Russians can never do without the three bars

For the Russians, “Three Tao Bars”+”Slavic squat” = gangster fashion culture, as long as they give them a set of three bars, Russian society can squat anywhere to think about life. In Russia, the most tide is Adidas Three -piece set.

Moscow did not believe in tears, but only believed in Adi. One eye -catching three bars are the coolest and coolest symbols on the streets of Russia. It is a pass for every Slavic climbing to the peak.

If vodka is the blood flowing from the Russian people for generations, then Adidas is the street totem of the Russian people.

“Coming to Russia, if you don’t have an Adi, you will be looked down on.”

In fact, the Russians’ Adidi complex arisen before the disintegration of the Soviet Union.

In 1980, Moscow held the 22nd Summer Olympic Games. However, due to Brezhnev’s blind development of the heavy industry during the administration, the light industry was basically paralyzed.

At a critical juncture, the German brand Adidas is willing to sponsor. In order to keep the face with ADIDAS, the Soviet officials and ADIDAS will only retain the three bars.

But how can this be able to hide the news of the news? For a while, the three bars symbolizing the national honor had swept the entire Soviet Union and became the most popular clothing in the 1980s.

After the Olympic Games, many athletes were recruited by the Russian gangsters because of their strong body. They continued to wear three bars on the streets. Other gangsters wanted to put on three bars. No genuine Adi.

As a good brother of Russia, Chinese businessmen quickly poured a large number of cottage three -bars sportswear into Russia. The gangster brothers also put on the three -way bars sportswear, and the success rate of the sister -in -law greatly increased.

Even in order to unify the clothing in the prison, the prisoners were put on three bars sportswear, and they were uniform.

At the most important wedding in life, the Russians must also wear Adi. Wearing Adi’s wedding has become a trend of Russians.

The truck driver Bastn Lovskey wore his favorite Adi when he got married with his wife Anastasia.

“When I drive a truck, I like to wear Adidas. It can significantly improve my ability to control the vehicle. At the most important moment in my life, I have to wear Adidas, which makes me feel at ease.”

Wearing a three -way bar at the wedding not only showed the strong body of the groom, but also made the entire ceremony full of romantic feelings.

For wedding photos before marriage, every Russian couple believes that a close -ups must be wearing Adi’s feet.

“I always wear my beloved Adidas sports shoes. Lack of its lens will make me feel that there are fewer wedding photos.”

All guests who attend the wedding will dress themselves, and the three -way bar is the most secure match.

“For those who are unfamiliar, I walk through the suit. Only my dead party’s wedding. I must wear my Adi to participate.”

In 2017, a young man named Gosha brought Russia’s three -way bars to the world.

He and Adidas teamed up with the Russian street culture and combined with three -way bar elements to let the classic wear of round -inch heads, retro sportswear, and “Slavic squat” swept the major fashion weeks from the Russian streets.

If you go to Russia for the first time and want to make a piece with the local people, it is best to put on a set of three bars and squat on the streets of Russia 45 degrees to look up at the future and way out of the country.

After a while, there will be a few similar Russian spirit guys who say hello to your friendly manner, pulling out vodka and melon seeds from their pockets, and they are kind to the brothers who have known each other for many years.

Author: ArticleManager