“Encountered” a man in a community in Guyuan prying the lock in the early morning, the quality of the bicycle lock is easy to avoid

“Encountered” a man in a community in Guyuan prying the lock in the early morning, the quality of the bicycle lock is easy to avoid

Mr. Zhao lives in the Huacheng International B District, Beijing Road, Yuanzhou District. Due to the limited parking spaces in the community, he usually parked the car in the parking spaces planned by the community and rode a bicycle to get off work. “I bought this bicycle last year and spent 1,700 yuan. In order to avoid unnecessary losses, I bought a more than 100 yuan anti -theft lock. Bicycles usually parked on the open space near the unit building.” Mr. Zhao said Essence

On September 7, Mr. Zhao went out because of the incident and did not return home until 8 pm. At that time, he saw the bicycle outside the unit building intact, but when he went out at 6 am the next morning, he found that he loved the car. It has moved from the outside to the elevator. Mr. Zhao, who was deeply strange, was about to check the car from beginning to end, and found that the lock had been prying.

Because he was in a hurry to work, Mr. Zhao left first. After arriving at the company, he called his wife to help the property in the community to retrieve monitoring and want to see what happened. “According to monitoring, at more than 1 am on September 8, a man with a dressed and literary quality and literary quality sneaked into the community. After seeing my bicycle, he started to pry the lock, but because my lock was relatively strong, he did not pry open, and he might be afraid of it. He may be afraid of it. After being discovered for a long time, he carried the car in the unit building and continued to pry. “However, the man did not succeed in the end and could only leave.

Although Mr. Zhao’s bicycle escaped, he was still worried. “This time, it is difficult to guarantee that he will not come next time, so I want to take this opportunity to wake up the neighbors of the neighborhood. I hope everyone can take care of their valuable property. The main thing is that the community property can strengthen security, so that our owners can make our owners. Live in peace. “

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