47 Real Estate Project Activity Planning Scheme

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1. Real Estate Project Street Dance Theme Creation Activity Planning Scheme.ppt

2. Real Estate Project Tanabata “Yangliu Chunfeng” activities planning plan.ppt

3. Jin Wei advertisement – Changsha Yin Xiangjiang Project Promotion Strategy Reporting.ppTX

4. Ocean Yangshan product conference planning plan.pptx

5. Jingrui Real Estate (the ancient Tide York Play “National Tide Theme Annual Conference.PPTX

6. Real Estate Project Magic Forest Parent-child Fairy Tale Carnival Planning Program.pptx

7. Real estate project college entrance examination public welfare activities planning plan.pptx

8. Real Estate Project High-end Owners Answer on Thanks to Evening Banquet Planning Program. PPTX

9. Real Estate Project First Mechanic Fighting Athletic Theme Experience Situation Planning Plan. PPTX

10. Real Estate Project Food “粽” Singer Love Concentrated Dram Owners Appreciation Conference Planning Program.pptx

11. Real Estate Project Concert “Miyazaki Junjiu Jun Shi” activity planning plan. PPTX

12. Real Estate Project Golden Autumn October – December Golden Autumn Party Series Activity Planning Scheme. PPTX

13. Real Estate Project Light Oxygen Time Life Museum Activity Planning Program.pptx

14. Real Estate Project Online Gourmet (Spring Out “Activity Planning Program.pptx

15. Real estate project line broadcast (Angel Love Beautiful March Goddess Season Theme) Activity Planning Program.pptx

16. Real Estate Project Line Live Promotion Strategy Program.pptx

17. Real Estate Project Line Warm Activity Creative Planning Scheme. PPTX

18. Real Estate Project Dragon Boat Festival national tide wind “Xihe Duanyang lyrics” activities planning plan.pptx

19. Real Estate Project Community Operation Planning Scheme. PPTX

20. Open event planning plan for real estate project demonstration area.pptx

21. Open and “Super Street” Life Experience Plan for Real Estate Project Demonstration Zone. PPTX

22. Real Estate Project Father’s Day Special Theme “Mountain Silent, Love Sound” Activity Program.pptx

23. Real Estate Project Panda comes to IP activities planning plan.pptx

24. Real Estate Project Tide Pistachio “Youth Training Camp” activity planning plan. PPTX

25. Real Estate Project Mother’s Day (Japanese Flower Road Infraction Lecture theme) Activity Planning Program.pptx

26. Real Estate Project Summer “Summer Carnival Season” activities planning plan.pptx

27. Real Estate Project Age Women’s Style Display Competition (Sister, Sister, Sister) Activity Plan. PPTX

28. Real Estate Project Cheongsam Theme Series Female Salon Communication Case.pptx

29. Real Estate Project New Year Guoda (Year of the Year) Theme Temple Fair Activity Plan. PPTX

30. Real Estate Teacher’s Day Special Topics Planning Scheme. PPTX

31. Real Estate Project Thanksgiving, Treasures, Red Wine, Thanksgiving, Planning Plan, PPTX

32. Real Estate Project Valentine’s Day (Love Preservation Topic) Activity Plan. PPTX

33. Real Estate Project Rainbow Theme Carnival Planning Scheme. PPTX

34. Real Estate Project Safety Night and Christmas “Christmas Wonderful Night” activity planning program.pptx

35. Real Estate Quarterly Theme Event Planning Scheme. PPTX

36. Real Estate Project Summer Beach Carnival Party Planning Program.pptx

37. Real Estate Project Summer Hot Square “Hug Summer, Movie Tour Length” series activities planning program.pptx

38. Real Estate Project Standards Culture Festival Planning Scheme. PPTX

39. Real Estate Project Online Live Planning Scheme. PPTX

40. Real Estate Project Christmas Slifting Tale Town Theme Event Planning Program.pptx

41. Real Estate Project Guo Charity Vehicle Festival “Fur Far Sister” Activity Planning Program.pptx

42. Real Estate Project National Day Technology Show “Star Crossing Meeting Future” activities planning plan. PPTX

43. Real Estate Project National Day + Mid-Autumn Festival “NIEC TO Meet you Rabbit” Special Activity Planning Program.pptx

44. Real Estate Project Landscape Demonstration Zone Open & Photine Artistic Awards Planning Program.pptx

45. Real Estate Project Double Eleven First International Haitao Festival “Le A Tao X-Fun” activities planning plan.pptx

46. ​​Real Estate Project Double Eleven Carnival Event.pptx

47. Commercial Plaza Tanabata, Valentine’s Day, special event .pptx

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