7 fishing rods with high cost performance, cheap and strong, more than 10 pounds of fish can also easily deal with

Last time I wrote an article about the equipment selection equipment. I said in the article that novices do not have to buy very cheap things. If the funds are not particularly nervous, they can go directly to four or five hundred like fishing rods. Good guy, after writing, a bunch of people spit out, saying that novice uses high carbon rods to break, there is no need to buy such expensive ones, and so on.


Well, since so many people think that novices should use cheap fishing rods, then I will introduce a few fishing rods I have used or more familiar and more cost -effective.

Generally, novices will not set target fish when they go out to fish. They all come to fish, and then they yearn for fishing. Therefore, the few fishing rods introduced today are very strong. Strong means that the wall of the pole is thick and heavier. You must not think about it cheap, strong and strong at the same time, which is not realistic.

The first: Guangwei Zhushan

Guangwei is a brand that I like quite well. At the same time, he is also the “big brother” of the domestic fishing gear industry. The strength is beyond doubt. The product is also very good. You can vomit him. Don’t question his solidity!


Speaking of Guangwei, many people may first think of red blades or Longyun. The red blade is cheap and Long Yun feels better. These two rods are indeed possible. I often recommend it to fishermen, but to say that classic, Zhushan is well deserved.

The bamboo pole should now be out of the fifth generation. In addition, there are Zhushan carp, bamboo mountains, black pit version, etc., which can be so many series, you can imagine how good the sales are. This pole is actually very average to see fishing, but those who have used it know that its toughness is very strong, and the fishing rod becomes a big bow. If you mainly fish for catfish and small carp, you will occasionally encounter a big big big. Fish, buy it right, it is recommended to be within 4.5 meters.

Second paragraph: Guangwei cannot one copy

This is also a classic fishing rod, and it is also very strong. The only problem is that the price is relatively high, and the novice friends with low budget are not so friendly. If it is impossible to go to the four generations, it will be 439th after 4.5 meters, even if the three generations are 365.

Six or seven years ago, my friend bought a 5.4 -meter. I took it to pump it. The feeling of 5.4 meters was a bit heavy, a bit soft, but the skin was thick, durable, and strong. The puppets are hard -rigid, without counseling.

In fact, many fishing rods of Guangwei are like this. Some rods are very fine, soft, and they are not heavy, but he is thick and tough. It is continuous. It is actually quite suitable for wild fishing. Essence If you have a lot of carp and do n’t want to miss catfish, you can buy this at the same time. You can buy this. The size is recommended to be 4.5, 5.4.

Third paragraph: Han Ding Zhan

The highest -selling fishing rod of Hanting should be Hanking No. 1. The price of that pole is relatively low. I feel that it is okay, but many people who wrote an article before are either working or not. It ’s unrealisticly that it’ s not too high. It ’s not too high. It’ s unrealistic.

The price of Hansing war is almost twice as expensive than Handing No. 1, but it must be better in all aspects of the feel and workmanship. How to choose to see everyone’s own ideas.


Han Ding also has an all -round battle. The price is dozens of dollars more expensive than Han Ding. Many fishing authors said that it was easy to use before this fishing rod. The logic of dividing money and one point should be better.


Fourth paragraph: Han Ding giant carp

I always thought that “giant carp” and “giant carp legend” were the same series of fishing rods. As a result, the customer service was asked, and the customer service said no. The giant carp legend I have a 4.5 meter, very strong. I went to get four or five pounds and it was still hard, and the strong horses were directly up, but I never broke the holiday.

However, the legend of the giant carp seemed to have not sold it, and the second generation was more expensive. Then I found a giant carp after finding it for a long time. I thought it was the same series. As a result, I knew it was not. However, I watched the price and parameters, and found that it was almost the same as me. I bought less than 200 meters at 4.5 meters, and the official store of the giant carp sold 189.

The picture below is the legend of my giant carp. Everyone should have seen it, and now wild fishing is sometimes used.

Fifth paragraph: Jiayu Nigwu Mo

The sales volume of Jiayu Ni is also quite large. I feel that his product should be more low -end, and Fu Mo should be their main series. There are several types, including the collection version, the black pit version, and the big object version. Wait, the collection is divided into No. 3 4, and to be honest, I am also dazzling.

For ordinary wild fishing, General Magic Collection No. 3 is completely enough. 4.5 meters of fishing weight is officially marked between 1200 and 1500, and the weight of the finished product is 97 grams. Then this data should be said to be suitable for wild fishing. Of course, if you are pursuing fishing and wanting to dry the fish, then choose the No. 4 hidden, the price of 4.5 meters is about 300. The official calls “the entire waters in 20 pounds”, not to mention 20 pounds, let’s fold 10 pounds for 10 pounds. This is enough.

Jiayu Ni also has a pole called “Donglai”. The parameters of the “Donglai Lake Store Edition” are similar to the 3rd. The number is doubled, but the price after the voucher is only 184, which is cheaper. I think there should be a difference in feel.

Sixth paragraph: Shuangbao Xuan Tu

I did n’t know if Shuangbao’s fishing rod was before. It was fishermen who often left messages and asked me private messages. I only knew that there was such a brand. Then I went to know it and found that the sales of the sales volume were pretty good. The best thing to be sold in the past should be “macro maps”. This pole has now been out of the fifth generation, but because the price is relatively high, it is not recommended here for the time being.


Xuan Tu should be listed last year. His price is more than 200 meters, as long as he is half of the 5th generation. But to be honest, I feel that the painting is still good -looking, simple, calm, and atmospheric. It is not as delicate as a galaxy. It may be a problem with personal preferences.

In terms of fishing, the official labeling of 4.5 meters is 1800 grams. This data is relatively conservative, because I see some fishing rod evaluation on the Internet. The extreme fishing weight of this rod is nearly 3,000 grams. In fact, for wild fishing, 1800 grams is enough, after all, there are not so many big fish. If you like comprehensive fish, buy a 4.5 -meter to size, and I think it is very suitable.

Paragraph 7: Fishing King Fighter


The fishing king has two fishing rods more recommended, one is white thorn, and the other is overlord. White thorns are comprehensive rods. If you look at the parameters, you know that the weight of 4.5 meters is 105.5 grams, and the flat fishing limit is 2200 grams. The overlord is a large lightweight rod, which is also 4.5 meters, its weight is 123.5 grams, and the top fishing value reaches 3800 grams.


How to choose how to see everyone’s preferences. If it is ordinary fishing white thorns, if you have to compare with big things, you will be overlord. However, there are differences in the size of the size. Choosing white thorns is basically less than 5.4 meters, and the overlord is more than 5.4 meters.


If you like to do big things, don’t use a short pole. Even if this pole is strong, there is no advantage in the short pole. Because the radius of the catfish is too small, the fish is struggling, and the fish may not be touched.

Written at the end:

The above 7 models are the fishing rods that I think are suitable for novices. The price is about 200. If you are still expensive, you can consider starting Hanking No. 1 and Chi Blade. These two models are large. Row.

There are also many brands that have not been mentioned, such as fierce attack, creativity, Wo Ding, red wolf, etc., not that it is not good, but I don’t know much. If you have used fishermen, you can leave a comment and talk about you. view.

[About the author]: Xiaofei, a post -90s fishing enthusiast, hopes to use text to record the beauty of fishing and leave the experience to those who need help. Welcome to pay attention.

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