40 elderly shoes evaluation: 8 shoes and other 8 shoes such as rich birds, red dragonflies, etc.

In recent years, the people’s living standards have continued to improve, the elderly have strengthened the quality of life and the protection of their own life safety, and products facing the elderly have continued to emerge in the market. Among them, “old people shoes” are products that have attracted much attention. In particular, the “elderly shoes” multifunctional concept of star advertising marketing promotion has further strengthened the market popularity of old people’s shoes.

On January 27th, the “Elderly Shoes Comparison Test Report” jointly released by the Consumer Council of Guangzhou and Foshan showed that TrumpPip’s male business casual leather shoes can exceed 8.8 times that of carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes. In addition, eight adult shoe plasticizers such as Sisi and Katan Crocodile exceeded the standard, which exceeded the standard of 302 times, which may endanger human health.


Is the quality of the old people pass?

检测样品:40款老人鞋样品均以普通消费者身份在各电商平台随机购买,涉及品牌包括MUSBEME 玛思贝蜜、公牛世家、卡帝乐鳄鱼、PLA人、舒悦、健足乐、奥康, Fuli Jian and other brands.

Testing items: chemical safety, physical use performance, including non -slip performance, formaldehyde content, phthalate, volatile organic matter, outsole wear resistance and other items

Inspection agency: Guangzhou Inspection, Testing and Certification Group Co., Ltd.

(The test results are only responsible for testing samples, which does not mean the quality status of the same batch or other types of products.)

40 elderly shoes samples

【Chemical Security】


Trumppipe male business casual leather shoes

Can be carcinogenic amine dyes exceeding the standard 8.8 times

The results of chemical safety tests show that 40 samples passed the total formaldehyde content, the hexavalent chromium in the leather and the fur, the total amount of heavy metal/extraction of heavy metal, the N-nitrobinamine in the chlorophenol, and the rubber parts Project test.

However, a brand of “TRUMPPIPE Men’s Business Casual Leather Shoes” samples of the brand of “TRUMPPPIPE” samples (fabrics) of the “TrumpPPIPE men’s business casual shoes” samples are 196mg/kg, which exceeds the standard limit requirements. The nominal manufacturer of this leather shoes is Qingdao Pine Trading Co., Ltd..

It is reported that the dyeing of carcinogenic amine dyes refers to a dye that can be synthesized by carcinogenic amine, which is often called “disabled nitrogen dyes.” Such disabled nitrogen dyes will decompose carcinogenic amine under special conditions, change the human DNA structure after activation, cause lesions, cancer, and harm human health.

Mandatory Standard GB 18401-2010 “National Textile Products Basic Safety Technical Specifications” stipulates that textiles can be detected by the detection of carcinogenic amine dyes to be ≤20mg/kg, thereby calculating the detection value of carcinogenic amine dyes of this leather shoes Excessive 8.8 times.

Sisi, Car Di music crocodile, etc.

8 adult shoe plasticizers exceed the standard

The maximum exceeding the standard 302 times

In addition, eight samples failed to be tested by phthalate projects.

At present, in the relevant standards of adult shoes, there are no requirements for tunopramnate and volatile organic matter. Considering various conditions such as toxic and harmful substances, this test refers to the relevant standards of international and other products in this test. Test the samples separately.

The test results show that the eight samples have not been tested by the phthalate project; the total organic volatilization of the 40 samples is detected to varying degrees. Generally, the volatile substances of shoe products will be quickly distributed in open space, right The impact of human health is not great, and over time, the amount of volatilization will gradually decrease. Therefore, consumers are advised to place as much as possible in an open environment after buying shoe products to reduce possible volatile substances.

It is worth mentioning that the SESOFO women’s shoes produced by Zhejiang Le Mai Technology Development Co., Ltd. have the highest detection value of phthalate, reaching 30.3%, and the reference limit is ≤0.1%. As a result, the plasticizer of this women’s shoes exceeds 302 times.


8 shoes such as rich birds, red dragonflies

It is easy to open up and break the process


The results of the use of performance showed that the eight samples failed to pass the testing of compromise resistance/flexion performance project; the two samples failed to pass the peeling strength project test; the abrasion resistance of the 4 samples was lower than the current minimum requirements of the current product standard, this this, this, this, this, this The items performed poorly.

Folding resistance/flexion performance project is to evaluate whether the sole is easy to break, whether the help surface materials are prone to cracks, cracks, and the bottom of the bottom. The most commonly occurred problems are problems such as broken soles, ganging, cracks, or gums such as the bottom wall, and the bottom wall, which affects the service life of the shoe. The test results show that the eight samples have not been tested in this project, and wealth birds, Red Dragonfly Red Dragonfly, Paul Camel and other brands are on the list.

Silk Silk and Masibei Honey two shoes

The bonding site of the bottom is prone to dehydration

The peeling intensity project is to assess the quality of the shoe and sole bonding quality. The product with poor peeling strength is prone to dehydration during the dressing area during the wear process, affecting the service life. The test results showed that the two samples failed to pass this test, and SESOFO, Musbeme Marci Mi Mi was on the list.

Four shoes such as Kangle Jian, Givenchy Mary

Poor abrasion resistance performance of the outsole

The outsole wear resistance project is an indicator that characterizes whether the sole is easy to wear. The poor abrasion resistance of the outsole will cause the shoes to be easily worn due to the severe wear of the outsole or grinding. The wear of the sole will become worse, and it is easy to cause slippery accidents.

Among the current relevant standards, there are different requirements for the standard values ​​of outsole wear resistance of different material products. The test results show that the measurements of the outsole resistance of 4 samples such as Kangle Jian, Buyou, Givenchy, Hang Ten, etc. The value is lower than the current minimum requirements for product standards, and the performance is poor.

【Consumption reminder】

It is best to choose fixed methods such as old people shoes

The risk of the shoelaces is easy to increase the old man’s tripped over


How to buy the old people’s shoes correctly? The Consumer Council reminds that consumers should buy brands with good reputation in regular shopping malls or supermarkets when they buy old people’s shoes. The products and quality of products obtained from these supply and marketing channels are easier to be guaranteed, and the quality of after -sales service is generally higher. When selecting the product, first look at the packaging bag and shoes, and try to select the full logo. Secondly, look at the shoe numbers and shoe type marked on the shoes and the packaging box, recognize whether it is in line with your own requirements, and try not to buy as much as possible or not marked. In addition, it is recommended to follow the following steps when buying:

At first glance, the surface shape of the product is consistent with color, thickness, patterns, and fluff thickness; no cracks, cracks, and coating layers fall off. The suture of the shoe suture and the bonding of the bottom of the shoe, the sutures of the shoe are neat, the glue and the bottom binding part is flat, there is no groove, virtual sewing and glue. The materials in the shoe should be delicate and uniform in color.

Two touch, touch the shoe cavity with your hands, and check whether there are unevenness and stabbing hands; press the inside of the shoes. Check whether the front palm of the shoe is too thin, and whether the back heel is soft enough and rebound in time. The forefoot is too thin to make people feel stunned and affect walking comfort. The rear is the main part of walking buffer absorption energy. It should be soft and hard, with 2-3 cm high, so that it can have good rebound performance.

Two folds, fold the soles of the shoe. The bending place when the folding should be bent at the time of wearing. Checking the stiffness when bending, too soft or too hard is good for wearing comfort. At the same time, pay attention to whether there are abnormal phenomena such as the bottom of the bending part.


Four pinch, pinch the back of the heel and the front of the front of the shoes. The rear and the front Baotou should not be too soft, and there should be a certain hardness. The rear heels of the shoe have enough hardness to protect the ankle joint during walking, prevent the ankle joints from tilting the tilt of the ankle, and cause unexpected lame and sprains. The front part of the shoes also requires enough hardness to prevent injuries, kicking, and smashing toes.

Wire in five, twist your shoes with both hands. If the shoes are too easy to deform, it means that the shoes are too soft and the stability is poor. The joint bones of the elderly are more vulnerable than young people, and the strength of the legs and feet is relatively weak. Excessive soft shoes cannot provide effective support for the feet, which can easily cause sprains on the feet. If it is too hard, it will affect wearing comfort. Walking is easy to fatigue.

Six smells, smelling a smell of the shoes. The pungent smell is likely to be related to the harmful chemicals in the shoe. If there is obvious pungent odor, don’t buy it.

Seven trials, when trying penetration



Wear as much as possible at the same time as much as possible, take a few steps, feel the comfort of wearing, leave at least one centimeter in front of the toes, try to choose shoes with soft and breathable -breathable shoes as much as possible, and try to avoid plastic and other impermeable materials. It is best to choose a fixed method such as bonding, because the shoelaces are not only easy to loosen, but also increase the risk of the old man’s trip.

Writing: Nandu reporter Yang Liyun Xueju reporter Xiao Yunyi Correspondent Sui Xuan Xuan

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