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The holiday is not just a holiday

It is the peak period of the sun.

Whole food? Tour? Sun shooting?


These are OUT


Come “Impressive Jiangnan” My Jiawen Breakfast Experience Hall

It is a unique literary work in here.

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This National Day

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Small bench is sitting …


Drug cloth handmade expression pocket DIY

Activity time:


October 1st 10: 30-11: 10

Event Location:

“Impression Jiangnan” My Jia Wencheng Experience Hall

Nanxiang Impression City L4-K16 (L4 fun juvenile part) Junior Pass)

Activity introduction:

Non-legacy pavilion has more than 800 years of history, and hand-made pockets are raw materials, natural and environmentally friendly; built-in natural Chinese herbal bags, can prevent flu and refreshing; through this event to master common sewing needles Method and fabric production skills; the creative design of facial expressions, not only deepening the understanding of Anting Peti, but also more intensive and creativity.

The number of activities:

6 groups (limited number, first come first served ~)


Creative plant microselagic production

October 2nd 13: 30-14: 30

Nanxiang Impression City L4-K16 (L4 fun juvenile part)

Starting from planting and cherishing every grass, carefully design, clever arrangements, put your favorite things into the landscape bottle, interpretting fresh life



Bounce penguin motion paper mold manual DIY

October 3, 13: 30-14: 30


Protect us to survive the earth home, there are thousands of “neighbors” that live together in this blue star, you see the little penguins that only shake the brain, how cute, let us work together to make bounce penguins Bar



Enamel craft art drawing experience

October 4th, 13: 30-15: 00

From May 2019, they visited enamel arts art drawing experience activities. They were like many visitors, mainly in enamel semi-finished products, the beautification and creativity of enamel and creativity, were loved by various people.


In the process of drawing, enamel process knowledge, cultivates everyone’s aesthetic and imagination and creativity, and improving hands-on exercise, it is an old experience.


Auspicious group round welcomes National Day – Hand Ball Production Experience

October 5th 14: 00-15: 30

The hand-balling process is integrated into the creature of the crew, so it is meaningful to express the hope and good wishes to relatives, lovers, friends. Therefore, it becomes a gift that brings good luck and happiness.

The elements of “atmospheric, inclusive, exquisite, colorful” and traditional skills of the contemporary seafood culture are combined with traditional skills. In response to the characteristics of modern massive aesthetics, in materials, patterns, colors, volume up and down work, making the entire hydrangea It can be used as a hall of the Hall, the bite of Jirui and crafts. It can also be treated as necklaces, brooch, car hanging, hanging, seaflood, sweater chain and other actual necessities.


Hand-drawn blue and white porcelain experience

October 6th 14: 00-15: 00

Teacher Duwang Lin came to the scene to conduct paint porcelain guidance. Through the explanation and practical operations, you have a preliminary understanding and understanding of China’s Poly, the porcelain art of China.

There is no identical leaf in the world, your work is more unique, passing aesthetic and experience by personally hand-painted works, expressing attitude towards life.


Wooden Watermarking Experience

October 7th 14: 00-15: 00

Traditional wooden watermark art originates from ancient Chinese carving printing, an important part of ancient Chinese civilization and Chinese traditional culture. The wood version of the watermark work is only a wonderful, and a few can be chaotic.

Everyone can learn, appreciate the masterpieces of each generation, and the wood-based watermarks have irreplaceable expression and streaming of prints. The teacher will lead you to print the picture on the wooden version to the rice paper, printing is not copying is the inheritance and innovation of the wooden version of the watermark.

So many exciting cultures

Duck ~

This National Day is unlocking different holiday!





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