Can anti -radiation apron prevent radiation protection?

The role of radiation -proof apron:


In order to reveal the useful truth of pregnancy -anti -radiating apron, CCTV took the lead in whether to block the electromagnetic radiation detection of the radiation -proof apron bought on the market.CCTV confirmed that Jingqi’s radiation -proof apron can effectively shield electromagnetic radiation through the “electro -electrostatic ion ball experiment”.Therefore, wearing a radiation -proof apron can indeed play a role in shielding electromagnetic radiation.

In the CCTV “So” program, through the “human experiments” in the key laboratory of the outside of the country, the pregnant woman’s pregnancy prevention of radiation -proof apron will not harm the human body at all.The original words of the experimental results are: under the conditions of wearing radiation -proof apron, under the conditions of multiple radiation sources, the electromagnetic radiation of the human body (especially the key parts of the chest, abdomen) has been significantly reduced, which is only 10 of the external total radiation environment.%, Indicating that the radiating apron can not only protect the single radiation source, but also protect the protection of multi -radiation sources.

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