How much do you know about aromatherapy | The secret of a woman’s aging! Anti -wrinkle little expert -frankincense essential oil

How much do you know about aromatherapy | The secret of a woman’s aging! Anti -wrinkle little expert -frankincense essential oil


How much do you know about aromatherapy -frankincense

Fragrance file


: Frankincision

scientific name

: Boswellia Carterii


: Olive fragrance

Extraction method

: Distillation

Extraction site

: Resin

place of origin

: Derived from the Red Sea Belt, wild in Northeast Africa Ethiopia, produced in Somalia, Issibia, South Arabian Peninsula and China

Plant character

Most of the olive plants grow in a barren and drought place. The more difficult to survive under the difficult material conditions, the more powerful the mental energy is needed. Therefore, frankincense can help us awaken the endless power of the soul. Let us have the courage to face all difficulties.

Franm extract is taken from resin. The resin itself is the protection system of plants, which can stimulate the human body’s immune function, promote lymphatic circulation, and have a strong protection, repair and regeneration effect.

Frankme has been used to communicate with God since ancient times, corresponding to the energy of the top wheels, and is mostly used in Christian rituals.

Christ’s tears


chemical composition

Franm is a multiplier essential oil, with a variety of healing effects, uniform distribution of polymer ratio, and strong synergy. Suitable for solving acute infections and chronic doubts, exquisite levels, and can take care of them physically and mentally.

The ingredients of monotenone have strong skin regeneration ability, and have the effect of rejuvenating dryness and mature skin.

Psychological effect

Franm has a strong mental healing power, which can deeper relaxation and make the breathing deep and long. It can effectively relieve emotional depression and enhance the tough power of the heart. In the face of major setbacks and pains such as severe illness, the death of loved ones, and the breakdown of marriage, strong support and the power of the heart and the power of difficulties are given.

Physiological effect

1. Respiratory system

Clearing lungs and breathing, frankincense essential oil can effectively relieve rapid breathing, relieve cough symptoms, and help respiratory infections. It can assist in treating chronic bronchitis and laryngealitis.

2. Gastrointestinal

Stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, reduce the stomach bloating, enhance the function of the gastrointestinal and digestive system, and improve appetite, and use it for colon pain, derivation of wind and indigestion.

3. Reproductive/urinary system

Anti -blood circulation and anti -tumor, frankienal is considered to have menstrual blood circulation effects in traditional Chinese medicine, and is often used in tumor treatment. It can also regulate the uterus, help the delivery, and help the postpartum qi and blood return.

Treatment of too much leucorrhea, urethral infection, has a good effect on urethritis, cystitis and nephritis.

4. Immune system

Increasing resistance, frankincense essential oils can stimulate the immune system, promote lymphatic circulation, have anti -inflammatory and disinfection effects, and effectively enhance physical resistance.

Skin efficacy

Franm oil can effectively help wounds and scars healing. It has the effects of moisturizing and cell regeneration for dry and mature skin. It can balance oil and improve acne on oily skin.


Use cautiously during pregnancy, and whether the frankincense essential oil can be used during pregnancy is still controversial.

Sleeping the aromatherapy formula for one night

Recommended formula

Frankme 25%

Real lavender 35%

40% oranges


Real lavender


Formula interpretation

It has a strong mental healing power, which can deepen people and make it deep and long. Its effects and fresh smell can help eliminate anxiety and obsessive psychological state.

The smell of essential oils should be more rounded and easier to accept. In clinical practice, truly lavender has a good improvement in the symptoms of sleep disorders and insomnia dreams caused by anxiety.

Essential oils can act on the nervous system, soothe the sympathetic nerves, play a gentle, calm and relaxed role, can boost emotions in the pressure situation, and have a good comfort effect on insomnia, anxiety, and nervous nervousness.


: Use this formula to perform indoor incense, use a sweet aroma, soothe the fatigue and tight body and mind, make the breathing deep and slower, and naturally sleep all night.



Real lavender


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