After reading this cabinet strategy, I understand it, and may save thousands of dollars

The cabinet is an indispensable part of the decoration, and the choice of chosen on the cabinet plate, paint (decorative surface), and cabinet door shape has always been the place where everyone focuses on care.


Therefore, let’s take a look at the three aspects that the cabinet needs to pay attention to today, including 13 details, and understand that it may save thousands of yuan!



In home decoration, there are mainly 4 categories of boards that are mainly transported, divided into: plywood, particle board, fiber board, solid wood board.


1. Polytes (aliases: fine core board, splint, multi -layer board, triple board, five -in -board board, nine iconic)

Parahic board, use glue to stick layers of wood chips into plates. Compared to solid wood plates, it has the advantages of duration resistance, humidity resistance, large plate surface, and strong resistance to deformation. Many aliases, for example: triple boards are made of three layers of wood.


2. The particle board (alias: granular board)


The particle board is the wood chips particles of the same size and specifications. By adding gum, sclerosis, waterproofing agent and other auxiliary materials, it is suppressed into plate -like plates in high temperature environments.


3. Fiber board (alias: density board)

The raw material of the fiber board is wooden fiber. It has the advantages of uniform material, small vertical and horizontal strength, and difficulty cracking by adding artificial panels made by adding teloraldehyde resin or other applicable adhesives, but it is easy to expand and deform.


4, solid wood

Use solid wood boards to make cabinets. The cost is really high. It is recommended to choose white wax wood, oak, cherry wood, teak and other wooden breeding plates that are suitable for cabinets. It is not recommended to choose cheap woody species such as pine and eucalyptus.


At present, in the overall customization, more plates are used for particle boards (alias: granular board) and solid wood multi -layer plates (plywood), and on -site woodworking uses more solid wood multi -layer boards (plywood) and fine wooden boards ( The “special” plywood is more convenient to cut the edges and collapse).


Two, decorative

Classified according to the different materials of the surface lacquer surface (decorative surface) of the plate, mainly divided into 5 types: melamine immersion rubber film decoration, PVC coating surface, solid wood sticker noodles, paint decorative surface, skin sensor membrane decoration noodle.

1. Tripulamine impregnated adhesive paper film decoration

At present, the mainstream uses more plates of melamine immersion rubber film decoration (commonly known as paint -free board and ecological board). It can imitate the visual effects of wood grain, concrete, stone pattern and other patterns. Playing cabinets, you like to use paint -free plates, so that you can save paint steps, saving time and effort.

2. PVC membrane decorative surface

The main features of PVC film decorative surfaces are high toughness and high softness. They often serve as fiber boards to enhance the flexibility and moisture resistance of the fiber board.

3. Solid wood stickers


The most important feature of solid wood stickers is natural wood texture, which is more spiritual and authentic, which is more spiritual and authentic, and the price is relatively high.

3. Paint decorative surface

The paint decorations are generally selected as a substrate, because the surface of the fiber plate is smoother and flat, the effect is the best after painting, and the paint surface is smooth and bright, and the cleaning is simpler.

4. Somatoscopy decorative

The skin sensor decoration is a new type of decoration, which has the same touch as the skin. It is very smooth and delicate. It is mainly used in the cabinet door, and it has strong pollution resistance. Even if there is stains, wipe it gently with a wet cloth. It can be removed, and it is easy to take care of cleaning.

Third, cabinet door

The cabinet door is an important part of the cabinet, and it is also relatively popular to make the cabinet main body on site, and then the cabinet door is customized to save work hours, and the color of the cabinet door is richer. It is a tablet cabinet door and shape cabinet door.

1. What is a flat cabinet door or -shaped cabinet door


The tablet door: The surface of the cabinet door is flat without any bump shape or relief pattern.


Styling cabinet door: The surface of the cabinet door has bump shape or relief patterns.


2. Flat Cabinet Gate VS Styling Cabinet Gate


A, style matching


The surface of the flat cabinet door is smooth and smooth, simple and generous, suitable for modern refreshing decoration styles such as simple style and minimalist style, and in actual use, the tablet door often uses a hidden switch cabinet design; the surface of the shape cabinet door door door; The sense of hierarchy is stronger, and it looks more atmospheric. It is suitable for decoration styles that are more stable and dignified and grade quality requirements for Chinese, European and American style.

B. Clean

The surface of the flat cabinet door is flat, and it is not easy to accumulate ash. Generally, it can be wiped with rags. The bump shape and interface gap of the door door of the shape cabinet is easy to accumulate dust. The gap dust is difficult to clean at one time when cleaning.


C. Weight

Under the premise of the same thickness, the bump shape in the middle of the door door of the shape cabinet will reduce part of the weight, and the flat surface of the tablet cabinet door will not reduce the weight. Therefore, the tablet door is heavier than the shape cabinet door. The cabinet door generally requires high nailing power and anti -deformation performance of hardware quality and plate.


D. Price

When the flat cabinet door is produced, the surface does not require processing treatment. It can be painted or painted directly. The difficulty is low and the cost costs are less. The prices will be relatively expensive. Large and time -consuming.

Well, today I talk about the topic of “cabinet”. When choosing, you can choose to match according to your own needs and preferences, but you must pay attention to the bearing gravity of the board. Once you exceed the upper limit of the bearing gravity of the board, it is easy to be easy The problem of bending and deformation of the cabinet or cabinet door appears. In addition, the moisture -proof ability of the board is also critical.

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