Paper Kaqi case (2) The story of solving the case

Paper Kaqi case (2) The story of solving the case

In this way, Wang once went to Daijia House. But this time he failed to find the Guo family, because in his subconscious, the prominent Guo family should live in a mansion similar to Jing’an Temple. Although it is not necessarily a garden house, at least it must be high -end. Apartment? However, when he touched Daijiazhai, he didn’t say that the high -end apartment was there, but there was no decent building, so he wanted to think wrong for granted. In this way, Wang once ended his first visit and returned to Suzhou.

After returning to Suzhou, Wang had repeatedly considers and decided to go to Shanghai to find again. He vaguely remembered that Dad had mentioned Master Guo’s family before. The name was like Guo Qiwen. He also said that the name was very good, so he decided to go to the Bund to ask a bank to ask Guo Qiwen. In this way, Wang Zeng did not need to take out the forgery proof. After only a few times his mouth, he asked which bank Guo Qiwen was working. Then he waited outside the bank because such an antique business involved in nearly 100 gold, which could not be negotiated in the unit. He has to follow Guo Qiwen to know where he lives, and then choose a week to visit the door. Once it is not achieved twice, twice is not achieved three times. Anyway tongue. In this way, Wang finally knew Guo Qiwen’s address. Still in the Dai House, if you didn’t see Guo Qiwen in the bamboo fence yard, he couldn’t believe that Master Guo’s Master would choose this house as a place of residence.

Then Wang once officially started the operation. The Sunday he chose was the day when the Guo family held a party. He peeped inside through the gap between the bamboo fences outside, and the team went to the room just after eating the banquet, and then closed the door. Wang never knew what they wanted to do, just waiting outside. After waiting for a while, they didn’t see them open the door, and when they were impatient, they knocked on the door. I didn’t expect that the courtyard door hadn’t encountered it. So he didn’t invite himself. From the gap in the window, he faintly saw the paper armor hanging for the worship of Guo’s worship. At that time, he was excited for a while, and he also understood what these people were doing in the house. When they were out of the door and knocked in the door, the ritual in the house ended and the door opened. As a result, Wang was forced to meet the host at this extremely inappropriate time and place. He was afraid that Guo Qiwen’s doubts were caused, and he took out a fake police station certificate. As a result, Guo Qiwen rejected him and drove him out. But Wang was not discouraged and prepared to go to the door again. In the past few days, he was looking for him when he was acting!

After Wang Zeng’s explanation, he couldn’t go back. Aside from whether he was stained with the crowd with paper armor, the official seal of the private seal forged (and forged the official document of the public security organs) was enough for him to drink a pot.

The investigators immediately verified Wang Zeng’s explanation. Lao Chen and Xiao Huang went to Wuxi to find Song Tianshi who asked to buy a paper armor to investigate. The results of the two -way people’s investigation confirmed the authenticity of Wang Zeng explained the content.

The clue was broken.

Fourth, the master who has opened the safe for Dai Yan

The task force held a case analysis meeting again, and after a discussion of their own opinions, the focus was on the focus: according to the previous investigation, if the possibility of the thief with the key is excluded, then what is the thief used in the thief? How to deal with locks? This question is very good: It seems that the three locks are opened with the unlocking tool. In other words, the thief itself is the role of the locksmith or mastering the unlocking skills!

So an old mage in the central shopping mall was invited to identify it. In Shanghai Beach, the “old mage” is the top figures of a certain industry. This character is also very affectionate at the same time, and he will be a person. Only those who have these two conditions will be given by the public by the public. This folk glorious title. The old mage invited by the task force is such a character. What is his skills in unlocking? Just talk about two points: First, from the 1930s, the banks in Shanghai or rich households lost their keys, or if the failure could not be opened, one of the considers the list of hiring assistance was definitely one. he. He is also amazing, no matter which country manufactured safe, no matter what locks are used, he can open it. Second, before the liberation, he was the patrol housing of the British Concession and the French Concession, the Kuomintang Shanghai Police Department, the Kuomintang Songhu Police Command, and the investigation brigade of the Division of the Puppet and Wang Puppet 76.

After the old mage arrived, he demolished the gate, the door, and the iron cabinet, and brought it back to the central shopping mall to identify it in front of the two investigators. There are small scratches on the unlocking tools on the lock core copper bullets, which can be determined that they have been opened by some kind of unlocking tool.

The investigator asked the old mage: What are the level of people who unlock this special tool?

The old mage said: The level is okay.

Those who are considered “level” by the old mage are at least medium to the locksmiths on Shanghai Beach. For the task force, the direction of the investigation is clear, and the scope has also been narrowed: the thief must have two conditions. One is to have a considerable level of unlocking skills. The family committed the crime more than half an hour. Then check in the Dai House according to these two conditions.

The first list of suspected objects was Xu Shengcheng, the owner of the “Xu Ji Coffin Shop”.

In the coffin line, Boss Xu should be a more special character. Generally, the coffin shop is born in a carpenter, but Boss Xu is not a carpenter, and he will not even do any woodworking work. Boss Xu’s work was a gold worker, especially when he was old, he was called a “foreign bronze craftsman” by Shanghai citizens. Xu Shengcheng was a family of Cixi, Zhejiang. He was born in a poor peasant family. He went to Shanghai to learn his hand at the age of twelve. After the 16 -year -old teacher, the private small workshop leaving Xueyi was admitted to the Jiangnan Shipbuilding House. He stayed in this well -known factories in the country for 20 years and became a technician with technician -level technicians. Generally speaking, at this step, the technical level has reached this step. The consumption overhead and the support of the family can be leaned on the hands in the second half of life. No matter how powerful the capitalists are, they are hungry. However, Xu Shengcheng suddenly decided to resign and opened a coffin shop. It is said that behind this incredible decision is a secret that Boss Xu himself refuses to reveal.

By 1954, Xu Shengcheng’s coffin shop had been opened for ten years. It must not be admitted that this is a very smart role. Although he himself does not work with kinsembly and did not have a plan to learn, the employees under his management were created according to his concept of gold workers. The coffin, dare not say that there are one of the best in Shanghai, and it is enough to be famous in the city. Therefore, the business of the “Xu Ji Coffin Store” has always been very good. Although it is located in the Daijia house called the “lower horns” (poor backward), the residents on the Daijia house are dead. The goods of the Xuji Coffin Store, the production tasks of the store are full of orders for the “upper corner” of some rich households. It is said that Boss Xu has made some savings in the past ten years, but he still looks a little bit tight. The food at home is average, and his children wear patching clothes all year round.

徐胜成被列入怀疑对象的原因,除了上述他具有技师级的金工手艺之外,还因为他经常对人发出由衷的感叹:“哎——常言说得好:马无夜草不肥,人无Hengcai is not rich. Before you can get a pen, just make a fortune! “This sentence has become the mantra of Boss Xu. Almost everyone knows it. Repeat him badly.

In this way, in addition to the two conditions of “unlocking skills” and “living nearby”, Boss Xu also has the motivation to commit crimes, so he was included in the list of doubt. The reason why “suspicion” is not called “suspicion”, because the task force has different opinions, and three investigators have objections about whether Xu Shengcheng involved.

Investigators Deng Hai’an and Xiao Xu went to the “Xu Ji Coffin Shop”. Xu Shengcheng was not in the store. The apprentice said that the boss went to the nearby teahouse to drink tea early in the morning. Before returning, he said that it was like this every day. At this time, it was nine o’clock in the morning, and a craftsman could live such leisurely days, which was really enviable. Xu Shengcheng is not here, and the investigator just knows from those carpenter and apprentices. The question is simple: On the afternoon of September 24, are your boss in the store?

A carpenter who looked at the older year last year answered immediately, which is simpler than the investigator’s question, only one word: in!

This disappoints people. Of course, the investigators are not so easy to pass. There are still questions below: What are you doing?

Another carpenter replied: “He sitting in the store and drinking tea. We all see that we have not gone out all afternoon.”

The investigator scanned everyone: “Is this that?”

Everyone nodded.

No show! Speak.

When the investigator walked out, Xiao Xu found that a young carpenter was secretly winking towards him, so he moved in his heart: Are these people talking about? Xu Shengcheng was not in the store that day?

Considering the future situation of this carpenter, the investigators did not respond on the spot and left. After going out, after walking out of the road, Xiao Xu said to Deng Hai’an: “Just now a young carpenters are looking at us, did you see it?”

Deng Hai’an a spirit: “Really?”

The two went back to report to the project team leader. Qian Yan said: “It seems that there is a drama in it. In addition, the two people stared at the coffin shop and waited for that carpenter to quietly ask what was going on when they came home.”

The result of quietly understanding is that Xu Shengcheng was not in the shop that day, because when the carpenters surnamed Sui worked in the back workshop, they went to the front shop several times to pick up things, and once never saw Boss Xu. At the last time, someone came to the boss. The apprentice Xiao Wang said that the boss went out and was not there.

There is a problem: Xu Shengcheng is not in the store. Why do those workers bite in one bite?

Check again! The apprentice was selected as a breakthrough, and the cadres of the neighborhood committee found a person who told the boss who told others to go out and called the apprentice who was not in the store to the neighborhood committee. The apprentice was less than eighteen years old, and the courage was a bit small. The investigator said the topic, and before scaring him, he was scared. He quickly told the truth: Stay in the warehouse for one afternoon.

The investigator puzzled: Why do you do in the warehouse?

In play cards -just rub the mahjong, and the boss of Tang, the owner of the cigarette paper shop next door, they often play cards together.

The investigator then understood. After the liberation, the people’s government issued a order that stipulated that gambling was strictly prohibited. One of the responsibilities of the police station is to control such things. After several times, the beach has basically lost gambling activities, and all the Mahjong cards have also been traded. Unexpectedly, this boss Xu’s gambling addiction was so great, and the risk of illegal risk must be sneaked. Several other carpenters and apprentices in the coffin shop must know what the boss is doing, and deliberately made a perjury for it. They did not expect that if this perjury was successful, the skepticism faced by Boss Xu was great.

The investigator said nothing and immediately summoned Xu Shengcheng and others through the police station. Talking with the four people confirmed the situation that the apprentice reflected. Boss Xu also explained the secret of the long -term puzzlement. Why did the senior technician resign and open the coffin shop without doing it? It turned out that he was in love with gambling, not only gambling, but also when he was free at work, he also liked to bet with workers. At that time, he bet with someone, and the gambling was resigned to open the coffin shop. In fact, the workers did not take it seriously, but everyone was rare to encounter this kind of thing together. They must always make trouble, and they called Xu Shengcheng to resign from the coffin shop. When I encountered this embarrassing situation, those who were living in their heads were to play haha, and then asked the house to ask for a guest to settle. However, Xu Shengcheng is a particularly more real person. He resigned as soon as he said the next day. Half a month later, the coffin shop had opened.

Regardless of the gambling of the task force, Xu Shengcheng was transferred to the police station for processing. After this clue was broken, the project team leader Qian Yan was very anxious, so they went to Xima Street Police Station to learn about the situation with the deputy team leader Zhi Shijun. The skills of the craftsman.

The idea of ​​the leadership of the task force is to convene all the household registration policemen of the Xima Street Police Station to hold a symposium together, asking them to investigate the situation in their respective pipes on the spot. After arriving at the two, the two told the police station that the director said that the director immediately informed the household registration police to come to the meeting. At that time, the household registration police were usually soaked below, and the neighborhood committee had no phone calls, so they had to send someone to ride a bicycle to run one by one. This takes a little time. During this time, Qian Kun and Zhi Shijun chatted with the director and instructor. Just talking, there was an uninvited guest -the police of the Police Department of the Public Security Bureau of Penglai Public Security Bureau.

Lao Miao is in charge of the special industry in the Public Security Department of Penglai Branch. It has been managed for more than three years and is familiar with the situation in the special industry of Penglai District. Like the household registration police, although there are offices in the branch bureau, they basically have always been riding a bicycle outside and around. It is not soaked in the neighborhood committee. The printing of the printing house, the engraving shop, and the key to repair the key, sit down and chat with others for a while. The clues of many cases were discovered by him in this way. Therefore, Lao Miao was rated as advanced every year, and he was also joined the party last year.

Lao Miao came to the Xima Street Police Station to learn about a thing. He was familiar with the director Zhou and others, and he also met Qian Yan and Zhi Shijun. Seeing that Lao Miao came, they all remembered that he was in the special industry. He probably had more understanding of the locksmiths than them, so some people asked: Lao Miao, do you know who has the unlocking technology near Daijia House?

Lao Miao did not know that the criminal of the paper armor had been lost, but with the experience of seeing Qian Kun and Zhi Shijun, it was definitely an important case to do. He reacted after hearing the words: “Cigarette! “

When Qian Yan and others were happy, they all took out their cigarettes and cigarettes. Lao Miao’s eyes swept, and the half -bag “Daqian Gate” of Zhi Shijun (which was a high -end smoke at the time), and took out a branch. After litting, he put it on his mouth, put most of the pockets in his pocket, and then pointed his hand at the door at will.

Everyone looked at each other: “What do you mean by Lao Miao?”

Lao Miao said: “When I came in, I saw a person who picked the burden on the elementary school opposite the police station stopped and set up a stall. I refer to this person.”

The director responded: “Turn sugar? Are you talking about the” Turning Sugar Horse “that shaved his head all year round?”

Sugar burden is an individual business method that integrates entertainment, business, and the smallest gambling composition. The operator picked a burden, setting a turntable on it, and a variety of flowers and green patterns on the turntable. Different words were written on each pattern, about 60 % written “none”; “Have”. There are different things with “yes” patterns, from one candy, several grains, and clay sculpture toys to the hot water bottle. This is a prize. After the person who wants to hit the luck, after paying the coordinates of the stall, you can manipulate the above organ. After the pointer rotates, the result will be obtained. This bald man named Ma, who has been in the Daijiazhai side, has been operating for more than two years, and residents call them “sugar horses”.

The hukou of the “Sugar” is not in the pipe section of the Xima Street Police Station, or even in the Yiyi Temple District. He lives in Penglai District and is not far away from the Daijia House, so he uses Daijia House, who has not been a sugar business as his business territory. Therefore, the Xima Street Police Station does not know the situation of this person. Looking at his fierce and bald look all year round, no one will associate it with such a fine job such as unlocking. This person.

But at this moment, Lao Miao introduced it, and the monarchs at the scene could not help but have to have a re -understanding of “Turning Sugar Horse “-

The name of “Sugar Horse” is Ma Chunzhi, and Hui nationality has settled in Shanghai more than a hundred years ago. “Sugar Horse” in 1915 was born in the owner of a real restaurant in Shanghai. The family has a good family situation. He has had the conditions for reading since he was a child. However, he is different from other children who escape children. Other children running out of school is playing outside. He escaped from school but did not play. Instead, he ran to a nearby gold workshop to see the master of the gold worker. For a few years, there have been escape schools in each semester, but the exams can be passed. Therefore, although the teacher has a little pain, it can still tolerate it.

Before graduating from elementary school, the situation changed. “Sugar horse” escaped from school to the Golden Workshop, not just to see the master’s work. He started to live with the encouragement of those masters. It is necessary to admit that the talent of “sugar horse” in gold workers, he seems to be different at one hand. The apprentices who have already studied for a year or two are still stronger. The masters of the Golden Workshop praised his soul and cleverly, saying that it was the big material of this line. The teenager’s “sugar horse” came, and he simply didn’t go to school. He went directly to the Golden Workshop when he came out of the house every day. After throwing the schoolbag, he found it and did it until he went home for dinner. After a meal, I came again and kept it until the workshop closed.

The teacher at the school did not know why this student did not come to class for more days. It was originally to visit home, but the owner of the Halal Museum is too polite. Every time the teacher goes to the door, he must let go of the work in his hands to spend his own words, and then arrange for the wine and vegetables to entertain enthusiastically Essence After several times, the teacher didn’t dare to come to the door. This is also the case this time. The teacher dare not come to the door, but he has to control it, so he asked the students: What is Ma Chunzhi doing recently? So I knew that the kid was a compulsory worker in the Golden Workshop.

The teacher went to the Jinshi Workshop to check it, and it turned out that his student was sweating there. The masters told the teacher that this is a good material for a dry work. The teacher was so angry that he couldn’t care about the hospitality of the boss, and immediately went to the Qingzhen Pavilion to report the situation. Boss Ma was a rare dad who wanted to open at the time. He made a formal conversation with his son. He went to the Golden Workshop to talk to the master for a while, and finally made a decision: let his son drop out of school. However, it is impossible to be an apprentice in this golden workshop, because he feels that the workshop pool is too small, so he entrusted a relationship to send his son to a machine factory as an apprentice, and worshiped a master of gold workers named Gu Dezhang.

Gu Dezhang was the famous “foreign bronze craftsman” at the beach at that time, and his fitter craft was really learned in Germany. The Germans’ seriousness, meticulousness, and research are world -renowned. Master Gu is particularly good at working on those fine work. The work of carving molds, carving steel printing, and parking box locks is his masterpiece. Ma Chunzhi followed Master Gu for three years, and he was only 16 years old at the time of his teacher, but his leveling level had reached the level of ordinary masters.

It is said that when the Kuomintang’s “military uniform” head, Dai Yan, was just in charge of the Fuxing Social Affairs Department (the predecessor of the “Military Bureau”) in Shanghai. He once opened the safe and twisted the key, and the interception was left in the lock. This is difficult to kill this agent. At that time, he did not have so many agents, and he was not proficient in agents who were proficient in unlocking technology. So, I had to ask the locksmith to come to the door to unlock. I do n’t know, this mouth was presented to Chiang Kai -shek by the German military adviser, and then the safe transferred to Dai Yan from Jiang to Dai Yan was too insurance. The work stumped three senior locksmiths in a row. At this time, someone recommended Ma Chunzhi, 22 years old to Dai Yan. Dai Yan heard that this person was so young, and he was a little disappointed, but at this moment there was no other law, so he said that let this little master try it. After Ma Chunzhi arrived, it took only ten minutes to open the box without damaging the safe and locks, and prepared the key.

Dai Dai was happy. At that time, he paid a pay far beyond the market price. He also gave his 18K gold watch to Ma Chunzhi. In addition, he took out a business card printed on his pseudonym. Say what is embarrassing in Shanghai Beach, hold this business card to find powerful departments or individuals -such as the Kuomintang Songhu Police Command, Shanghai Police Department, Shanghai Municipal Government, Shanghai Party Department, Golden Rong , Du Yuesheng, etc., will be willing to solve it for him. At that time, Ma Chunzhi didn’t know that this person was a well -known Dai Dai, and only felt that the popular field was very powerful and confident.

Dai Yan was deeply impressed by Ma Chunzhi. Later, the Anti -Japanese War broke out, and the “military uniform” held a specialized training course in Hunan, which needed special skills instructors. Dai Yan immediately thought of Ma Chunzhi, and the underground organization of the Shanghai “military uniform” was sent to Hunan after finding the horse. However, at the time Ma Purezhi went to Ningbo, and the agent failed to find him. As a result, he also escaped after liberation.

The gold watch sent by Dai Yan to Ma Chunzhi was later sold by Ma Chunzhi, which did not cause him any serious consequences. The problem was that business card. He has never used this business card once, but he did not expect to destroy it because he never knew that the person who gave him his business card was Dai Yan. However, he didn’t know that some people knew it, and he also knew that Dai Yan gave him such a business card and reported this situation to the Public Security Bureau after liberation in Shanghai. Beginning in 1950 “Town Anti -Movement”, the Public Security Bureau sent staff to find Ma Chunzhi to understand the matter. Ma Chunzhi truthfully said the experience of more than ten years ago, and found the business card at the request of the person. The business card was accepted by the other party. As a gift exchange, the comer also took out a piece of thing to Ma Chunzhi, and enthusiastically worn him on his wrist -it was a handcuff.

Ma Chunzhi was detained for more than a year, and asked him to open a safe to Dai Yan and the business card and “military uniform” to ask him to be a technical instructor. And Ma Chunzhi and Dai Yan did deal with it. They didn’t know that the other party was Dai Yan. Later, he asked him to be a instructor. He heard it afterwards and should have nothing to do with him. The people’s government was seeking truth from facts. Since it was not reviewed, he released him.

After the release of Ma Chunzhi, he did not know what the idea, and no longer became a “foreign coppermith”. He made a pair of sugar and drove the sugar, so he became a “sugar horse”. However, in the archives of the Public Security Bureau, he was recorded as a unlocking master of Shanghai Beach (the current statement was an expert), so Lao Miao registered it into the book. However, he has never shocked him, because in the past few years after his release, there has been no major cases related to locks in Shanghai, whether it is political or economic.

For the Yiyi Temple Branch, although the work place of “sugar horse” is in the area, because the hukou is not in this area, it is unclear that he is a unlocking master with a must -have.

At the moment, Qian Kun and Zhi Shijun listened to Lao Miao and said so, and immediately returned to the branch of the branch bureau to report the situation to the investigators and decided to call the “sugar horse” immediately.

However, the “Turning Sugar Horse”, which was still passing around at the door of the police station, was no longer a shadow!

5. Peak circuit turns

“Sugar Horse” has always been picked up in the Daijiazhai area and turned around to do his little business. At this moment, when the stall was closed, why suddenly disappeared? This Lord knew Lao Miao. Did he see Lao Miao’s police station as a thief and just pull his legs and slipped immediately?

The investigators Xiaohuang, Xiao Deng, and Lao Chen were ordered to go to Ma’s to check. The first jump into the door was the burden on the sugar in the guest hall. The three of them were cold in their hearts: Is this guy really slippery? So he asked his wife and answered that the husband hurried home just now, put down his burden, and told her to go out for a few days, and then left without taking anything. Ma’s wife repeatedly said that her husband did not say where she had passed, and she didn’t ask because she had always asked her husband’s whereabouts.

The task force analyzes the whereabouts of the “sugar horse”, forming two different views.

One point is that the “sugar horse” is involved in the case, and it may be a thief, because he has the two conditions: thief “good at locking” and “familiar with the Guo family situation”, and his sudden departure from home is fled by sin to abscond Essence He originally thought that the police on the side of the Yimiao District did not know his bottom detail, but after he saw the old seedlings, he suddenly realized that he would communicate between the police and the police. But his reputation will definitely introduce Lao Miao to the police station here.

Another point of view is that the “transfer of sugar horses” is not sovereignty at home. He may happen to happen to be urgent. Because if he fled, he had to leave Shanghai forever. Therefore, he did not need to send the sugar to the house to save it. The burden is not worth a few money, and it is worthless in his wife’s hands. The reason why he had to send the burden home before leaving home was because he knew that this time he had not left home for a long time, and he had to come back to continue to do this small business.

After some fierce disputes, the task force finally obtained an unanimous opinion: the two views were not allowed, temporarily shelved, starting from reality, trying to find Ma Chunzhi.

That night, the investigator went to Ma’s house again to understand the situation of Ma Chunzhi’s usual situation from Ma’s wife, and he mainly exchanged with who. Ma’s wife said that her husband’s personality was a bit introverted. He used to do “foreign coppermiths”. Later, after suffering the detention censorship, he was more careful and basically did not communicate with outsiders. Occasionally, with the two brothers who used to be in skills before, they are a bit coming and going.

Fellow? What is their name and where do they live?

Ma’s wife said that a surnamed Dong lived in Cao Jiadu; a surnamed Cai lived in Pudong Pudong.

So I went to Cao Jiadu for investigation. Dong was working in a private iron factory. He didn’t go to work that day, but he was not at home. Ask the family where I went, and said it was going to “A San Tou”, it was going in the afternoon.

Which one is “A Santou”? It’s brother Cai.

Then go to Pudong, Pudong Town, and go to the Pugs Police Station first. The police station assigned a duty police officer to go straight to Cai’s house. At this time, it was more than ten o’clock. In the age when there were no televisions and ordinary people’s homes, there was no radio. This time was late, and most residents had already rest. But when I saw Cai’s family still had lights, the door entered, and the investigator was happy: Ma Chunzhi was there, and the three brothers were drinking tea around the table to discuss.

The three went to the Pugs Police Station together, and asked them to take a bite after asking: It turned out that these three extraordinary fitters were in total to open a gold workshop to work for the large factory to process the mold for large factories. For this incident, the three had discussed for many days. On the day of the paper case, Ma Chunzhi did not pick up sugar. After a day of rest, he discussed the matter at the Chenghuang Temple and Dong and Cai. I remember I also met two previous acquaintances in the tea house that day, one of which was opened in the fragrant candle shop in the Chenghuang Temple.

The next day, the investigator went to Chenghuang Temple to find the owner of the fragrant candle shop to understand the situation and confirmed the argument of Ma Chunzhi. Due to the stability, I asked the address of another acquaintance from the owner of Xiangzhu Store, and came to understand it, and confirmed this.

In this way, the doubts of “sugar horse” are excluded.

The task force once again held a case analysis meeting, thinking that the road to find the suspected object through the “two crimes” was temporarily unable to pass on, so it would be possible. Some people have proposed the confusion that the “how the stolen goods were taken away” that had been considered before can seem to be a breakthrough in the investigation case, so everyone started discussing around this issue. In the past few days, everyone ran more times on Daijiazhai, and found a phenomenon: there are often garbage trucks passing by the road during the day. So I wondered if it would be through this tool to run the paper armor?

This kind of garbage truck was a cleaning office at the time -its function was to specialize in cleaning and cleaning of garbage and cleaning stools. It is now known as the “sanitation department” and is one of the tools for cleaning the garbage. To say its shape contours, as long as the ancient prisoner is said, the difference between the garbage truck and the ancient prison car is that there is no lid on it, and the wheels are rubber instead of wood. Essence

The investigator thought of it: If a thief got a garbage truck in front of Guo’s door, he put the paper armor into the car and put some old newspapers, cotton wool and other garbage. Did the paper armor go away?

So I contacted the cleaning office and learned that a total of seven cleaners (Clear Daofu) were arranged in the Daijia house, and they were equipped with two garbage trucks. Usually, five workers sweep the floor, sweep the garbage on the road together, and piles a pile of distance every other distance. The other two workers push the garbage truck all the way to put the pile of garbage into the car. So, how did the garbage truck operate on the afternoon of the paper on the day of the paper armor?

At that time, environmental hygiene work attached great importance to environmental hygiene. Environmental hygiene even associated with war. The government’s propaganda materials said that the imperialist mobilization of aggression will throw bacterial bombs to China, so it should be removed by the flies mosquito mouse jumping lice. , Cut off the way to spread bacteria. Therefore, cleanliness work is linked to politics, called “patriotic health”, and the government has also set up the “Patriotic Health Working Committee”. Therefore, the management of the cleanliness is very serious about its functional work, and there are account records for the attendance and cleaning of workers. At the moment, I said that all workers’ conferences were held from 1 o’clock in the afternoon to three o’clock that day to mobilize the purchase of patriotic public debts. Therefore, there was no cleaning worker to sweep the floor during this time, and all the garbage trucks were parked in the courtyard of the cleaning office.

Xiao Xu, an investigator who went to the investigation, came back to report, and another investigator Deng Hai’an “um”. When everyone looked at him, they didn’t say a word, just lowering their heads and turning his workbook. The team leader Qian Yan realized that there might be a drama, and motioned everyone not to do it. For a moment, Deng Hai’an opened: “I have a record here that there was a garbage truck from the Daijiazhai Guo Zhai at the time of the incident. What is going on?”

Deng Hai’an was one of the several criminal policemen who came to the police to investigate. At that time, the division of labor given him at that time was to understand whether the hostess of Guo Zhai was not at home from the surrounding neighbors. Over. Deng Hai’an investigated seven people at the time and recorded the content of the conversation on the work manual. Among them, when investigating the postman Xiao Ni, the girl said that she was thought to have nothing to do with the case at the time: at that time, she delivered a letter to the Song family of the Guo family and rode a bicycle for seven or eight meters. Usually, when I picked up the ring twice, I rushed into a small lunar. Unexpectedly, there was a garbage truck parked in the mouth. She was too late to brake, and the front wheels hit the garbage truck.

Everyone heard Deng Haian’s saying like this, and he was interested in: What happened to this garbage truck almost next to Guo Zhai’s Xiaonang Church? The cleaning of Daijiazhai was not working or no garbage truck at the time. So where did the garbage truck come from? Is it related to the stolen case of paper A in Xiaonongtang?

This is indeed a clue that can be considered as a doubt. The task force believes that it needs to be thoroughly investigated. As a result, the investigators went to the cleaning institute again, and they returned to the three. Seeing that the investigators came to the door again, and three people came, they knew that the situation was a bit serious. I was seriously treated and dare not care. After listening to the investigator, after discovering the garbage truck in the Xiaolong Hall, he immediately expressed his willingness to cooperate with the Public Security Bureau for investigation. The investigator said that you can check whether this garbage truck is in your aspect or other aspects. Let’s take the exclusion method. Please call for the seven workers in the area of ​​the Dai House. We will talk to them directly.

As soon as you talk, the situation is clear: This garbage truck is one of the two in the Daijiazhai area with a number 072. Before one o’clock in the afternoon, the car was pushed by the worker to the yard of the cleaning office. After the meeting at three o’clock, they found that the car was gone when they came out. After asking the gatekeeper, I said that I didn’t pay attention, but just a few little ghosts had come. I pushed the car in the yard to play, and I might push it to the outside road. This situation was often available before. Anyway, the car can’t be lost, just find it. So the workers went to find it and finally found the car in the small hall.

The little ghosts said by the guards must be a student of Daijiazhai Elementary School, so they went to elementary school. But at this time the school was already out of school, the principal and teacher were still there, and the students had already left one without left, so they had to check it tomorrow.

The next morning, when the investigator went to Daijiazhai Elementary School, the teacher had asked at the morning class and asked several students who went to the cleaning truck yesterday to go to the cleaning office. The investigators talked to them one by one, and learned that they did push the garbage truck to the road to play, and finally threw the car in the small hall. It is inferred from students’ school time that this garbage truck has no time to use the criminals.

The investigator returned to the branch bureau to report the situation to the leaders of the task force. When everyone felt frustrated because of disappointment, the gatekeeper came in a phone call: Someone asked the task force leader.

to be continued. Essence Essence Essence

Article Source: Reprinted from the “Dust Archway” series

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