Just sold 160,000 bottles, received 100 million investments, and sold more than 30 provinces. This craft was indispensable.

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Every summer night is accompanied by a few bottles of beer.

Perhaps we have been surrounded by beer such as Yanjing, Qingdao, and Snow Pure Shengsheng. I do n’t know the taste of pure beer.


Today, the traditional Chinese beer is as light as water, and craft beer pursuing quality and taste has finally got the opportunity to grow. When most Chinese tongues are fatigue by the flavor of big -name traditional beer, the emergence of craft beer seems to ignite people’s inspiration and passion for beer.

There is such a beer that sells 160,000 bottles of brewed and received 119 million yuan in Series A financing. Currently, it is supplied to more than 30 provinces across the country.


It is “panda craft”, a brand that opens new consumption with craft beer.

Auto repair workers who do not make wine are not good farmers

In China, the market for craft beer was once the territory of imported brands. People can only buy in bar and imported goods supermarkets, and the price is expensive. In recent years, some Chinese entrepreneurs have also begun to explore the road of domesticization of craft beer, including Pan Dinghao, the founder of Panda Crafts.


In 2006, Pan Dinghao went to Canada to study and study car engineering.

There, I met his brewing master. He often follows the master to learn brewing with the master without class, and over time he has become a semi -professional enthusiast.

After returning to China every summer, Pan Dinghao will go to various cities in China to drink beer, but the taste of industrial light beer is far from satisfying Pan Dinghao’s tricky taste buds.

In 2010, due to the needs of the family, Pan Dinghao, who was a major in the car, returned to China to take care of the business of organic agriculture.


From visiting the developed area of ​​agricultural development across the country to a translation and explanation of international advanced organic agricultural technology for Canadian organic agriculture professors; from planting 50 acres of virgin fruit in Guangxi, he has won a big harvest, to investing funds to experience in the fruit wholesale market in the fruit wholesale market. In the week of Apple wholesale life, he learned a lot of agricultural production knowledge and had rich experience in agricultural entrepreneurship.

But for Pan Dinghao at the time, he always missed the craft beer in Canada called “End of the World” at that time.

Until 2012, Pan Dinghao felt that the business at home had gradually improved. When he didn’t need to help himself, he began to think of his attempted beer dream.

During that time, he visited the more famous beer people in China, Gao Yan, Gao Yan, Niu Beer Hall, etc. These people are now making craft beer and their own brands.

In 2012, Pan Dinghao opened the first panda brewing bar in Beixinqiao Street, which was puzzled by the diners of Beijing. He made a variety of beer in less than ten square meters, like a “painter”.

Coincidentally, he met Xia Yulin. The same is the same ideal goal, with the same ideal goal. Xia Yulin decided to join the Panda Casting Team. Since then, Pan Dinghao is responsible for brewing delicious beer, and Xia Yulin is responsible for letting these beer walk in front of everyone.

On September 18, 2013, the two gambled all the homes to sell the bar, described it alone, and began the first batch of panda craftsmanship R & D and production. Welcome, this batch of beer was sold out in less than half a year.

Move the flowers to pick up the wood and make the Chinese people’s own crafts

After trying a large number of foreign craft beer, Pan Dinghao has a craft beer that is suitable for Chinese flavor and Chinese characteristics.


Casting is not only a glass of wine, but also a culture. The panda is made of crafts. What you care about is the taste. He hopes that there are good raw materials. There are many local cultures to output. Bring back the original fun things, making the beer world richer and wonderful.

To spread a culture, it is necessary to integrate with more localized elements, compatible and packaging, and the backward one must be eliminated. The excellent forms are brought in. This is the process of revolution and evolution.


Adding Chinese elements to each craft beer is a unique style of panda crafts. From the original 9 self -brewed beer to more than 20 beer with different styles.

Panda craftsmanship is made of honey bitter and ginger beer. These are things in Chinese cultural elements. When these Chinese elements are obtained abroad, everyone will find it very interesting. This is also the goal of panda crafts. Chinese craft beer is well -known worldwide.


Add hundreds of nectar, ginger, bitter, wheat, and make panda craft more “localized” to beer. Easy to enter the taste, so that more and more people turn from the enthusiasts of industrial beer to the crafts.


Panda craft has established its own product positioning since its opening. On the basis of drawing on and introducing the world’s mainstream craft beer crafts, the people’s taste is combined to carefully brew beer suitable for Chinese people.

The most positive materials, the most professional equipment, the most mellow wine

The reason why craft beer is different from industrial beer is that each of its processes has a fine grasp of craftsmen.


In the traditional sense of beer, it has almost the same taste in the world because it is standardized. But craft beer will have some corresponding changes with the different culture of various countries and regions, which is a very important feature.


Every step of panda brewing has achieved the word craft.


Absolutely use excellent raw materials. The malt used in panda brewing comes from Australia and Germany, a beer is from the United States, the yeast comes from Belgium, and the water source is the deep groundwater on the shore of Dongting Lake, Hunan, which is very suitable.

Raw materials full of Chinese characteristics: Hundreds of nectar made by Jiangxi, Hainan -made Buding tea and other brewing Chinese craft beer.

Panda brewing is still one of the few domestic markets with strong beer fragrance and wheat incense beer products, so it has a full taste and mellow experience.


Do not hesitate to learn the brewing technology of the world’s mainstream craft beer, and develop a series of unique brewing processes for the design and development of raw materials with Chinese characteristics.

Not only that, but also launched bottled and filled wine that can be purchased and carried to meet the needs of various customers.


Personalized chain, prefer the market

The chain of the panda craft store is also unique.


“Panda” is first related to the brand’s concept. Casting is an open culture. “Panda” hopes that this culture is not prioritized to spread the brand, but to properly spread the lifestyle of craft culture and crafts.

Although “Panda” does a chain store, the decoration, decoration, and products of each store are not exactly the same.

Taking the area of ​​the store as an example, Beijing Beixinqiao Store is a three -story building of more than 400 square meters, but the “panda” to Suzhou is only fifty or sixty square meters.

In the store opened in Hefei, from the outside, you can’t believe this is a tavern. It is a pure Hui faction building, white wall gray tile, which is also a very traditional and simple style, which is completely different from the industrial style of Beijing store. And opening a shop in the mall, that’s another way.


Every time a new city, “Panda” is very difficult to promote, promote craft culture, and promote the brand like opening a store in Beijing. Essence

In second -tier cities, the audience of the crafts is relatively small. The most paid in the early stage is the promotion. How to train employees to introduce wine to the brand will teach customers to drink from light to heavy.

“Panda” has abandoned the streamlined models used by many restaurants in the communication of employees, but emphasizes the communication between employees and customers. I hope that the store will become a platform for communication, not just the opposition to the identity of waiters and customers. Under this concept, the stickiness of “Panda” customers is much higher than that of ordinary restaurants.

In the era of consumption upgrade, panda craftsmanship has a strategic vision, can dig out new consumer demand from complex consumer groups, and attract and attract consumers to be young and restless through a series of operations and fine process production. Consumption desire. In the future, panda crafts will also expand business maps in more cities across the country to complete the initial dream of a cup of beer that Chinese people love.

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