Breaking the routine, 8 interface signal card optimization project configuration scheme

Breaking the routine, 8 interface signal card optimization project configuration scheme

Nothing can make people really feel the importance of breaking the conventional than technology. New technologies, new materials, and new design are all you sang and even the drums. Whether it is a large -scale reform, or a small test of a bull knife, daring to seek new and different requirements is the requirements of this era.

In the field of professional audiovisual, the modular design signal processing equipment can freely configure the type and quantity of the signal card card according to the actual number of the project, which is very flexible and convenient. Under normal circumstances, both HDMI and CAT signal board cards are 4 interfaces. To support the 32 -line signal input and output, 8 input and output cards and 8U chassis need to be configured. ATER breaks this configuration routine, designing and manufacturing HDMI and CAT board cards that support 8 interfaces. To support the 32 -channel signal input and output, you only need to configure 4 input output cards and 3U chassis! The 8 -interface signal card is used, which not only improves the utilization of chassis space, but also optimizes the engineering configuration scheme involving integration and budget.

8 interface signal board card is equipped with DDMALL twisted twisted matrix. When equipped with a CAT signal board card, it can be matched with the DDMALL twisted twisted transmitter and receiver. The function of matrix switch. At the same time, twisted wire transmission can extend the transmission distance of digital signal from the original 5M to 100m, and the wire is light and soft, and the wiring is convenient. It is the optimal solution for large digital signals to choose to switch system. Therefore, if there is a system with long -range transmission processing requirements, the use of this board card can save half of the transmitter!

8 Interface CAT signal cards not only have ordinary signal switching cards, but also stitching function cards. Therefore, the DDMALL twisted pair matrix not only supports any transmission and switching display of the 60Hz high -definition image signal, but also can achieve any combination of DLP, LCD, and LED screens. Users can display image stacking and roaming according to the actual combination stitching arrays. The DDMALL twisted twisted matrix equipped with this type of card can be widely used in various fields, including security monitoring, command scheduling, conference merchants, digital signs, etc.

Through the innovation and integration of other engineering application technology, the 8 interface signal card can also be applied to ultra -high -definition systems in different ways to adapt to the development of ultra -high -definition. Breaking the conventional design, manufacturing and application, it aims to provide partners with more suitable solutions and create more value for users.

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