb. In the early days, it was just a small workshop, and now it has developed into well -known European and American companies and enjoys a high reputation worldwide. Lina’s wish list has always been Cutipol’s fork spoon.

In addition to the limited “Chinese Red” series this year, CUTIPOL is equipped with gold and generous and expensive. It is simply for wedding gifts!

This series of Chinese series considers the Chinese eating habits, which also contains chopsticks, which is more practical ~

CUTIPOLGOA Fruit Ahong Golden Tableware Set

Lamy pen gift box

If your friend is a literary youth, then Lamy’s pen gift box is a very good choice. Its Safari series has won the Hanover IF design award. This muse is still limited in 2018. The gift box packaging is a Greek -style mural pattern, which is full of literary and artistic atmosphere.

There is a pen, ink, and water core in the gift box. The pen also supports the lettering service within 10 words ~

LAMY Muse Powder Box

You are a tyrant, you are random

Kafed chef

There are many beautiful chefs around Lina. I have heard them say that they want a chef, because kneading noodles is really tired. As a big brand of chef machine, Kafed’s products are also well -known. Many people’s first chefs will choose Kafed.

The biggest benefit of the chef machine is that it has greatly saved manpower. The most tiring dough and passing can be handed over to it, and it can be done fast and good. It can be rubbed out of the glove film in only 10 minutes. From then on No longer need to sweat in the kitchen ~

This chef has a large capacity of 6.7L. It can pass 16 eggs, 2.4kg dough, and 4.55kg cake at a time. It is enough to cope with 7-11 guests. From then on, you can entertain friends! If your friend likes baking particularly, it is right to send this.

Kenwood/KVL40 chef machine

Sweeping robot

Lina has always had a wish. If she has her own house in the future, all of them must be matched with the floor -to -floor robot, mop robot, dishwasher, and kitchen waste crusher. Happy things.

Cobos, a sweeping robot, combines the two -in -one scanning function, has a global planning system with laser, will not let go of any corner of your home ~ you can also choose to clean only a single or a few rooms. Very smart!

It can sense the material of the floor, and it will increase the suction if it encounters a carpet. It also has the function of identifying soft obstacles. When it comes to curtains and beds, it will automatically pass through.

Sweeping robots are particularly suitable for friends who are raising pets, busy work, and do not like to spend time doing housework. Sending a new wedding little couple in this sweeping robot, let them have more sweet time, it is a pretty good choice ~ (Remember to confirm that the friend’s house is not or want to replace the sweeping robot, don’t buy heavy)

Cobos DN520 sweeping and mopping robot

Really silk pajamas

Manito is a high -end home brand from Canada. Its real silk product is very famous and is loved by many celebrities at home and abroad. Supermodel He Sui also wore its pajamas. Manito’s eye mask was also selected as the Oscar awards ceremony. It is known as “Hermes in the eye mask”.

The silk is soft and personal, the delicate luster is very good, there is a saying of “the second layer of the human”, which is very suitable for making personal clothes. Manito’s classic pajamas suit has a strong retro and elegant style. Every detail is exquisite, and there are quite a lot of optional colors. It is especially suitable for giving gifts ~

If you have sufficient budget, you can also give the groom and groom each set ~

Manito/Mannita True silk pajamas

You can also pick a popular product of its own product. It is a gift box, and it feels good to send it alone.

Manito real silk eye mask

Four sets of bedding

If you have sufficient budget and know your friends’ preferences, you can pick up bedding boldly. The four -piece silk set of the beasts is solid color, with generous style and better matching.

It uses 22 Mimi’s heavy silk, the touch is silky, and there are many colors to choose a drop ~

Lina still wants to remind everyone that she must ask the size of a good friend’s bed!

The Beast/Beast Piexi Beds Four -piece Set

Finally, no matter what gift you give, if you add the right packaging and a small card of blessing, your mind and force will be up! up! up! Now that you are giving gifts, you might as well give it better, more appropriate, and do not take any effort.

Greeting card

The velvet greeting card of the Erchuanjing family has been lying in my favorite clip for a long time! The texture of velvet is very high, which is suitable for giving wedding gifts.

Erchuan Well Velvet Card

In addition to the elegant style, this childlike card is also very praised. The three -dimensional pattern of the hot air balloon has a feeling of “want to travel around the world with you”.

The moon ship is also very sensible, with two colors optional.

AIT Studio handmade stereo card


If you are a clever star, try to pack the gift yourself. Paper Elephant Park is a paper shop that I have been concerned about for a long time. There are a lot of beautiful wrapping paper in it ~ This marble is particularly textured, and it is more advanced with ribbon.

The camellia pattern is also super special. If I receive such a package of gifts, I will really be reluctant to open it ~

Paper Elephant Park Gift Paper

Of course, it doesn’t matter if you are a handicapped star. Lena usually uses paper bags or bags for gifts. The same is very aggressive and beautiful! For example, this pink -blue gradient gift box+gift bag combination, small and medium -sized gifts can be installed.

Blue powder gradient handbag

You can also try this kind of Chinese festive handbag ~

Love museum wedding handbag

Red envelope

Here I also want to introduce you to my good -looking red envelopes for many years! The red envelopes of the Suzhou Museum make full use of the beauty of the Chinese style. The pattern on the red envelope comes from the “Flower Book” of the Republic of China. It is elegant and timeless ~ The light pearl light is very textured.

Suzhou Museum Red Envelope

The red envelope of Ermei was also quite my heart. The lively flower pattern is really super beautiful, and it can definitely stand out among many red envelopes.

The groom and bride pattern is also popular, all of which are Chinese and Western weddings! Hurry up and find whether there is a style like your friend.

There are also this kind of purple lavender, fresh and elegant, which looks particularly prominent in a red ~

Ermei original wedding red envelope


This thing is also in recent years in China. I often see celebrities who hold weddings to give guests a happy cake, skin care products and even mobile phones. Lena believes that she does not need to be particularly grand or valuable, but mainly expresses her gratitude to guests. As ordinary people, you can choose gifts based on the number of people attending the wedding and your own budget ~


After attending so many weddings, I have to say that the current candy is really getting better and better. Sometimes I can’t bear to throw the box ~ I will not introduce it to you here. I mainly talk about the good -looking candy box I found!

Paperplay square -shaped easy -to -fold and happy sugar bags, the shape is very delicate, with three colors: pink, red, and white. It is a structure of molding, no need to paste, it is super convenient, it saves manpower ~

It also has this triangular candy box, which is small and chic, with pink, green, and white color options.

Paperplay hi sugar box

Honeyhone is a specialty of weddings, which includes not only the candy box, but also various invitations, souvenirs, and banquets. This rounded candy box is made of pamura iron. It is like a small elf ball in the hand, super cute ~

The white bear’s octagonal iron box also allows people to make people sprout ~

Honeyhoney wedding sugar box

Chinese weddings can consider this red hollow carton. The design is very delicate and festive, which will definitely impress the guests.

This extraction gift box is also very convenient. Although it looks small, it can also be installed with eight Ferrero chocolate.

Hi Liangpin Xiztang Box

Swipe ceremony

The easiest is, of course, the gift boxes are directly selected ~ The gifts and packaging inside are all done by the merchant, and the theme is really dazzling. No matter what style of wedding you are, you can find the matching one. Fan Ni Fan is a shop specializing in gifts. It has Chinese and European -style gifts.

This Chinese -style gift box includes hi tea, wedding candy, wedding gifts, and cakes, which means that Sixi is close, and a handbag will also be accompanied by a handbag. You can get it when you get it, it is very convenient.

It also has a lot of unique styles, such as the gift box of this flamingo. Ins are full of wind, there are honey, cherry blossom golden spoons, nougat, triangular bag tea and firebird signature pen, which is a sweet one. combination.

Fan Ni Fan Smoil

If it is a natural wedding, you can also choose this rural wind rattan souvenir gift box, which contains Chuanning black tea, caramel biscuits, nougat, white wine, and Jiayun candy.

Springkle idyllic ceremony


When writing this article, Lina also asked what she wanted to receive when she got married. Many people say, want to list a list, I hope everyone can

Send what they really want

Essence If a gift is given, it makes the gifts feel unreasonable and not easy to use, but it is not convenient to deal with it because of some minds? So everyone may wish to ask what the newcomer wants, or take this article

Turn to TA to see

Let TA choose it in person ~

I wonder if the babies want or give a special wedding gift/souvenir? Welcome to the comment area to give everyone inspiration ~

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