Two men in Shanghai were detained across the province’s stolen fireworks late at night

Two men in Shanghai were detained across the province’s stolen fireworks late at night

Xinmin Evening News (Reporter Xu Chichun, a correspondent, Bi Yingchun) While selling fireworks and firecrackers at the end of the year and early years, he used night cover for transportation, and finally failed to escape the eyes of the police.

The reporter learned that on January 17, the police at the Touqiao Police Station of Fengxian Public Security Branch launched an inspection operation in the area. At 1 am, a police officer who was on duty at the intersection of Ziyuan Road in Fengxun Highway stopped a white van for inspection. He did not want to seize fireworks and firecrackers on the car. After counting, there were 6 boxes of fireworks and 6 firecrackers in the car. The police then summoned the personnel on the car Tang and Di.

After investigation, Tang explained that he wanted to take advantage of the years and used fireworks and firecrackers to earn a sum, and he posted information in the circle of friends that he had the source of fireworks and firecrackers. After that, Di Mou in the circle of friends sent a purchase intention to Tang, and the two sides agreed to purchase a batch of fireworks and firecrackers at a price of 3750 yuan. Subsequently, Tang bought a number of fireworks and firecrackers from Nantong, Jiangsu, and returned to Shanghai from Nantong, Jiangsu. In the early morning of January 17, the two agreed to use night cover to trade, and they did not want to be checked by the police on duty.

In the end, Tang and Di Mou were administratively detained by Fengxian police in accordance with the law for illegal trading and selling dangerous substances and illegal transportation, flammable and explosive dangerous goods, respectively.

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