Vitamin fudge, CK sports underwear, brunch must -have cast iron pot … “Overseas purchasing free shipping to save money”

Vitamin fudge, CK sports underwear, brunch must -have cast iron pot … “Overseas purchasing free shipping to save money”

Amazon has recently opened Prime Day. It is said that the discount is comparable to Black Five. Amazon’s largest benefits throughout the year! When I study abroad, I often use Amazon, and I started buying Overseas Amazon overseas. It is very convenient. Many products are cheaper than Tmall, and overseas direct mail does not need to worry about true and false

Amazon is a website of the United States’ main department store. It has launched Amazon overseas purchases serving Chinese consumers in China. You can buy products of the United States, Britain, Germany, and Japan with one click.

There are Chinese web pages, showing the price of RMB and supporting Alipay and



It is recommended that you open a PRIME member, with an annual fee of 388 yuan, and the price price of prime Day is 288 yuan. In this way, the purchase amount is over 200 yuan each time,

The freight is free of charge when checking out.

If you don’t want to buy membership throughout the year, you can also buy quarterly members, only use



There is also a method of wool. The first month of Prime is free. You can try it for 30 days and then decide whether to buy it. This can be free of charge.

Strongly recommend everyone to register one, you can take advantage of the discount, there is no need to pay the freight.

How do you get a free trial for 30 days?

Scan the QR code below to register.

Scan the QR code and enter the page -click to register the next left corner to try a free trial for 30 days Prime members, and then return to the page to select your favorite products. Amazon’s overseas staff helped me make a page, and the same products recommended in the article are also inside.

Is the express time for a long time?

Because Amazon ’s overseas purchasing products come from the world, the goods in different regions have different time-to-hand time, and express delivery will be dismantled and developed. On average, it can be delivered on average. It can be delivered on the day.

Can use


Amazon is really friendly to buy overseas.

Alipay payment, automatic calculation of tariffs on the settlement page, don’t worry about being deducted by the customs,

Overseas purchase of prime products is directly shipped from Amazon Overseas Site, and 100%guarantees is genuine.

Discount time?

This year’s PRIME membership day starts on July 15th, and 18 countries around the world are carried out simultaneously. Member Day in China began with Japan and ended with the United States. Because of sometimes difference, it was calculated that it was in July China time in China time. Start at 11 pm on the 14th -3pm on July 17th.

Other rights and interests of Amazon Prime members?

1) Free shipping overseas when purchasing over 200 yuan.

2) There is a Prime member day every year, and the discount strength is very large

3) There is also a super brand day every month.

4) Every Wednesday is a member day, and the members have exclusive discounts

5) Free e -book read, select e -books for free

, Kindle reader, mobile phone or computer can be seen

The article is in the end!

Amazon gave 5 champion baseball uniforms

Super appropriate, the participation method is at the end of the article.

Miracle Sponge Beauty Egg

Amazon Overseas Purchase


.04/4 Tmall 189/4

Super soft, it will expand a lot after wetting, the makeup effect is very good, the surface is smooth and delicate, does not eat powder or rarely eats powder, and the upfit is evenly uniform.

I used to use Beauty Blender. Although it is also good, it is really cost -effective. After all, the cotton pad needs to be changed regularly, so I want to find a low -cost alternative.

This is still a grass that was planted by friends, so I changed the same model and kept purchasing until now.

Estee Lauder Little Brown Bottle



9.29/50ml Tmall 850/50ml

This is bought by helping Azhuo. Azaku more than once to praise me how easy it is to use. Every time my Haitao or go abroad, she must have something in the shopping list.

“When I was in school, I felt like a bottle of silicon with a small brown bottle. After 25 years of age, I was included in my love in this life.

Maintain stability

The function is super powerful, never exploding or reddish. After staying up late, Rongguang rejected it all. “

Calvin Klein Ms. Cotton BRA


.07 Tmall 430

There are too few sets in the official store of CK Tmall. I found this suspected same as the same model with the picture for a long time. I did not expect that the price difference was so large. However, it is also normal. The difference between CK in China and abroad is huge. I also bought a 9.9 knife CK underwear when Haitao discounted.

The most important point of the steel ring -free BRA is that the design must be good. It depends on the fabric to support the chest. The CK is really cost -effective. The summer style is thin and thin. This is a sports -style bra. Or you can wear it directly as a small vest.

SAM EDLMAN nude high -heeled shoes

Amazon 903.93 yuan Tmall 1070 yuan

Sam Edlman’s pointed high -heeled shoes I have two pairs, a pair of nude and one day blue. The pair of nude colors I think is a must -have for all girls to enter the workplace. The skin is a lambskin. The soles are very soft. Although the heel is high, it is particularly stable.

At first, I wanted to buy a pair of nude pointed shoes of a pair of red bases for gifts for themselves.

These years were in the domestic fire in the domestic Jurassic Park. The hostess wore this pair of shoes to escape the hegemony dragon.

My favorite is the pointed shape, which can stretch the leg lines very well, and looks very beautiful. There are several colors of this shoe, which is more expensive, but because it can be worn at work and daily, the top rate is very high.

FOREO Foreo Luna Play Cleansing Instrument

Amazon 234 Tmall 249

For a while, I also studied it for a while. It is said that the cleansing instrument can help clean the skin more clean, which can relieve the acne muscle and white head caused by pores. But I do n’t have acne nor makeup, so I did n’t buy it.

Later, after I started to make up, I started to try the cleansing instrument and cleansing sponge. Usually use the sponge and twice a week cleansing instrument to ensure that the skin is clean.

LUNA’s brush head is silicone, very soft, vibration frequency is high, and the vibration is not large. The feeling used on the face is the soft skin pain that does not pull. By the way, this cannot be charged. It is relatively small, and the normal size is more than a thousand. It is recommended that people who have not used the cleansing instrument first buy a cheap and try it.

Amazing grass

Berry -flavored powder with 15 portable installation

Amazon 126 Tmall


This is the brand that I have been drinking when I was in the United States. All of them were made of plants. There were no additives. The sweet and sour berry flavor came from the berry powder in it.

I drink it as a way to supplement vitamins. Sometimes I am busy with my busy diet, and it is easy to miss vitamins. If your diet is balanced, you don’t need to buy these, they are just supplements, not diet pills.

Like Japanese green juice, it can increase dietary fiber intake. Different is that this Green Powder powder in Europe and the United States is generally added with a variety of antioxidants -rich plants, which are usually rich in more vitamins and minerals. You can add it in sugar -free yogurt or drink directly. Sour sour berry flavor like fruit juice, which is very healthy. The portable installation I bought is more convenient to carry, and it will be more affordable to buy a barrel.

Nature’s BOUNTY Hair Nail Cuscin

Amazon 122 (restricted to purchase) Taobao 1

Generally, if the body has hair, fragile nails, and fragile hair, it is likely to be because the body is missing some trace nutrients.

This product is also a vitamin supplement, but it is a specific supplement for people with skin drinking nails. It tastes sour and sweet strawberry. The taste of soft sugar is suitable for people with rough skin and easy to break hair nails. It will help supplement some vitamins and make your hair and nails healthier.

There are a lot of this type of tonic. The reason why this brand is really like omit sugar. I never forget to eat it. Eating two every day is like eating bear rubber sugar.

Kitchenaid kitchen booster

Amazon 303 Taobao 499

Isn’t Kitchenaid’s dream of every kitchen person? It is a very famous kitchenware brand in the United States. The chefs of the same brand are too beautiful. The baking bloggers are almost one, but they are also expensive. I admit that I bought this kettle because of its beauty, and it is quite friendly in Kitchenaid’s products.

You can hold it with water on the gas stove, or use it on the induction cooker. When the water is boiled, it will make a whine alarm sound. The sound is not small. It is broken that the family does not know.

Xiangyin stainless steel vacuum insulation cup 300ml


Tmall 189

The Elephant Printing Cup is a very famous brand in Japan. In fact, in addition to the insulation cup, the insulation cup can be kept cold. I buy the thermal insulation cup to keep cold.

I don’t worry about the ice cubes provided in some shops, and sometimes I use the insulation cup to bring the ice cubes by myself. Or use the insulation cup to bring ice coffee, the temperature effect is very good, and it will not get hot in the morning.

LODGE Mini cast iron pot

Amazon 214 Tmall 328

This is a cast iron pot bought a long time ago, and it also appeared many times in the grunt video.

The cast iron pot is uniform because the pot is heavy, so the heat conduction is uniform, which is very suitable for fried beef steaks and fried fish. The requirements for the firepower are not so high. It’s not familiar.

This cast iron pot is relatively small. It can also be used to fried meat while fried vegetables. You do n’t need to take it out to put it out. It ’s very good to take pictures in the pot. It is especially suitable for a small partner of one person.

Ballarini Parma granite color non -sticky pot

Amazon 338 Amazon exclusive

People who reduce fat should prepare a non -stick pan, so that they can make frying chicken steak, decoction eggs, no oil and miscellaneous grains, and so on. The coating of the house was broken, so I changed this.

This non -sticky granite has a deep color of my heart. The pot is forged aluminum. The density is relatively small. The pot looks thick, but it is still very light, and the girl will not feel tired.

The width of 25 cm is suitable for 2-3 people. When you use non-stick pan, you should pay attention to maintenance. If the coating of the pan is broken, you must change it immediately. The iron cast iron pot in the kitchen, the flowing pot of flowing water, usually replaced the non-stick pot once every 1-2 years, so relieved.

SWISS high -strength cranberry capsule


/100 grains of Tmall 242/90 capsules

I didn’t eat this myself, but many girls around me had to buy again. Amazon’s price was cheaper, and I didn’t need to worry about fake goods. Let me recommend it.

SWISS cranberry capsules have different specifications. This is a high -intensity capsule with higher purity. Corruption Berry capsules can help care for women’s urinary system health.

Compared with boys, the health environment of girls is more vulnerable, so in addition to doing a good job of personal hygiene, you can also choose to supplement some supplements. The cranberry capsule has a certain relief effect on the inflammation of the reproductive system. If you are healthy, you don’t want to eat every day, you can also eat one capsule for two or three days, a bottle can be eaten for a whole year.

Culturelle female probiotics 30 grains


Tmall 219

Since looking at the flora brain, I am very interested in human flora. When we are low immunity and are prone to getting sick, it is likely to be caused by the imbalance of flora in the body.

The most attractive point of CultureLle probiotics is to ensure probiotic activity. Probiotics are actually living microorganisms that are beneficial to our body. Only by ensuring the activity of probiotics and eating, it is beneficial to our body.

This probiotic of CultureLle is also healthy for women’s reproductive systems. In addition to women, there are probiotics for adults and children. Probiotics for children are also one of the probiotic brands recommended by American pediatricians.

CHAMPION U.S. Line Life series 100th anniversary Amazon exclusive reverse weave horizontal weaving

Amazon exclusively, began to promote it at 1:30 in the morning, and the discount range is very large. Some styles may even be half price! You can collect the exclusive pages of Guru, you can grab it in time.

I know almost every domestic purchase of Champion’s sweaters. On the day of the opening of the Champion store in Sanlitun, it takes several hours to line up into the store. In the United States, our school uniform is also this brand.

Champion is a brand that is more affordable in the tide brand. Compared with other tide brands, the cost performance is very high. The sweater style is simple and generous, relatively loose, and girls who walk sports style can try, because the style is loose, and you can also wear a couple outfit with your boyfriend.

Amazon’s exclusive benefits! Intersection

The prize is 5 champion baseball uniforms! Intersection Intersection

Lottery rules: Through links in the article, during the event, you can participate in the lottery in Amazon ’s overseas purchased overseas (limited to Britain, Germany and Japan direct mail) to spend more than 500 yuan (excluding freight and taxes), and one person can only draw a prize once. The winning order will be released on July 31, 2019 in the public account.

Participation method: place an order on the exclusive activity page of Guru, add

Gurufood2, send a screenshot of orders (required for order number).

Lottery time: Article release date -2019.7.20 (only for orders within this time period)

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