Essential oils are urgent, and they are still doing premature aging women?

Essential oils are urgent, and they are still doing premature aging women?

Young skin can always rest on details. However, with the age of age, the hidden fine lines around the eyes always make people feel uneasy, as well as the neck pattern, orange peel, butterfly sleeve, and the more dry skin are the alarm of the body’s aging.

Wrinkles are the natural enemies of women, and aging is a must -have process of the human body. We cannot stop. We cannot stop the footsteps of time, but we can slow down the speed of aging through skin care. As long as the measures are done in time and appropriate, it is not impossible to freeze age!

At present, in addition to the dazzling anti -aging care products on the market, the natural maintenance methods such as aromatic essential oils to prevent aging are gradually favored by more people.

Why can essential oils fight wrinkle and anti -aging?

The reason why essential oils have anti -wrinkle and anti -aging is because their antioxidant characteristics are mentioned in many academic journal papers (such as Ethnicity & Disease), and many essential oils have the activity of removing free radicals, which can help prevent and reduce pollution from pollution. , Danish or other harmful substances caused by skin oxidation damage. In addition, essential oils containing alcohol (monocylinol and semioline) can also promote the repair mechanism of skin cells.

The meaning of plant flowering is to continue life or push life to the extreme. Many aromatherapy plants have reached its peak before blooming, that is, essential oils are actually creative energy, which is a huge energy of regeneration or maintenance of life.

Women are born to love beauty. They do not want to sell you on the age of the skin. Look at the following commonly used anti -aging essential oils, retain youth, set age, premature aging is far away!

rose essential oil

Damascus Rose essential oil is one of the most expensive essential oils in the world. It is called “Essential Oil Queen” and is also known as the golden liquid gold. It is widely used in the fragrances of beauty, body, food, tobacco, perfume and cosmetics. Rose essential oils can not only brighten the white skin, but also have an enhanced effect on the skin’s firming, which can protect the skin from the effect of oxidation and reduce skin damage.

Rosemary essential oil

Rosemary is a historic spice. It is one of the traditional European and American spices. It has many uses in cosmetics and dermatology. It is widely used for perfume (such as ancient dragon water), solution, cosmetics, post -sample water, soap and air fresh agents. Rosemary essential oil has the effect of antioxidant and convergence of the skin, and can inhibit the oxidation damage of skin cells, condition the greasy and unclean skin, promote blood circulation, and stimulate hair regeneration.

lavender essential oil

Studies have found that stress, lack of sleep, and skin aging have a certain correlation. These pressures may cause skin inflammation reactions, thereby increasing skin wrinkles and fine lines. The lavender essential oil is known for its excellent soothing repair effect. It can promote cell regeneration, accelerate wound healing, convergence oily and acne skin, conditioning all skin, and can also improve skin problems by reducing psychological pressure and negative emotions.

Laler essential oil

Laler is known as the king of vanilla and has a good care of women. Laul’s essential oil can improve loose, aging skin, clean sebum, prevent acne, and nourish the skin. The effect of the purification of the essential oil purification is second only to rosemary, opposite blisters, congestion, etc., and has a good effect. It can be unblocked; refreshing the brain, frustration, and digestion, and can relieve dysmenorrhea.

Many people don’t know how to use it after getting essential oils and where can they use?

First of all, the source of the essential oil extraction, such as: Damascus Rose essential oil, it comes from flowers, and the flowers are beautiful and carried on the reproduction of plants. We can apply her on the skin and reproductive system ~

Another example is mint essential oil, which is derived from branches and leaves. The mint flavor is refreshing and cool. Corresponding to the breathing and immune system, it has a good effect on clearing up the throat and eliminating bad breath. It is the best essential oil for the treatment of colds. It can inhibit fever and mucosal inflammation and promote sweat.

The essence of essential oils can prevent infectious diseases, anti -bacterial, virus, mold, anti -inflammatory, anti -spasm, promote cell metabolism and cell regeneration functions, and make life better. With the development of technology, researchers have developed a lot of targeted essential oils on this basis.

Protective essential oil:

Inside contains sage oil, moon see grass oil, fragrant leaf cinnamon leaf oil, wheat germ oil, sweet tonsil oil ingredients. Can regulate skin imbalance and balance hormones and relieve menstrual pain.

Bright skin oil:

It contains mother chrysanthemum oil, calendula oil, rose oil, Sichuan dome oil, sea buckthorn oil, dog tooth rose oil, grape seed oil ingredients. It can supplement skin nutrients, optimize skin quality, enhance the skin’s nutrition absorption, and make the skin more transparent.

Skin music essential oil:

Contains cash cup oil, mint oil, fennel oil, grape seed oil, safflower seed oil, Huohopa oil ingredients. It can dry the skin, improve the skin’s wet state, and make the skin smooth and healthy.

The effect of essential oil skin care is slow, but it is currently the most effective product that repairs skin health and anti -aging in all skin care products. Because any skin care products applying on the surface can only stay in the epidermis layer. Only essential oils can absorb the blood through the blood to participate in the function of human function operation.

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