In the first spring, these 7 pairs of shoes, hanging small white shoes, spike high heels

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Hello, Hello, bacterium today is on time ~


Since 19 years, the bacteria began to be obsessed with various styles of sports shoes, from Converse to Vans, Nike, PuMa, etc.

As for why do so like sports shoes?

Of course, because of sports shoes, you can wear comfort, especially for me to wear high heels, the foot is destroyed, sports shoes are really my savior, and the daily utilization is super high.


Of course, there is also a part of the reason is that their color of the dog is really unable to resist.

Especially some branded and season new products, it is really good!

Not much to say, the bacteria finalized a wave of spring sports shoes, everyone quickly copied homework ~


Li-ning x atmos

Reference price: 999 yuan


Li Ning recently made a big move! Collaborate with Japan’s tidal card ATMOS launched the “Pangu Titan” series.


Shoes choose red and blue “鸳鸯 配”,

Take “Pangu” shoe as prototype.

Red model uses silk material China red presentation,

And joined the “lanterns”, “mahjong,” door rings “and other Chinese wind elements, fashion and traditionally collision, very beautiful.

Blue models use Denin materials that represent Japanese production processes to present indigo, matching Japanese traditional cultural style.


Joint LOGO adopts electric embroidery design, plus leather materials and unique mac line processes,

The design of the detail is very colorful, you can see the designer’s cleverness.


Because color color is very practical, it is not expensive to match.


Just a set of casual wear, you can match the sound, trendy max.

Vans x Panda

Reference price: 535 yuan


Vans used a large number of joints, have launched a lot of successful joints, and this year directly came to “Panda Joint”.

When Vans Annheim hit the national treasure giant panda, the beauty of the beautiful production collision with Chinese culture, there was a subtle chemical reaction. In the choice of color, it is also a full Annheim period, cherry pollen and Dodge blue for the background color with an awkward giant panda, instantly attracting attention.

Classic shoes design + small fresh color matching, retro and trend, men and women are more attractive to the eye ~


MLB X Disney

Reference price: 839 yuan


I have to say that the DISNEY of the rat year is really hot. This is not, this MLB has no temptation, bringing a series of joint names.

MLB launched a series of DISNEY Rat’s Year of the Year, the designer adopted special processes such as embroidery, printing, knitting jacquard, picking, plus contractions and splicing design, which enhanced the fun and trend of this joint name. feel.

Among them, the design of the shoes is also cocoa love, and the old shoes are very fashionable.


Baseball elements plus children’s full-time Mickey pattern,


At the same time, there is still a feeling of Mengku.

Black and white color matching is very good, and

This thick-ended old shoes increases while maximizing the legacy

“Don’t ask me how to know), one thing to mention is that as MLB spokesperson, Ya Ya has received and put on the body in advance.


After the belt of the goods, I feel that this new product is even more difficult to grab it …



Reference price: 1080 yuan

Before the bacteria did not enter the Fila’s shoes, not because they didn’t look good, but because they didn’t poke me (mainly because of poor), this bacteria couldn’t really open! FILA has brought a different surprise for the girls this time.

Introduced a fantasy and girl’s heart,

Who can live this?

The inspiration originates from the story of Alice 52Hz, which will give the original Disruptor shoes, give a warm element in the story, classic and girl.

Shallow powder purple + milk white color, very clean,

The laser rolling decorative shoe week, the gradient design makes a dream sensation, but also exacerbated trendy. However, because the shoes are “whale” limit (the real envy Huang Jingyu fan!), It is more difficult to buy, and when you spell your hands!

Gucci X Disney


Reference price: 5000 yuan

In addition to MLB, DISNEY is also a wave of cooperation with Gucci,


Classic LOGO and the same classic rice stacked together, it turned into retro hipster new goods.

This time, GUCCI has launched four shoes, and the Miqi printed design of the sham is very cute. It is very chic to the shoes, and it is difficult to make it difficult to make a fills from the little dustries.

Two pairs of different style design ACE series,

They are like tooth white + red tail and Gucci logo serial laid + green tail, the old shoes Rhyton series is also colorful icons.

There is also a pair of ankle design. The classic red green hit tights is definitely a pen.


Ni Ni as the brand spokesperson of Gucci, the joint new product is also put on.

In addition, there is a figure in the private service of Song Zuer, Song Yan, etc., which can be seen this joint name.

Nike Air Max Verona

Reference price: 899 yuan

In 1992, Nike first launched Air Verona women’s exclusive shoes.

After nearly 30 years of development evolution, Nike Sportswear launched a new Air Max Verona this year, respect the history of women’s running shoes.


The new shoes draw on the design elements of Air Max 90 shoe.

On this basis, improved, adding a lot of popular hipster elements.

The matching Air Max 200 air cushion is very cool, compared to the traditional air cushion, this window is extended by about 200%, which can be said that all angles have a full view.

Coloring color can also be discolored,

Sakura powder with grayscale with light gray, fluorescent green, orange, black, etc.

The jumping is quite a level, and the value is really I I ~

Puma rise

Reference price: 560 yuan


Puma new super spring,


Color is too tender!

The young girl of this bacterium is excited.


Inspired by “cloud”, and


The designer combines the traditional running shoes of PUMA to the middle bottom of the RS series.


Let the whole shoe feel flat, and there is a fashion focus.

Mint green, lime white, milky white, medium gray, light orange, etc., plus the flexible use of translucent materials, the whole is clean and fresh.

The final bacteria said: Supermodel Card Summary Cara delevingne climbed into the ladder interpretation of this group of advertising, really completely showing rise’s texture

The whole picture is completely refreshing, good-looking Macaron color, too grass ~ Ok, today’s new sports shoes are here, I hope you like it. I will remember to start, so I can wear a favorite person to see the people like it ~

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