Is “longan” and “longan” the same food? Why are the names so much?

Is there a difference between longan and longan? I believe many people will have this question. After all, they are indeed the same fruits, but are they really just different names?

The answer is naturally no. So what is the difference between longan and longan?

01 The difference between longan and longan

First of all, longan, longan is the fruit we bought on the fruit stall every day. It is fresh and can be eaten directly. After peeling the skin, we will find that longan meat is crystal clear and is a bit similar to lychee. In the import of it, the tender and juicy taste feels very comfortable, and it is a very relieved heat after frozen.

Let’s talk about longan. Guiyuan is made of fresh longan. Put the fresh longan to peel the nuclear and dry it, which is Guiyuan. There is no fresh and tender and juicy, but it can be used to make soup and prevent many diseases. It is also a good product for health care.

Generally, longan is only sold in the dry goods market or Chinese medicine stores, and it is not visible on the fruit stall.

In addition, although longan contains a variety of nutrients, it is not suitable for storage, and we can only eat it in the season when Longan is rich in; while the longan is regardless of the season, it can be included in the dishes and the medicine. Also strong.

In summary, although longan and longan and longan, although it is the same food, there is still a big difference. Everyone can choose to eat longan or longan according to their needs.

02 Legend about their names

There are many legends about their names, and today I share the more famous one:


It is said that a long time ago, there was a evil dragon in Fujian. Whenever the tide of sea water in August came out, it came out to make a wave, which harmed countless people.

There is a high -strength teenager named Guiyuan in the local area. In order to protect his father’s fellow, on the day of the tide of August, he prepared a large number of pork and mutton that was soaked in wine on the shore. Steel knife, dug out the eyes of the dragon, and after a fierce killing, the dragon bleed too much and died too much. Guiyuan was sacrificed due to excessive injuries.

In order to commemorate the longan of Guiyuan, the folks buried the dragon eyes and longan they dug down together. The second year grew two big trees. The result was on the tree. Therefore, it is called “Longan Tree”, and the fruit is “Longan”, also known as “longan”.

03 Do you eat too much to get angry?


The reason why they are labeled with “getting fire” is mainly because of the high sugar content, and this kind of meat fruits are easier to stuff the teeth.


If the oral cavity is not cleaned in time after eating, the residue will easily cause bacteria in the mouth and cause inflammation. In the early stage, it may be manifested as gums.

Gingivitis is a relatively gentle gum problem. The main feature is that the gums are swollen, bleeding, and pain. Is these like you feel “getting angry” after eating fruit?

So how to alleviate this feeling of “getting angry”?

The solution is very simple: after eating the fruit, use the tooth to clean the flesh residue in time, and rinse your mouth with water in time, then you may not feel that there is any fruit to “get angry”.

Expanded knowledge: What is going on with “getting angry”?

If the fruit with high sugar is “getting angry” because of the breeding of bacteria in the oral cavity, what is going on?

In fact, local inflammation caused by bacterial infections. Many people may notice that after eating melon seeds dirty. Because the melon seed shell is actually very unclean, there are many bacteria on it, and they bring them into their mouths when they eat it.

Sometimes eating some dry foods may also directly cause oral mucosa injuries. It will also be described as “getting angry”.

The reason why I have to “get angry” is because there is actually no “fire” at all. The so -called “getting angry” is the summary of the ancient people’s experience of physical feelings. The ancients described the feelings such as fever and redness as “heat” and “fire”. Although the ancients’ description of the inflammatory experience is very vivid, it has no meaning to find out the cause and symptomatic treatment.

If the bacteria caused by the sugar in the mouth, then the oral cavity can be avoided from the cause; if the food is not clean, then clean the food can be avoided; if the mucous membrane is caused by physical damage, then eat it. Be careful or avoid the mucous membranes in the oral cavity …

Since there is no “getting angry”, it should not be “fire”.

Is it relying on Guiyuan to make up iron?


Many people think that women are particularly suitable for longan because it can nourish blood. In fact, the iron content of longan is not prominent, and the absorption rate is not high. It is not a good iron supplement food, but it is still possible to eat as snacks.

If it is iron deficiency anemia, eat more red meat, liver, and blood products, both iron content or iron absorption rate.

Do you prefer the taste of longan or longan, how many one is eaten at a time?

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