Organic latex mattress, to recognize steel membrane anti -counterfeiting

I don’t know if everyone has not paid attention to latex. Any latex products produced in Thailand will have Made in Thailand steel prints. Why do you have this steel print?

Note: The Thai government has stricter product quality requirements. If you find fraud or imitation, the same crimes are required to bear the same crimes as FD, and latex underwear meets the Thai standard.


In China, there are some fake steel marks in latex products in China.


So how to distinguish the true and false of steel printing. The most steel prints in China should be the concave steel prints. Most of these steel prints are basically fake, because the concave steel prints are currently doing related latex products. One is the LS factory. Hao factory.


Most of the latex products produced in Thailand are raised steel prints as shown below


Steel printing of latex mattresses

Thai latex mattress steel print

If the latex products you buy are all big brands, for example: Thailand’s ThePtex latex mattresses should also be paid attention to, because there are also fake brands of mattresses, so in addition to the steel printing, pay attention to the quality. Steel prints are just a channel for identifying authenticity, stickers, etc. are not necessarily useful.


In order to save friends for trial and error, if you want to buy Thailand ThePtex latex mattresses, you can personally recommend to see the old Su. Because, in addition to the steel seal of the Thai Laoge Thai Thai Thailand, there is also the brand authorization of ThePtex, the Customs Certificate, the Thai reputation standard, the German ECO certification.

In addition, the latex content of the latex is also a top priority. Be sure to keep your eyes on the latex content of the latex. It is best to be pure glue, more than 93%.

It is worth mentioning that,

At present, organic latex autonomous certification is IFOAM certification. This is an international organic agricultural alliance and public welfare organization. IFOAM’s certification process for organic latex is quite strict. Monitoring records trace the cultivation process of rubber trees. In Thailand, there are 48.48 million mu of ordinary rubber gardens, while the organic rubber garden is only 194 acres. So each drop of organic rubber juice is quite precious.


Organic latex.

In addition, there is a GOLS certification for organic latex, but the company’s nature requires money, so in comparison, the IFOAM certification is more authoritative than GOLS. Many of the articles of association of GOLS certification refer to IFOAM certification.

Also tell you how to check whether the brand has IFOAM to certify organic latex. The following takes the Thai brand ThePtex of the Laobo’s family as an example:


Step 1: Enter the official website of iFoam,


Step 2: Click THAILAND, the Thai flag

Step 3: Enter thePtex here, click Search below.


Step 4: You can find the corresponding brand information. If not, it is not organic latex.

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