Living locomotive, two rounds carrying the soul! A retro motorcycle Mo You’s commute backpack selection

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The products used by your own, riding motorcycles feels very easy to use, share its experience, welcome to communicate.

Hello everyone, I am GT_7, an ordinary motorcycle riding a motorcycle.

This document to all


Moyou Brothers

Or I like motorcycles and have not joined in




, GT has made two articles related to motorcycles before, one is


Motorcycle riding equipment list

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Motorcycle commute

While traveling is more free and more convenient, there is a congenital weakness compared to driving or taking other transportation. After buying a motorcycle, I have always wanted to start one

Handsome appearance, reasonable functional partition, excellent loading capacity, and quality must be very good



After watching a lot of carrier -equipped brand backpacks, the styles that meet my needs are all three or four thousand, or it is or the material or design cannot meet my needs. See

Horizon 8




Back light travel function backpack


Although the product introduction did not mention a text related to motorcycles, I found that this backpack is more in line with the ideal riding backpack in my heart than many motorcycle cycling backpacks.


First of all, give the brothers a short video that GT tries to shoot by himself-


“Locomotive Life, two rounds carrying the soul”


Backpack appearance details


Horizon No. 8 Light Traveling Machine Backpack


There are two color matching. At first I wanted to choose black, but considering that I had a lot of black backpacks, I chose military green.

The combination of large -scale military green and small parts makes this backpack full of urban functional style and feels a little bit of military products. It is tough and cool.

As a backpack for a motorcycle, whether it is rubbing in the cycling, put it on the ground at will, or encounter bad weather such as light rain during short -distance motorcycles. It is very important to me.

The outermost layer of this backpack is used

TPV high -strength waterproof waterproof fabric


There is no problem with Xiao Yu in daily use.

The main bag opening and chest buckle use the magnetic suction buckle of FIDLOCK in Germany, and the cost is much higher than the common buckle.

FIDLOCK magnetic buckle

In daily use, it can achieve a fast one -handed opening and closing, and it is easy to use wearing cycling gloves.



FIDLOCK buckle

It is very safe and reliable after closing. Don’t worry about the unexpected release of unexpectedly on a high -speed ride or ride passing by a high -speed ride like an ordinary buckle.

Breast buckle is also used

FIDLOCK magnetic suction buckle

There is no problem with one -handed use, and the addition of the chest buckle also allows the backpack to fit the body with the body with the body during use, which is safer during cycling.


There are reflective fabrics at the left and right shoulder straps. When traveling at night, the lights can be discovered at a long distance, which increases the safety of night travel.


In addition to the use and attachment of the fabric, this backpack is very sophisticated. The huge storage space and the rich partition layer are also the reason to attract me. All external zippers use very good waterproof zipper. The pull is very smooth. slip.

All zipper heads are also optimized to users wearing gloves. In a small section, ropes made of umbrellas used on outdoor backpacks and military backs can be caught easier when wearing gloves.


The waterproof front bag can put the commonly used small items. The hidden zipper ensures the beauty and privacy of the front.


The right side is a waterware side bag. The opening with a loose tightness is convenient for the picking of the waterware and preventing the water tools from sliding out of itself.

On the left is a long strip -shaped pocket. I generally use it to put a mini tripod. The zipper opening is very convenient to put in and out of the long strips.


There is also a hidden pocket on the side of the back of the backpack near the side of the body. You can put some important items, such as the certificate key.

The outer layer of the independent shoe bag at the bottom uses a black scraper fabric. The three ventilation holes in front have a certain breathable function when storing the shoes.

Shoes and bags are designed with dual zipper. The internal space is very good. It is not a problem to store hard face shoes in 42 yards or soft face shoes in 44 yards.

The capacity of 27L plus a reasonable layout of pockets can meet most of the usage scenarios in daily life, but what if you put some longer and larger items? The common backpack is helpless, and this backpack can also be expanded.

It is more convenient to put some short -term clothes and other items on the zipper on both sides of the main bag. This design is similar to a light mountaineering bag. The huge opening makes the items in the bag clear at a glance.

There is also a zipper net bag and a loose pocket in the main bag.


Horizon No. 8 backpack

The backplane and shoulder straps are made of professional EVA filling material, which is thick and light, and excellent support makes users feel easier when using this backpack.

EDC installation package sharing

As a backpack for daily commute, is it necessary to use it?

“Put it”

, I will share the packing process I go out to play or work when I go out to play or work.

Considering the lightweightness of daily out, I basically bring all the essential items: MINI triangle, use some VLOGs; two real wireless headphones are relaxed by listening to songs; sunglasses are riding in the sun and playing in the sun Handsome; panoramic camera GoPro Fusion to take a cycling video; black cards are used when taking photos and other materials; notebooks are used occasionally, sometimes not to bring; cycling gloves in case the carrier protector, there is any At the time of long -distance riding, I will bring a lap or a cycling service; the driver’s license and driving license ride a motorcycle must be brought with you. Essence

Put the waterproof pockets in front of me in the electronic equipment I used to shoot, and don’t worry too much about the next light rain.

Two headphones and sunglasses are placed on the top pockets that are the easiest to get and use them at any time.

The water bottle or water cup is directly inserted into the waterware pocket on the right side of the backpack. It is recommended that the brothers riding a bicycle here choose a shorter mineral water bottle or water cup, which is even more difficult to slide out. When driving on the road, it is also responsible for the safety of the rear car.


The mini tripod is placed in a rectangular pocket on the left, and it is convenient to get it when using it.


The notebook is put in a separate notebook pocket. The inner layer is thick double -sided fleece material to protect the surface of the notebook.


The keys and documents are placed in the hidden pocket on the back.

If you go to camping or short -distance one day, I will bring a pair of light shoes just put it in the independent shoe bag at the bottom of the backpack.


After putting all the items in the backpack, the appearance of the backpack is still compact and not bloated. This can effectively reduce wind resistance when riding, and at the same time safer, especially when the wind suddenly comes horizontally in the cycling.

I go out now. There are two things that two things are my little motorcycles, and the other is this backpack. The green appearance of the military is also quite matched with the small black motorcycle. Finally, I do n’t have to say it.

Sometimes the large triangle shelf you need to use at work or the vegetables you bought on the way home. At this time, the capacity of the backpack is very practical.

Summary of experience

“Riding handsome and not ride fast”, “happy riding, safe to home”


Is every pursuit


“Wind and freedom”


The lifelong ideal of the two -wheeled motorcycle owner; an excellent motorcycle friend must abide by the traffic rules, safely drove, and clean up his car to clean up. When choosing riding equipment, he pursues excellent functions and pays attention to the handsome appearance. Although this horizontal line 8 light travel aircraft backpack is not a professional locomotive cycling backpack, it has better and more reasonable storage space, more reasonable and more comfortable wearing experience than many machine cycling backpacks. I have been satisfied with the overall performance of this backpack in about a month, and it is pretty good whether it is used or daily when riding or daily.

Hope to improve the details:

In addition to the position of the strap, I hope that the reflective material is also added outside the backpack. In this way, when traveling at night, the rear vehicle can be seen more clearly;

The independent shoe and bag at the bottom of the backpack is not friendly to users above 44 yards, and it can be increased properly;

If you can add a bag with a rain cover to cope with heavy rain, I will be more willing to use it during the motorcycle.

Sending all Mo friends: When pursuing wind and freedom, don’t forget that your family and friends hope you will go home safely! Happy cycling, safe cycling, and riding.

I am GT_7, a wild road author who can talk about everything and write everything, share the real experience of using your product, welcome to follow me, and discover more good value and better lifestyles with me.



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