Self -spray system comparison summary essence knowledge! These places are easy to make mistakes

1. “Protection Cooling System” and “Water Screen System for Protecting Cooling”

1. Protection cooling system

① The nozzle uses a closed nozzle. The height of the nozzle should not exceed 8m;

When the setting height is 4m ~ 8m, a fast response sprinkler should be adopted


② When the height of the nozzle is not more than 4m, the water spray strength should not be less than 0.5L/(s · m); when it exceeds 4M, each increase of 1m, the water spray strength should increase by 0.1L/(s · m);

③ The sprinkler setting should ensure that the water is evenly sprayed after being protected. The spray distance should be 1.8m ~ 2.4m; the horizontal distance between the splash of the sputter and the fire separation facility should not be greater than 0.3m.

④ When the fire -resistant separation facilities such as fire roller and fire glass walls are protected by protective cooling systems, the nozzle should be arranged according to the situation of the combustion material; the outer wall can only be arranged on one side that needs to be protected.

2. The water curtain system that plays a protective cooling effect

① The nozzle is used to use the water curtain and the height should not be greater than 4m, but in special cases, the setting height can be higher.

② When the height of the nozzle set does not exceed 4M, the water spray strength shall not be less than 0.5L/(s · m); when it exceeds 4M, each increase of 1m, the water spray strength should increase by 0.1L/(s · m), when exceeding 9m At the same time, the water spray strength still uses 1.0L/(s · m).




The above two systems that play a protective cooling effect. Its system types are completely different (the former is closed system, the latter is an open system), and the height of the nozzle setting is also different (the former cannot exceed 8m, and the latter is highly unlimited).


2. “Fire Fire Separation Water Calls” and “Protecting Cooling Water Calls”

Water curtain system category



Spraying point height

Water spray intensity [l/(s • m)]

Spray head work pressure (MPA)

Firefire separation water curtain

Open nozzle (≥2 row)/water curtain noble (≥3 row) water curtain width ≥6m





Protection cooling water curtain

Water curtain noise (should be single row)

H≤4 (there is no limit to actual)

0.5 (increase with height, the maximum is 1.0)

Firefire separation water curtain system adopts the layout of the water curtain spray head:

the difference:

The protective cooling water curtain and fire screening of the water curtain system are different.

Same point:

The pressure of the nozzle is the same, and it should not be less than 0.1MPa. Unlike the 0.05MPa for the fire extinguishing the fire in ordinary places.

Third, “chloride polyvinyl chloride (PVC-C) tube” and “fire sprinkler hose”

1. Chloride polyvinyl chloride (PVC-C) tube

① Set the place: Light -hazard or medium -dangerous level Ⅰ, the system should be a wet system, and the sprinkler sprinkler is used quickly.


② The water distribution pipe and water supporting pipe that is used in the nominal diameter of not exceeding DN80 should not be traveled through the fire prevention partition.

③ as a settings

When there is a ceiling place

There should be no other combustible materials in the ceiling, and the ceiling material should be non -combustible or difficult -burning decoration materials.

④ Turn on the settings

When there is no hanging place

This place should be a light dangerous place

The top board should be horizontal, smooth, and the distance between the splash of the spray head and the top board should not be greater than 100mm.


2. Fire sprinkler hose

① Set the place: It is only suitable for light danger or medium -risk levels, and the system should be a wet system.

② Fire Sprinkle Slow Pipe

Should be set in the ceiling

③ The length of the fire sprinkler sprinkle water should not exceed 1.8m.

The above two types of pipes are different. The former is used for the system with water distribution pipes, while the latter is used to connect the water support pipe and the nozzle. As for the ceiling, the former can be set on the ceiling or below. Set in the ceiling.

The setting venues are roughly the same, both of which are light or medium -risk levels, and are wet systems.



Same point:

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