What should I do if the glasses always slide down during running?

When the glasses have been worn for a long time, the legs of the glasses are easy to loosen. As soon as people lower their heads and bend over, the glasses will slide down. Especially when playing basketball and running, the body jumps and the glasses jump up. I believe many friends who often wear glasses have encountered such troubles above. Is there any way to avoid the decline of the glasses?


First: I also wear glasses when running myopia

When a person exercises for a long time, physical strength is consumed in large quantities, and the physical functional functions such as balance also decrease. At this time, compensation is needed through the eyes. In addition, if you are not familiar with the running route, you need good vision to observe, so friends with myopia should be wearing glasses when running outdoors. Prevention of injuries such as falling, sprains and other sports injuries due to failure to see the ground.

Second: Various fixed glasses methods



Inferior contrast

1. Rubber band wrapping fixing: Let the rubber band stuck behind the ears, so that the glasses will not slide down. But this is a bit bad, that is, the rubber band is always rubbing behind the ears, which makes people feel uncomfortable. The skin behind the ears is often a bit itchy.


2. Nasal stubborn tape: both sweat and non -slip, and it is not uncomfortable to wear such glasses. However, the disadvantage is that it affects the aesthetics, and after a few days, the tape will stick to it.

3. Wear contact lenses during exercise: This method is even more undesirable. Because the contact lenses are easily cracked after a long wind, it is easy to remove, which will cause physical damage to the cornea.

4. The plastic wrap method: The plastic wrap is wrapped around the bend of the glasses. Fix the glasses by increasing friction. Just for a long time, slightly not breathable, and the comfort will decrease.

Third: Choose a method that suits you according to the amount of exercise


1. If you usually have a large running training volume, it is recommended that you use your hairband during exercise. You can fix the glasses and suck sweat, or buy glasses fixed rope or glasses anti -sliding cover.


2. If you usually have a large amount of exercise, it is recommended to wear it once and for all to wear professional optical running glasses. It protects vision while blocking ultraviolet rays and strong light. It can also protect you from damage such as flying insects and wind sand, and it will not be broken even if it is hit by impact lenses.

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