How advanced is the plaid coat? Look at these practical temperament, smart women are wearing

In the autumn and winter seasons, the warm and thick “coat” is a must -have item, and our wardrobe must be indispensable! If you are tired of the traditional black and white gray coat, this winter, you may wish to try this “plaid coat” with retro temperament!

For one of the most popular elements in winter, it not only comes with retro style, but also has a strong fashion. But at the same time, if we choose not right, it is likely to wear a messy feeling. So, let’s talk about the choice and matching method of “checkered coat” today, hoping to help everyone.

1. The choice of “checkered coat”

Select ①: Large checkered or small checkered?


When you choose a checkered coat, the most important thing to pay attention to is “the size and neatness of the plaid”. Whether the plaid is neat or not. If the lines of the plaid coat are not neat, it will only wear a messy rustic feeling.

For “plaid coats”, we need to classify discussions. The best choice is the large checkered coat worn by the bloggers below. It has a generous temperament and good control, but it is less retro. It is suitable for older women 50+ years old!


Then there is a large checkered coat with a relatively small grid, which is the style worn by the blogger below. This plaid is more atmospheric than small plaids, but the visual expansion is more serious, so it is not suitable for a slim -fit coat.


When you choose this large checkered coat, one is to choose a loose style, and the other is to focus on highlighting its temperament and leisure, not to say that you must create a retro feeling of checkered!

The small checkered coat has the strongest retro temperament, and the thinner effect is the best. Because this small checkered is more dense, it is more suitable for applying in a slim -fitting coat, not a loose version of coats, otherwise the entire shape will be very embarrassing.


At the same time, the more streamlined the design, the better the design. If there are too many design, it will still make the original coat more messy, thereby reducing the original grade of the shape!

Select ②: Long model or short?

The second is the choice of style. Relatively speaking, whether to choose long or short and “plaid size” is not related. Therefore, we can choose directly according to our dress style and body conditions.

If you want to wear a capable temperament, and if you want to dress high, you can choose a short and medium -long coat jacket. The length of the short coat is up and down on the waist, and the length of the medium -length coat is below the hips and above the knee.

The long coat is more temperamental. This is why the long coats are mostly large, because the style of large checkered and long coats is closer. The combination of the two is perfectly enlarged this style advantage! Of course, long coats have better requirements for body figure. If you are a small sister, you still have to try it carefully.


Second, the combination of “checkered coat”

After talking about how to choose a plaid coat, then I should talk about the matching of the plaid coat. For checkered coats, the most important thing is to grasp the two aspects of “color matching” and “matching lines”.


Idea ①: outer complexity and simplified inside


Because the color of the plaid coat itself is more complicated, in terms of matching, we cannot choose other items with complex elements, such as striped tops and checkered pants. Everyone needs to avoid it!

In color matching, we only need to follow the most basic “external complexity and simplification”. Pick a black and white checkered coat with a gray top+tight jeans on the inside. The simple color matching is enough to create a stylish and generous temperament charm.


In addition, we can also use the color schemes that echoes inside and outside. Simply put, the color of the inside is the same as the color in the plaid coat, which will increase the overall coordination and advancement of the shape and look greater!

For example, the matching of Miyu Mu’s mother first chose brown+black+gray checkered coat, and then paired with a gray top+brown cigarette pants. The inner and outer colors echoed, and the temperament was advanced and durable.


Idea ②: smooth lines, obvious waistline


In the selection of checkered coats, everyone already knows that the plaid should be uniform. Then, in terms of matching, we also need to ensure this sense of lines and choose the smooth clothing from top to bottom. For example, the combination of slim sweater+A -line skirt focuses on highlighting the figure line, and naturally it can be more tall and thin! The high waistline is also a type of line with lines, of course, it is indispensable.

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