“Stealing area” in the bedroom? Following learning to do 1M wide to the top partition, one room becomes more room, too smart

How to “steal the area”? One room becomes more room.


——The smart people do 1m wide to top partition!

In the traditional impression, the bedroom is mainly used to sleep. Basically, one -third of the day spent on the bed, which is enough to reflect its importance. However, in addition to placing beds, the remaining bedroom space can be used as an additional functional area if you don’t want to waste.

Such as bedroom+study room

Such as bedroom+study+leisure area

Such as bedroom+study+bathroom


Wait, you can add a variety of functions in the bedroom. This room becomes more rooms, and the house is not large enough. If you want multiple studios or cloakrooms, it is absolutely practical to install it ~


1M wide wood grille partition

On the side of the bed or the end of the bed, it is more than enough to create an independent study or dressing area with the help of the wooden grille. It is separated from the distinction between sleeping and will not disturb each other. surroundings.

It is especially suitable for children’s rooms and master bedrooms with relatively rich area.


Advantages: multiple hollow wood grilles partitions, ventilation and breathable, and have a partition effect, but pay attention to the usual hygiene cleaning.


1M wide glass partition

With the top 1M wide glass partition, it is recommended to choose tempered multi -layer glass to double the durability. You can choose frosted or transparent materials. If you separate the cloakroom, you are recommended to choose a frosted glass partition. If it is a dressing area or a leisure area, a transparent glass partition can be partition.

Advantages: The glass material itself is very durable and high -value, which is a good partition material.


1M wide can push pull partition


Compared with the first two types, the flexibility is stronger, and the position can be moved freely, which will not affect the range of activity and play a partition role.

Advantages: Strong flexibility and high cost performance.


The additional study area can create a wall -hung desk without the area and meet the needs of learning or office. Or when making the wardrobe, keep your heart and make a wardrobe extending the desk. The integrated design is more eye -catching and the practicality is not reduced.

Adding a dressing area, you can make the idea of ​​the bedside table, dress up, and place the two -in -one bedside table. The hostess can have an exclusive dressing space, or use the window space.

Adding leisure areas, only the bedroom is separated from 1 square meters of large space. It is best to rely on the window area.

In addition, you can put on a lazy sofa or hanging chair. As a leisure area, you usually put it here, which is very comfortable ~


Additional cloakroom, use the cabinet to create a step -type cloakroom;

Or squeeze 1m wide space for the bedside as a cloakroom, and the wooden bedside board is partition.

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