Envious of others’ tiles? Learn these three methods to ensure that your tiles are more level

Envious of others’ tiles? Learn these three methods to ensure that your tiles are more level

The house is well renovated, and I feel happy when I look at it. Today, Xiaobian mainly share the paving method of floor tiles. Let’s take a look together.

There are many matters to pay attention to tiles. It takes a lot of time to choose. So, how can we carefully select the tiles that we have carefully selected, so that the tiles are worthy of money? The following mainly introduce three methods to ensure that your room is fashionable.

First, the cross -sealing cross position positioning method

After understanding this method, there is no need to cut the tiles at 45 degrees, which largely saves construction time and damage, so that the construction technology of the yin and yang horn in the pavement has greatly improved. This cross positioning method also fully simplifies the construction process and improves the sewing accuracy when paving tiles.

Second, multiple sizes combination methods

This method of paving tiles is mainly to choose a variety of tiles with different geometric sizes. Put these tiles according to a certain combination. You will find that the geometric lines on the ground will change significantly, giving people visual enjoyment.

Third, dry stickers

The dry sticker method is also known as the tile adhesive method, which has changed the wet method of mortar cement. It is a new type of paving accessories. This method does not need to be immersed in advance in advance, and the base surface does not need to be wet, which greatly improves the construction status. This adhesive effect is far better than the traditional mortar cement, which is really suitable for home decoration.

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