Why are you recently queued to buy luxury goods?

The fan is not a team, it is loneliness ~

The fan is recently taking time to go to SKP. When they enter the door, they will live in the front of the front of LV, Chanel, and Hermes store! The news said that there is no fake ~


The head big name may have to increase the price, the front of the front, the double-shot screen, which seems to mobilize everyone to buy it.

Whether it is Beijing SKP, Shanghai Henglong, Guangzhou Taikoo, or Hangzhou Vientiane City, each shopping mall, Chanel, Hermes, Cartier, Tiffany, is all popular. According to the news report, LV Shanghai Henglong store, expected sales to reach 150 million in August.

It is waiting in line to see queue, and I am not waiting. According to the panorar, it is difficult to buy, Patek Philippe, etc.

The fan asked some brand friends, and it is said that even their own employees, now buy things, they must rely on queue. A sister of Van Cleeah, said that she bought a two-hour team for buying a necklace. Business is not ~


Not only is the luxury wearable, these half a year because of the influence of the epidemic, there is more time at home, so it is patron to disinfection and cleaning products, and the quality of life is also particularly fortunate.


Switzerland’s top kitchen electric brand Vzug’s disinfecting wardrobe, known as a clothing housekeeper, has always been their family’s star products. This disinfection cabinet is priced for more than ten thousand. This year, this year, the epidemic, actually sales, starting to supply it ~

High-end bedding Hästens’s mattress, the epidemic is also selling well in China, hundreds of thousands of big beds, are scheduled to be left in minutes. Some people not only bought the bed, the mattress, and even equipped with the four sets of Haitan, and some bought a villa’s moist, simply mixed each house …

It seems that the epidemic does not only affect the consumption concept of the trenches, and even everyone bought bought and bought more, this is why?


———- I am dividing line ———-


Buy and rise, don’t buy, queue small meaning

△ price increase stimuli queue to buy buy buy


I have long heard that there will be a new wave of price increase in September, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Tvani and other luxury brands, the highest increase is likely to be 8% to 10%. However, the fan has also asked some luxury sales, according to them, there is currently not received the exact price increase, and many brands have been tundible in May this year.

However, this news that seems to be “holes” is directly poked with the psychology of “buying and do not buy,”, after all, the luxury price adjustment is every year, we also have seen them “there are hundreds, more Thousands of “prices change, so I would like to believe it, I can’t buy a wave before price adjustment.

“Don’t buy it is a loss, buy it is earning”. After such a “stimulation”, it also allows luxury consumption to reflow. Time to row, squeezing it is also ~

The fan is recently arranged new home, so paying attention to home soft packages.

The front of the Martha sofa chair saw from the Italian modern furniture brand Poltrona Frau, the smog is very beautiful, and the price is 10,000 yuan. It’s just a limited number, just went to China, if I want to be one now, the receipt time is probably going to half a year …

Martha sofa chair in Poltrona Frau just arrived in China, has been hidden


Interestingly, many furnitures that have been predetermined will be put on the “Collection” or “Mongcian Tibet”. It seems like watching the goods in the window, but I can’t buy it, but I have aroused your business desire, itch is itchy ~

△ Some things, queue you can’t buy


The bag clothes may be queued and can be bought, but many watch brands’ “invisible” queuing time is calculated on the year. Many when the red watch originally “a table is hard to find”, plus this year’s epidemic, waiting in line to wait for almost double.


For example, the royal oak trees, the base steel model is more than ten thousand, but the production is small, so the queue time is more than 2 years; the Patek Philippe classic Nautilus 5712A, the current price is 295,000, but it has been shipped For several years, ordinary people can’t buy money.


According to the latest news given by them, the Nautilus has queued for 10 years. Many people who bought the earlier are already properly earned.

Buying a hot door is just like buying a car, you must first apply, then queue. However, buying a car and a few months of “winning the bid” chance, but the buying table can only be awkward, saying that the brand’s queue List will not go.


This not only tests your consumption, the brand will also see if you are old customers, to their love … It is more strict than the famous school.

Foreign abroad production of domestic bartes, etc., consumption “battlefield” transformation


△ During the epidemic, buy luxury goods can only wait, etc.

It can make the causes of the mood queue to buy buy buy, in addition to the price, there is also a part of production decision. It is said that “things are rare”, when luxury goods are limited, reduced production, supply is not short, and it is not difficult to understand.

Many hot high-grade watches are guaranteed quality, as well as their own process complexity, itself is inherently produced. At the top-level watch industry that excellence, teachers are focusing on skills and craftsmen, making many buyers for several years in order to have a watch.

Therefore, in the case where the market demand is high, no matter whether it is the door to queue, or is added to the list of brands, you only have a word: That is “wait”.


This year is affected by the epidemic, almost all high-end luxury goods imports are relatively slow, and the single item is relatively large, such as furniture, affected by the logistics.


The fan is a lot of furniture bought for new housing this year. It has already determined that there is a spot chair, coffee table, is still not the most furniture, which is less than the expected logistics at least half a month to a month. There is a chair to say that July arrived, but now it has not arrived …

Like a watch, it is not high in its own production, and it is less than the downtime. Before the Fan Lord went to the store, it was found that the spot in the store had a lot more than ever, according to the clerk, they were because they downgrade for a period of affected production. I want to buy a new table, I have to wait for a while.

△ Domestic shopping mall change “main battlefield”

The output is reduced, and the abroad can’t be can’t have. The obstacles that the epidemic to buy buy buy is indeed a small. Therefore, a lot of trenches began to transfer the “purchase battlefield” to the country.

More than 70% of the past year is the Chinese people who have contributed to the purchase of luxury goods. This year, this wave begins to return to the country to buy buy, and it is conceivable that the scene will be more popular.


In addition to the beginning mentioned in the northern exemption shop, Sanya Duty Free Shop is also very popular this year. With the landing of the duty-free shopping, the fan friends are almost a large half of the group in Hainan, line up to buy luxury goods, busy “Show”, it is good.

Some friends have a friend recently, I bought a wave in Sanya. She just listened to my Amway, I didn’t buy it. This time I didn’t buy it in Sanya. I have decided to fly to Beijing. – I bought it in China. Buying or buying Convenient, a lot ~


In the face of such strong purchasing power, no wonder Chanel, Lora Piana and other big cards began to sell European goods to China, not only the goods supply relative to the previous, it is difficult to buy, now there is also the store. Spot.

As for the problem of buying luxury goods in China. In fact, in these years, luxury goods have been lapping the price at home and abroad, and more than one additional consumption during the epidemic is relatively small, flying to foreign tickets, quite I have a big pen in the province, so I will not overbidally budget it in the country’s purchase of luxury goods.

For many people, this wave is not worth it ~


Catch up with the Tanax sales, black five in advance?

△ Festival buy buy buy than black five is still cool?


The big festival is often the peak period of buying luxury gifts. Every year, Valentine’s Day is the leader. According to 新 新 称, many luxury goods clerks have said that epidemic, price increase, and Tanabata are the three reasons for the recent wave queue boom.

You must know that the epidemic in February this year affects the consumption boom of Valentine’s Day. Therefore, the Tanabata of the past has just caught up with the daily consumption of the domestic constant recovery, but everyone still “returns consumption” means.

Fanner’s Day, I found a circle of friends, and many flowers and bags that didn’t make sun-made on February 14th, all the waves were brush again this day, and the sugar is a wave ~

A lot of 2.14 large-scale “festival limited edition”, “festival is designed” and quietly. However, a lot of paintings is a bit. It’s not printed with Chinese characters, you can come out, you want to please consumers, it’s better to make a discount ~

△ Mall activity, buy it is earning

Although the epidemic, many people transferred their attention to buy buyers to the line, but the “means” of the mall stimulating consumption still can’t be underestimated, let everyone queues are also at all.

As mentioned earlier, it can’t fly abroad. The purchase also can’t get the goods. E-commerce style is not full, so buying luxury goods, I am afraid I can only move to the mall. After all, you can endure the queue, but you can’t buy luxury goods ~


And the SKP is not married, the tricks are also out of the shopping malls, every Valentine’s Day, Tanabata, and their own celebrations, there are less preferential activities, what is full of thousands, points to exchange, not light is trenches, ordinary people Also waiting for this time to buy a wave ~


Luxury goods = dacents

△ 壕 will always buy the way to buy.

Sudden epidemic, affecting all aspects of many people’s lives, ordinary people may feel: At this time, buy a luxury goods will put it first. After all, you will leave some cash, and the money is spent on the blade.

So, how many luxury is, how many will it be affected? However, the fact is that the fan has asked many jewelry watch brands. Their sales said that this year is completely sold, the business is even more popular than before … Something, this year, it is necessary to take a long time this year?

It is only daily need to be daily. From the brand sales situation, the core consumer group of luxury goods, whether it is quantity or purchasing power, there is no too much change during the epidemic, and luxury goods will never have sufficient budget.

The only difference is that they can buy a longer team this year.


△ After the epidemic, shopping enthusiasm is back.


When the epidemic this year is more serious, the trenches will also choose to stay at home, so the mall door can be Rocar, which seems to be cold and will give “business is not good”.


In fact, many luxury goods started to serve online, most of them will choose to shop online during that period, there is a demand, wherever they don’t sell.


As the epidemic ended, at home, it was only necessary to transfer back to the store to buy. Therefore, the mall is also upgraded with passenger traffic ~

You must know that luxury stores originally guaranteed shopping experience, using certain current limiting measures – such as waiting for the waiting area at the door, 5 minutes to put a wave into the store. It can only be said that these are actually a common phenomenon before the epidemic ~

Ok, about the queue to buy buy, today we will talk about it. Have you ever waiting for a luxury queue? Welcome to share shared sharing ~


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