What is the effect of car black technology color modification film? I understand the mystery in one article, and I don’t thank it.

What is the effect of car black technology color modification film? I understand the mystery in one article, and I don’t thank it.

In recent years, we will often meet very beautiful cars on the street, and these cars are often luxury cars. In fact, people who know a little about cars know that they just put a layer of color changing on the surface of the car. The film will cause the overall appearance of the car to be cooler colors. Although my country is very strict in the control of cars, the appearance of the car is allowed to be changed. As long as within 10 days, the vehicle management office can be re -recorded to drive normally.

Why are more and more people recognizing car color changes? What can it play? Today, I will introduce some common sense of the car color modification film in detail. It is convenient for everyone to have a pair of “fire eyes and golden eyes” in the future.

1. What is a car color change film?

The color changing film of the car, as early as 2015, rose in my country. On the one hand, it was to meet the demand for the modification of the car owner for the car owner, and on the other hand, it was also to better protect the original car paint. Rate.

The color of the car color modification membrane is generally divided into a lot. The film is covered with different colors of the surface of the vehicle to change the color of the original car. The role of moisture -proof and anti -aging.

As we all know, the paint is also composed of chemical raw materials, and its molecularity is small, but long -term exposure to air, rain, climate, temperature, light, etc. will still have some slow reactions with oxygen in the air, which will lead to the original car of the car of the car. There are some changes in the paint. In addition, the paint of the car will also be darkened by the erosion of the sour rain, or the sun exposure of the sun causes cracking in the car paint. What kind of repair method is always impossible to be effective at one time, and the cost of doing these maintenance every year will increase a lot.

In order to better protect the original car paint of your car, the appearance of the color -changing film not only solves this problem well, but also can change your body color and meet your more needs according to the customer’s love. Therefore, in recent years, the application of car color modification membranes is very common. The number of color -changing film brands at any time has increased, and competition has increased, so the price is not as expensive when it was first came out, so it was accepted by more and more people, even more than 200,000 to 300,000 cars. Become a normal state.

2. What are the advantages of car color modification membrane?

After understanding the car color modification film, let’s take a look at the advantages of the car color modification film together. Summary, there are three major advantages.

1. Avoid turning on car paint and discoloration

The original car paint, the impact of the environment at any time, will always be aging and discolored, and the car color changing film completely isolated the car paint from the air, which is equivalent to a protective film on your own car, effectively isolation of the air to isolate the air Regardless of whether it is raining or staining, it will beolate the paint -changing film with the original car paint to avoid the aging and discoloration of the car paint.

2. Avoid car paint damage

In the actual driving, there will be some small stubborn or told told to encounter some flying stones during driving. This will seriously damage the paint of the car. The price of luxury cars will be higher. If there is a car -changing film, its high intensity will effectively avoid the cars of the car and the damage to the car paint to the car paint, which can largely avoid hurting the original car paint paint to a large extent. Essence

3. Increase the value of the car

In fact, no matter which car is, we cannot drive for a lifetime. If we need to change the vehicle, the car in our hand will also be valued according to the car condition. If there is the protection of car clothes, the price of used cars in the original paint of the whole car will be much higher than the price of the painted cars. You can sell a good price.

4. The cost of car maintenance is reduced

Even if our car does not have a car -changing film change film, facing our own car, with the influence of the natural environment, we will always become dull and slightly durable and slightly slightly scratched. At least a few times a year, and the application of the car -changing film, even the cost of these paint -surface care will be saved, which is equivalent to one construction and many years of returns.

3. What are the details of the construction of the car color change film?

Before the construction of a car -changing film, be sure to choose a good color modification film brand. At present, there are many types of color modification membranes on the market and the quality is also varied. It is a big advantage, and it can also achieve car paint without gum when replacement.

The better imported brands on the market are SAQETH flag decoration, RBP car color modification film, Mansa Rui Mansory car color modification membrane, Barrett Jackson car color modification film, Weidali vendol car color film, dragon film LLUMAR car color modification film, 3M car car The color changing film, Liquid Glow car color changing film and other brands. The price of the car color modification film in the same brand is also different. Of course, it is best to introduce friends who know it, so that you will not post bad membranes. The shelf life of high-quality car color modification membranes is generally 5 years, while the shelf life of inferior membranes ranges from 1-3 years.

High -quality car color changing film, when construction, you also need to find high -quality teams to complete it, and the best results can be guaranteed after construction.

(Professional construction, the process is rigorous and meticulous)

The effect of the use of the car color modification membrane is also related to the level of construction skills. If the workmanship is not good, the corners are not sealed well, and there is no strict silk joint, which will also affect its overall beauty and bubbles and sides.

Finally summary: With the popularity of car color changes in cars, more and more people like to change their cars for color, one to show the uniqueness of their car love, and to better protect the original car paint and improve the preservation of value preservation. Rate.

I am the world of Wan’s Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao car. Pay attention to me and take you to know more about car knowledge. What are the doubts about the color changing film of the car? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

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