Everything for the son three: Xiaoyu develops a note-Nike official website to buy children’s shoes

Time passed quickly, and the son had been able to run away in a blink of an eye. Shoes must be the key. It is not a shoe crazy for myself, but I still like AJ’s shoes very much. I ca n’t afford this shoe in hours, but they are all discounted. Buy now but have to line up. Let’s start with the doll for a good pair of shoes.

The shoes were bought earlier, and they were all bought last year, but the number has not been mastered, and many of them have not yet been worn. This is the case where children’s shoes are not easy to master.

At that time, it was released by AJ6low. The first time I bought shoes on the official website. I bought the excitement at that time. Who knows that it has been a month later. It’s much bigger, depressed.

Pseudo -box:


Three big boxes, I still have a lot of feet when I chop my hands.

The favorite is the big red box of Nike.

However, the most details are AJ’s boxes, which look taller, and of course the price is more expensive.

When I bought it, my son is currently wearing 8C.

23 gold and silver, when did I buy a pair for myself, I can’t help but chop my hands.

Some gold.


The three -double row seated, there was a pair of caterpillars bought for my colleagues and daughters. Ceremony, but this big child is a hundred! Intersection

My son grows up quickly, playing basketball with dad, and a boss will not miss any your favorite shoes you like in this life (of course you line up by yourself, dad is only responsible for paying.)

The red sandals were discounted at the time. Of course, there was no low discount on the rear. At that time, I bought it at the discount, but the workmanship was really unhappy.

The protection of the thumb is still good. After all, the child is easy to fall, and it is relatively easy to be injured if you open your toes. It is just cool in summer.

It is still possible to follow the workmanship, but there is no way to judge whether it has been worn or not.

Magic stickers are not spicy, or safe design.

The soles look slow and non -slip. I really want to get in the summer, but the feeling of this 10C will not increase by half a year! Intersection Do I want a big -footed son?

The label of 10C corresponds to the inner diameter of 16cm.

This gum’s workmanship is really speechless, hey

The giving me caterpillars, it is estimated that each child has bought it, it is still common. Every year, the color is still selling well. If you think about the good price, it is still the official website. In fact, the difference between 30 and 60. Endured

Various styling photos.

The feet of the free series are definitely good. At that time, his Free5.0 was taken away by the thief, tragedy.

It feels like an adult, and it is much thicker than free5.0. I haven’t seen it without description.

Nike’s logo is really valuable. In the past two years, I really can’t see any movements of Adi.

After the follow -up design, the picking pepper you took

This curved effect is still very remarkable.

Dream of that year, AJ6 of Sakuragi Flower Tourism. When can I bear to chop my hands for myself? The adult version is 1399. All kinds of reluctance, these LZs were discounted when they were young. And the original will not reach 1K. When I was young, I was unfortunately had no money to buy this, which made me all want to buy and buy my son now.

Positive, unfortunately it is not the same shape as Chengdao, some look like sheds and shoes.

The only heel of Shen Yun, the same shoe design. AJ’s flying man logo.

The positive effect, all kinds of small flying people.

The crystal outsole is still the same as the design of the shoes, which is too hard. The son is now wearing a hard walk.

Who is the fact that this little flying man looks too ordinary and deforms.

The details of the wiring look very good. I have seen a lot of pits recently. The workmanship of this shoe feels very good.

Later with close -ups.



Workman: ★★ ☆

Compassion: ★★★

Anti -slip: ★★★


Workman: ★★★ ☆

Compassion: ★★★★

Non -slip: ★★★ ☆


Workman: ★★★★

Compassion: ★★ ☆

Anti -slip: ★ ☆

Actually, the caterpillar is definitely the first choice for the three doubles, but it is still a bit hot. Most parents feel that wearing caterpillars will be cold in winter, and I will tell you that it is really hot. Children have a large amount of activity, and each time slippers and socks are wet. Forced to talk about AJ higher, if dad has the same, you can have all kinds of pictures. Unfortunately, Dad didn’t. If Nike’s sandals, you feel that you can buy this in 200 200. Come back, you still have to study the sandals of other brands for your son.

For those who are the first dads, their sons are cute, and all kinds of clothes and shoes are the rhythm of buying and buying. It often causes those who are not worn yet. Or buy it big, it ’s really time to wear it. It’ s the same time when you can wear it. In summer, you can wear clothes and shoes in winter. In the coming year, all the smaller are the same as toys. It is recommended that parents still have a low -key and buy it just to wear it. It is best to try the best store. However, for my son, I have always been complaining about buying shoes. If you ca n’t wear it, it ’s all your dad’ s collections.

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