In addition to granular boards, furniture can also choose Finnish pine and pine in New Zealand! Wood species, price, purchase analysis

Popular science: FAS Special
The original intention of the FAS level was evolved from the original “first -class and second class” level, which refers to the wood that can provide long -planned noodles.This level of wood is most suitable for high -end furniture, interior decorative woodwork and solid wood lines.

Small popular science: Why do some pine pine fat taste heavy?This is because the fat of pine wood is basically assembled at the scarring place, so the less pine wood is purchased, the smaller the taste, and the larger the taste.


Small popular science:
1. Open paint is also called washing white.It can be divided into open and semi -open type. The principle is to retain the pores of natural wood grain and highlight the texture.For example, oak and white waxted wood can be considered open paint.This method of painting shows the texture of wood, giving people a natural feeling
2. The effect of closed lacquer filling the wood grain completely.During construction, the wood grain is completely closed with putty and primer and then painted. It is the most commonly used construction effect. All wood species can do this.

Many people want to make solid wood custom furniture, but hesitant to make expensive prices. Compared with glue plates such as granular boards, plywood, and large core plates, the environmental protection and texture of solid wood are better.


Today I will introduce two types of pine woods that are relatively cheap: Finnish pine and pine New Zealand. These two pine woods are top -level wood species in terms of pine wood species. If you are considering buying pine furniture decoration in the near future, welcome to understand.


1. Poop science of wooden pine and pine in New Zealand

1. Finland pine

Also known as “Nordic Chisong”, artificial forests produced in Finland. Because this Finland pine is in the cold growth environment, the growth process is relatively slow, so the stability of the wood is good and durable, the wood size and specifications are stable and density is less easily broken than other pine wood. Essence

2. New Zealand pine

Also known as radiation pine, because of the unique climatic conditions of New Zealand, New Zealand pine wood has high trunks, few branches, strong wood, and lighter colors than other places. It is easy to mold and cut into various furniture. It has excellent bonding performance and size stability. The net material is uniform and very suitable for furniture.

3. Analysis of Finnish pine and pine woods in New Zealand

The wood maps of Finland Song and New Zealand, from the picture, due to the differences between the wood species and the growth environment, both although both are pine wood but have different solid wood texture and texture. You can choose according to your own preferences. Relatively speaking, there are fewer scars in pine in New Zealand, the texture is vertical, and there are more scars in Finland, and the texture of the texture is wavy.

Second, the price of Finland pine and New Zealand pine

Compared with other solid wood varieties, compared to other wood species such as white wax and oak, etc., the price of pine wood is discounted. The price range of the pine wood imported pine wood is 1000-1500 yuan, and the price of imported FAS-level oak cubic cubic cubic cubic cubic cubic cubic cubic cubic meters is more than 8,500 yuan. 5 times the price of pine wood. Compared with other wood species, pine wood has a very good price advantage. The imported Finnish pine and New Zealand pine are stable. It is suitable for custom furniture, especially children’s room furniture. The wood is soft, and it will not be so painful to encounter children.

3. How to judge that a good pine furniture is good?


Furniture made of pine in New Zealand


Furniture made of Finnish pine

1. Look at the scars, it is recommended to choose the pine wood with less scars

The scarring is less, and the tree has a large diameter and less branches. The pine and Finland pine that we import belong to the two most quality and the most expensive types of pine wood. Compared with Russian camphor pine and domestic pine wood, it is much so much.

2. Look at the color, it is recommended to choose the light color

The colors of pine and Finnish pine can be seen from the picture above. It is very clean and light, indicating that the quality is good, the taste is small, and the material is more delicate. The color of the weight of the fat is turbid yellow, indicating that the quality is relatively poor.

3. Look at the texture, it is recommended to choose straight texture

When we choose oak, we recommend choosing mountain patterns, because this is its unique feature. Matsumi is recommended to choose straight texture, the better the quality, the better. This is because if it is a parallel straight line, it means that this is a large tree diameter, and the wood that is cut on the dry wood is uniformly cut out of the wood. This material will be more likely to deform and crack. The pine and Finland pine in New Zealand, large trees, straight wood, can be cut into plates.

4. Recommended on the surface treatment method of pine solid wood

For these two kinds of pine wood, it is recommended to consider brushing water -based paint or woodwax oil. It is a good choice. Finnish pine and New Zealand pine are the best pine varieties.

1. Water -based paint

In the process of brushing water, open, semi -open paint, and closed paint can be selected.

And these two pine wrap catheters are thinner and dense, it is recommended to do closed paint treatment better.

Recommended water -based paint brand:


Dabao, Fenlin, etc.

2. Wood wax oil


There are more and more wood wax oil on solid wood painting, which is different from water -based paint and paint. In terms of environmental protection, paint is more environmentally friendly. The raw materials are mainly used with natural vegetable oils and plant waxes such as refined linolen oil, palm wax, and other natural ingredients. It does not contain toxic ingredients such as triangular, formaldehyde, and heavy metals. There is no pungent smell, which can replace the pure natural wood coatings that can replace the paint.


Recommended wood wax oil brand:


Pinhe, Fenlin, etc.

Do you think that there are so many types and knowledge of pine wood? Yes, in this society that pays more and more attention to environmental protection home improvement, the furniture and cabinets made by choosing solid wood environmental materials are relatively rest assured that this is a trend!

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