At the age of age, the baby should quit the “baby bottle”, the mother knows that good early

I believe everyone has heard a slogan: “Breastfeeding is good.” Some scientific research results show that breastfeeding can improve children’s resistance, enhance immunity, and make the baby’s growth and development more healthy. Six after the child’s new birth is born Month is the best time for pure breastfeeding. Then you can continue to feed breast milk and assist adding appropriate food feeding until you are 2 years old or longer.


The World Health Organization and the United Nations Children’s Foundation suggested that breastfeeding began in the first hour of baby birth. Moms can use breastfeeding within six months after the child falls to the ground. Many families will squeeze these milk into the bottle, or use milk bottle to brew milk powder. It is to quit the bottle.

Cousin Xiaxia’s son is five years old this year, but he still can’t quit the bottle. Even if he goes to kindergarten, he must take the bottle. At first, Xiaxia didn’t care and thought that it was normal for the child to drink milk. By the way, it was not until one day, the child and cousin said that their toothache, tears, my cousin hurried to take the child to the hospital, and after checking, I knew that this was a milk bottle caries. The cousin regretted it.

What is milk bottle caries?

The milk bottle caries are caused by the bottle, because the child uses the bottle for a long time. While sucking the bottle, the milk will be attached to the surface of the child’s teeth, causing a large amount of bacteria that corrode the teeth in the mouth. Wait.


At this age, the baby should quit the bottle

Generally speaking, after six months of children, parents can try to quit the bottle, try to let the child use a straw, etc. At about one to one and a half years old, you can use a wide -mouth bottle. The age of age will form a habit, which is difficult to quit, which will harm tooth development.

How should parents help their children quit the bottle?


Practice 1: Cultivate children’s interest.

For children at this age, interest is very important. Don’t tell the child with the truth, the child can’t understand, and the child does not understand what the bottle is harmful. It only knows that it is more interesting. The child is born with interesting things. It should help children to slowly cultivate their interest in water cups and other utensils, and slowly overly, grasp the opportunity, and let the children often contact the water cups, wide -mouth bottles, etc., and let the child accept this way of drinking water.

Method 2: Choose the right cup.

We must pay attention to the practicality and fun of the cup, you can start with a bright cup, and take into account the practicality. The more durable cups are suitable for children. Because children are playful, some fragile materials are not suitable for children. And it is better to grab it, because the child’s hand is smaller than adults. When choosing a cup, don’t choose the opening cup at the beginning. You must transition from the duckbill cup, slowly let the child accept it, and then change the straw cup. Finally, there is a wide mouth bottle or an open bottle. Don’t worry.

In the process of children’s growth, there are many places to pay attention to parents, so as parents, we must pay attention to the small details of these life. Only by doing good efforts in detail can the child be better taken care of. A small thing, but if you don’t pay attention, there may be more serious consequences.

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