“Ferry King” Car Di Le Sports Shoes new upgrade! The autumn and winter models are warm and comfortable, waterproof and pollution -proof, less than 100 yuan, rush quickly

Overnight, strong cold air arrives

The Central Meteorological Observatory has long been released


Cold wave, Blizzard

Wait for a warning

Have you deeply felt the maliciousness of the cold wind?


Feet wearing ordinary single shoes

I always feel that there is a cold wind drilling in the cold 飕飕 …


They are all saying, “Cold from the athlete, and the illness is born from the feet”

This is true for me with poor resistance


The cold wind shakes as soon as it blows

The joint is sore and painful

It’s time to find a pair of sports shoes to keep these feet warm!

Speaking of sports shoes

Now no matter men and women, there is a pair of hands


“Huiyang Medicine”

It looks light and energetic, youthful fan is super enough ~

However, many autumn and winter sneakers are to keep warm


They all “seal and save” feet

At all, not breathable

To know

The sweat glands on the feet are particularly developed

The pores cannot breathe normally, the moment when I take off the shoes

It’s stinky



Autumn and winter are gloomy, and there are many rain and snow season

Not only the feet, the shoes are equally uncomfortable


I often go home as soon as I go out

The shoes are terrible, wet and dirty!


As a person who is afraid of cold and cleanliness

Must find a pair

Both heating and breathable, waterproof shoes


(Also big names)


Please find the buyer to find the model two months ago

But after many comparison discovery

Either grind your feet and wear two feet to scrap

Either show your feet


Youzhong selected the best, and finally found one:


From Singapore International Fashion Brand

Cartelo is a very popular brand.

As founded in 1974, it is well -known worldwide with exquisite craftsmanship and unique style.

There are stores in the United States, France, Canada, Russia, etc.

After the official introduction of China in 1993, it has already available in the country so far

More than 2000


From our father, Cardle’s shoes are available

Good wear, durable


Good reputation.

This flying running shoes also inherited the same high quality, and it was so comfortable after getting on the feet!

It has also exceeded 1W of grass posts in the small*book, and it comes out of fire!

The summer models of this pair of shoes this year,

As soon as you go on the market, you occupy the rivers and mountains of flying shoes, and the explosion of 15,000 doubles



Now adding a velvet, every time a few hundred pairs are put on the shelves, they are immediately robbed.

This is not amazing. You can see that you have n’t grabbed your friends, and the background comments are almost exploded. Essence

Many people have not bought


Fans are complaining

, Crazy urged to put on the shelves

I was scared that we buyers to talk quickly, after a wave of twists and turns

Lock 150 inventory and re -put the shelves


The point is, the price of the cotton -gravites given by our “old friend” is only ten dollars more than summer models!

The counter price is 699 yuan

Our pet -fans price is group purchase: 99 yuan a pair

Limited time and limited edition, sold out without complementary!

Identify the QR code and buy immediately

It was too bulky to wear rain boots, and I was ugly.


This pair of Kaidi flying shoes is called my heart in waterproof! Intersection

It looks like a thin layer, which is actually composed of three layers of fabric:

Ultra -fine wrinkle+high -performance breathable layer+waterproof and pollution -proof layer


This is also called waterproof and pollution -proof technology. As the name suggests, it is the nano -waterproof function that simulates the surface of the lotus leaf.

Faculty can own

Do not dip the water like a lotus leaf

It is very easy to take care of.


(Of course, if it is completely soaked in the water for a long time, it is still possible to get wet.)

We directly pour water to test the waterproof effect

Water will bounce quickly when you touch the upper

It’s like wearing a layer of protective clothing for shoes

At the same time, I found it

Coca -Cola

, Test the anti -pollution effect:

Half -can Cola fell down

The upper still “does not change the face”!


If you don’t get dirty shoes, you can wear it with peace of mind on rainy days

Wall cracks are advised to not like to brush shoes


The more excellent shoes, the more imitation, the more, this is not, our colleagues are recruited. 180 bought a pair of flying shoes with almost no bad appearance, but

No waterproof, moisturizing at all

And this time we directly dock with the brand to eliminate your JIA goods concerns.


Each pair of flying shoes has unique code and anti -counterfeiting buckle, which also indicates “channel -specific”.

When you buy it back and put on your feet, it is natural to know.

To be honest, although it is not as bloated as a velvet shoes, it

Warmest than conventional flying shoes


It’s much more.


There is no exaggerated heating up, but there is “warm water like warm heart” ~

The whole shoe was cotton inside

And thickened cotton is sandwiched in the middle of the outer layer and inner layer.


Let the people wearing it have a better upper foot comfort! At the same time, it can also prevent wind and warmth, and you can dry and not smell all day!


Next, let’s go directly to your feet to experiment!


Don’t wear shoes indoors


Without turning on the air conditioner, the body sensation cools to 33.8 degrees




Put on your feet

The inside feet are slowly fever

It’s like it is warm when I touch warm water until 37.1 degrees

At first, the warming is not obvious, but as time is getting warmer

Compare with ordinary single -layer sneakers,


Warm more powerful

Stay for 10 minutes outdoors

The foot of the Kaudi Le flying shoes

The temperature is 4.5 degrees higher than the other!


Outdoor running business work to wear it

Can love to die

Both feet “soak the hot spring”

It feels ~

Even the autumn and winter models still remain


Not boring

We editor Miss Sister:


“The feeling of stepping in with both feet, no wool shoes are sweaty, so warm and comfortable ~”


The shoes are light, and there is no burden on the way.

How light this flying running shoes do?


We make a comparison:


Ordinary sports shoes that look very lightweight

The weight is 326 grams


Cartelo Cartelo Flying Weaving Shoes only 269 grams


I’m afraid of “take off” on your feet!

The insoles are commonly used for thousands of dollars shoes

U -shaped and cup, and also made a massage pad

You see, press

It is very soft to bounce back

I was wearing to climb up and not tired. My mother wore to dance the square dance and boasted:


Like stepping on cotton.


Rubber sole

, Can also be like twisted twist

360 ° Randomly


, Let go immediately:

In order to improve the sense of security, the soles are made

Design of grabbing pattern

Increase the friction of the ground, this way


Do not slip easily when walking or running

, Pregnant women also wear it with confidence.

Walking on the slope full of detergent, ordinary shoes do not go up at all.

It’s easy to walk up

Only slight sliding, the anti -slip ability of the sole is definitely excellent.


Every point is carefully considered:

2cm back and heel

, Not only

Supported feet and ankles are not injured

At the same time, it meets the demand for many fairy.

Elliptical toe -toe tolerance is high, comfortable and good

In addition to stretching toes, wearing a girlish atmosphere ~

Wide feet, flesh feet, and foot thickness

Walk up

The toes are not squeezed, and the back of the feet is not stretched

, There is a slight bounce in the feet.

With such shoes with shit comfort, it takes hundreds of pieces to say less?

Compared to the high -top sports shoes, Cartha

More modified leg type

The finest ankle was thin.

The knitting design of the shoe mouth is full of elasticity,

You can kick in in one foot

, It’s a gospel of lazy people ~

Integrated weaving design


Highlight LOGO on the back of the shoes

It is its iconic characteristics.

Simple, fashionable, low -key

, Wear with your boyfriend, change the street in seconds ~


With trousers casually, you can wear a sense of vision for national European and American street shots.

With casual shorts, the overall look is simple and clean, full of sports, suitable for each age group.


Changtong diligence, shopping, bringing baby, sports


It is completely beautiful and comfortable, and can usually be freely transformed in leisure and refreshing.

For everyone

These colors

, Simple and calm up their feet are full of atmosphere.


Smaller shoes!


It is recommended to take two yards with wide feet and fat feet.

Such a pair of anti -waterproof, comfortable, non -slip and warm shoes

Counter price: 699

We only got 99 yuan with the brand’s opening price! Intersection

Good shoes and good prices are not available, missed.

Taking advantage of this invincible discount, don’t forget to buy a pair of elderly parents.








Identify the QR code and buy immediately


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