S925 Silver Natural Opal earrings

S925 Silver Natural Opal earrings

Today’s new W07, S925 Silver Natural Opal 4×4, 129 meters,

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The star sea is in your ear | Opal earrings come ~

Opal is the jewelry element of the most artistic atmosphere country

It is also a jewelry accessory that I personally love, and the diamond is matched with a sense of artistic atmosphere.

The daily match is also under pressure, and the skin is very fair in the ears.

The circulation is mysterious, vivid and playful. This high -end small fresh design of this Opal earrings does not lack some romantic small embellishments, as if wearing artworks. Advanced jewelry customized.

Opal is famous for its unique oil painting. The main stone of the Opal ring shows the retro and charming colorful. For example, the rainbow is colorful and colorful.

Each European Po is an unreachable artwork, all of them are unique gifts ~

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