Share win points, 0 yuan exchange worth 38 yuan silicone earplugs

Share win points, 0 yuan exchange worth 38 yuan silicone earplugs

Welfare is here!

The 2018 New Year has arrived. The sable fulfills new and old friends. The strong discount is about to reach the battlefield. Please pay attention to checking! This time, we have to engage in a wave

“Big things”

Let everyone “enjoy” our intentions and consideration in 2018!

So the question comes: What kind of benefits are the entire 2018?

First of all, I would like to thank the people who love sable products. It is your patronage and love that has the 37 -year glorious journey of the sable brand. Now we also have to return to everyone in the simplest way:

From now on, all members and friends who buy sports equipment in the official mall of sable sports will start accumulating points.

After all points reaches a certain amount, the price of the product can be deducted in accordance with the prescribed manner, and the goods in the integral mall directly “free purchase”!

How to get points?

Share our official micro -information and successfully attract your friends to pay attention to the sable official, you can get points, and the system can automatically lock the upper and lower relationships between you.

How much points can be obtained once?

1. After sharing the exclusive “QR Code”, each successful increase in one member, and the shared person gets 100 points

2. After sharing the store connection, each member is added, and the shared person will get 100 points

How much does 100 points are equal?

In order to give back to everyone’s love, the sable specially provided the conversion rate of “100 points = 1 yuan”. Successfully sharing once is equivalent to “earning” one yuan. Then can be exchanged for designated products

What kind of gifts need to “grab”?

As shown in the figure, this “Sound Silicone earplugs” that are suitable for swimming, shower, SPA, and elderly care for the elderly have now been used as designated products for points exchange.

You can click the product link to view. Each original price is 38 yuan, all of which are blue, and there are only 48 groups in inventory. First, take the lead and take out your mobile phone to share our information!

Will the points “automatically clear zero”?

Never! When the official website has accumulated personal points, the “Infinite Points” method will be used, and there will be no behavior of some merchants “cleared once a year” and other behaviors.

Friends who want to redeem high products can accumulate points without worry

The 37 -year industry quality and trustworthy of the sable!

Well, the first bomb of the New Year’s welfare, we have already launched the place, and we welcomes the friends to come to buy. The sable will use the most professional optometry technology, the most comfortable wearing method, the most advanced material and equipment to make your ” The window of the soul can feel the clear field of vision in the sports, safe, protective, comfortable, assured, the sable brand, the trust of the people!

– The end-

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